Monday, March 30, 2009


*Timmy & Grammy*
This weekend was my lil BIL Timmy's 26th Birthday and also our little furball Kaya's 2nd b-day.
Here are a few pics from dinner @ Mom A.'s house Sunday and one of Kaya. Hope u had a great b-day lil bro! (you can click pic to see it bigger)

Monday, March 9, 2009

Results are in...

So after my long 16 day wait my Doctor finally called me back today. My tests are good. I do have MTHFR gene mutation, but not another mutation that combined can cause miscarriages. It is all really confusing and even my doctor said she had to read some of the test results twice to make sure. She was reading the results of one that said MTHFR does not cause re-current miscarriages. It is very common and I guess a lot of people can have MTHFR and never know it. I asked for a copy of the results to be faxed to me. Not sure if those will help me understand either but good to keep a copy handy.
So now I'm left feeling relieved....but yet still not. That means that 1. Unfortunately I just had to have two miscarriages and will go on to have a healthy pregnancy or 2. There is still the possibility of chromosomal abnormality. A lot of miscarriages are actually the cause of chromosome problems but some parents can actually have chromosome abnormality which can lead to multiple miscarriages and problems having a healthy pregnancy. I just hope that I was unfortunate twice by chance and this is not my problem. So now we just pray that our next time will be the most joyful time in our lives! Please keep us in your thoughts and prays.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

My cute lil punkin!

My cutest lil niece wearing her Firefighter helmet Uncle Chris gave her. Who would have known she had sx. yesterday?!?
She want's to be in the Firefighter calender like her Uncle Chris. :o] (notice the lip gloss in rght hand, all dolled up!)