Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Ovulating already??

FYI- this might get confusing. lol
So my appt. was this morning with my RE. (CD12)
Today was a bit confusing for me! I went in & had blood drawn, of course. Then next came my ultrasound. It showed several follicles under 10mm. Then there are two bigger one's on the right ovary. One that is possibly promising @ 17mm and another at 12mm which he said is still a possibility also.
Now depending what my labs say he said will depend on when i take the Ovidrel shot. He wanted me to call around 4pm to see what my levels showed. Also i bought a Ovulation kit from their office and he told me to test at around 5pm to see what the result is. If negative then I am to test again tomorrow late morning. (first urine is actually not good because it is too concentrated & can give a false +) I have to catch it in time so I can give myself the Ovidrel shot. This obviously has to be done before Ovulation.
Now fast forward to after 4pm this afternoon. I called their office and spoke with the nurse. My levels are starting to rise already! This is really early for me! She said the
Clomid can do this. So I am to test with the kit and then if - do it again tomorrow. And obviously start lots of sex. ;o)
I took the test at 5pm and it was negative. So now I am going to test again tomorrow around 10am. If it is + I am to give myself the shot within a few hours. If not then I go Thursday for another scan (ultrasound) to see how many big follies I have by then. I will obviously have the 17mm, which by then will probably be 20mm or bigger. And the 12mm might be 16mm by then which means we might have two eggs this month!!!! So double our chances of getting PG! Or even twins, which still scares me but whatever. If it means a baby or two that is fine with us.

He did say my lining looks great! Which i guess Clomids one bad thing is it thins the lining. Which is never good. He said that's also why he started me on such a low dose (25mg) a day to see if that would work first. I told him about my cervical mucus being absent this month and he said that could happen from the Clomid but was surprised since i was on such a low dose. (don't know if i will do so well on a high dose!) So we get to try out our Pre-Seed. Anyone else ever used this?? I was also talking with my friend Megan and we were trying to decide if there is a certain size follicle that is the best size?? I had one last month that was probably around 17mm when I ovulate which he said was fine. But her RE always likes her follicles to be over 20mm. She is on a higher dose of Clomid, though.
So we will see what happens the next few days! Praying this one (or two) is a keeper this month!


  1. yay!! i'm really hoping and praying!! xoxo

  2. Hey I gave you an award over at my blog!! Check it out!

  3. My dearest Nicole: Just read the email you sent all about your goings on with the Drs and acpuncture. I think you are so brave to be going thru all this...I do not know if I could do what you are doing????May God Bless you with good health and grant you your wish for having a baby....Love you lots.,.Grandma