Saturday, August 1, 2009

What the Crap!? A what in my Armpit?!

Well so much for no bad symptoms for me with the Clomid. (besides some mild Hot flashes) Of course I get something that is so uncommon it's not even on the symptom list!!
It all started Wednesday. I took my first pill Tuesday evening and everything seemed fine. On Wednesday after Acupuncture I stopped by my moms for dinner since Chris was on shift. I told her about this sore spot I started feeling weds. morning. Nothing too bad, just when you would feel in my armpit it was tender.
Something similar happened years ago to me. I had a sore/tender spot in my armpit that eventually went away after a week or two. I thought at first it was an ingrown hair but never found a spot that looked like a hair that was ingrown.
So anyways, Thursday I still felt the tender spot there but it was the same so I didn't really think anything of it. Then in the middle of the night I woke up to the same pain but had increased a lot! Now when I even raise my arm or use my left arm to push or lift something it hurts!! I called my mom and she said it could be a lymph node or cyst? So i called my Dr's office and spoke to the nurse who then put me on the phone with my Dr, who then told me it was probably a cyst formed in the breast tissue!!! WTF!!! Are you serious?!?! Only me! lol
So he said no caffeine (which i don't even drink soda) and no chocolate. Also to try and keep a heating bad on it. He said they usually go away on there own but if not he can drain it with a needle! again....WTF!!! You want to stick a needle in my ARMPIT to drain it?!!?!?!
And I still had two more pills to take at this point!! ahhhh!!! If it were to get worse after last nights pill then I was not to take the last one. Which I really just want to finish the dose so it has a chance to work! So I fell a sleep last night with the heating pad in my armpit. Yes it was quite a sight! lol Low and behold I woke up this morning and it worked!!! It is still a bit tender when you push in my Armpit but nothing like yesterday! I can raise my arm now and lift things with no pain. So I am going to stay away from coffee and chocolate and keep my heating pad close by. Also as of yesterday I have been getting bad headaches. Not sure if they are from the Clomid or not but I have one right now that is sooo bad. So I am going to take a little nap.
Visit with RE on Tuesday to see how my follies look. Keeping our fingers crossed again this month that this will work!!
Btw, my pain is still gone since my Acupuncture appt.!! I have also been taking my 9 pills a day of my Herbs she gave me. I just still can't believe it but am definitely not complaining!

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  1. wow, i just thought i would check in on your page, another something.. :( i'm glad though the heating pad worked and youre feeling better, good luck at the dr tomorrow.