Friday, January 23, 2009

It's A Baby!!!!

We went for our follow up Sonogram today to see the baby's heartbeat since we were not able to last week. Inside our "sac" is now a little baby!! And we got to see it's teeny tiny heart beating!!! We were very happy & relieved to see everything is going good. She said the embryo is actually 6wks 1 day old from the measurements they do, but that since it is not more than a week from the date they thought I was (which is 6wks 6 days today) the Doctor will leave the due date as September 12th. This is also why they could not see anything last week.

I am still feeling great and hope to continue that way. I do get tired at night and actually go to bed at a normal time now instead of Midnight like before. (i had a bit of a problem w/sleep!lol)
I think this is all still very surreal for us both, but is starting to sink in more now. && I am happy to be able to feel excited now and not as worried! My next appointment is February 9th (the day before my b-day!) so we will update everyone soon!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

First visit w/Doctor & Sonogram

So yesterday was finally our first visit with my doctor! These last two weeks seemed to go by very slow! She went over most of the do's & dont's and questions we had. I was very excited to learn I could still eat my lunch meats since I had heard mixed things about that! Chris said he still would like if I could zap it in the microwave for a few secs, though! ;o)
We also got our first sonogram done of the baby (or sac as the dr. calls it this early). As you can see from the pic, this is all you can really see @ this point. She said it was a nice sized sac, so I guess that's good. ;o) We go back Friday to see or hear the heartbeat. I was only 5wks. 6 days & not far enough along yesterday to see it, so now we get to wait another week! lol She said this is why she like's her patients to be at least 6 weeks when they come. The girl that made my appt. should probably have had me wait till this week but they are not that smart @ that office. Love my doctor, though. Hopefully I will get another Sono pic next week since we have to go again. :o)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Telling the Family

So we planned on waiting until our first doctors appointment this coming Friday to tell everyone I'm pregnant, but because of certain circumstances, we told our family's this weekend. Chris's Nana flew into town to visit this weekend and we went to dinner with his family Saturday night. We decided to tell everyone so we could do it in person while everyone was together.
My Father also decided to drive down this weekend to see us. He was sick Christmas and never made it down so my Grandmother invited us over for dinner Sunday. I found a cute little way of announcing our news. I set up the camera to take a family picture as I often do. The first picture below I said everyone say cheese! Then I checked the picture and said it was no good and we would have to do another. I set it up again but this time right before the timer went of I said everyone say "Chris and Nicole are Pregnant"!! If you look (click on the pics to see them bigger) Melinda was the only one to really get it right away!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

First Appointment

So today I went to the Doctor for my first of many to come times to have blood drawn. I'm not gonna lie, three vials later I was feeling a bit queasy! lol This whole "not doing well with the site of blood" thing is going to be quite interesting during this pregnancy and especially delivery. I'm sure the pain I will be feeling that day, though, will succumb to any nausea I have over blood!!
I would like to try to have him/her all natural, but am also definitely not against drugs if I think need be.
I did not meet with my Doctor today, just with the nurse who drew my blood. My appointment with the doctor will be next Friday the 16th. If my levels are low they will call me. If not my doctor will go over everything on Friday.
Saturday I will be 5 weeks & according to everything I've read it's heart will start forming & beating this week or next!! I never thought I would fall in love with someone so quickly! && who's only the size of a sesame seed!! Here's a pic of a 5 week old baby.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A new beginning!

Friends and Family...WOW!!! We are expecting our first child this coming September 2009! We are both very excited, nervous, thrilled, scared, ect.! I took a home pregnancy test on Sunday the 4th. I was a day late for my period and I am always very regular and on time. I had been getting cramps (which @ that time, did not know that is also an early sign of pregnancy) so I thought for sure my period was on it's way. And then a faint line appeared!! Chris was still on shift at the Fire Department from the day before. He usually get's home around 8am. So I grabbed a piece of paper and wrote in a child's handwriting, I love you Daddy. I then took the test and put it with the piece of paper on the kitchen counter for when he came home. I then pretended to be sleeping. When he got home I snuck over to see his reaction. He had a "What the hell?" look on his face! At first he didn't even realize what it was! Then he saw me smiling from the doorway and said really?!?

He made me go buy another test and take it later that day because the first test the line was very faint. This time I bought a digital one and sure enough it said pregnant!!
Chris and I ask for your thoughts and prayers as our little miracle unfolds before us. We are both new to all this and most likely unprepared for all that lays ahead! We will be updating this blog with pictures and new information periodically. We still haven't told anyone our great news because we are deciding how long we would like to wait to make sure nothing happens the 1st few weeks. I am 4 weeks and 3 days pregnant today. I think it still hasn't quite hit me!!