Monday, April 26, 2010

A May baby??!

Still here waiting....and waiting.....and waiting. And so far it looks like our little girl has decided she is not done cooking until she decides she is! My only hope is that she is just waiting until her EDD and is not wanting to hang out longer than that. The one thing I really still want to avoid is induction. Even if I did end up getting the Epidural I was really hoping to labor at home as long as possible and get as far as I could on my own. Obviously if I have to be induced all the laboring will be done at the hospital. As each day goes by I'm starting to get a little more worried about this. I think I may even call my Bradley teacher to get her opinion if Lil Pea hasn't arrived by the end of the week.
This past Wednesday evening after work I went to have an Induction Massage done. I was actually pretty excited as I left there because I had started to get pretty intense lower abdominal cramping the last 15 minutes of the massage. She said this was a good sign that it might be working as this massage is of course not 100% effective for all women. She said it usually takes 24-48 hours to start working and up to 3 days. Which was perfect because I had my 39 week check up appointment with my Dr. on Friday. And would be getting another internal to check my progress. If the massage had started to work I should be more than 1cm like I was at my 38 week check up. By the way I am a little happy that my Dr. doesn't start the internals until 38 weeks. For one they aren't exactly comfortable. Also I have learned from friends and my own experience you could be 1-2 cm dilated at 36 weeks and it can mean absolutely NOTHING. Another reason is if he did start them that early that would mean I would have already had 4 internals and another scheduled for this Thursday!! NO THANKS! lol So anyways back to the massage. It was definitely pretty intense as my friend Lauren had warned me. Nothing too bad, but not exactly a massage you would every fall asleep during! Oh well, at least she seemed to rub out some stress spots in my upper shoulder/neck area that she said she could feel. Obviously Lil Pea could care less about that massage because when I went to see Dr. G Friday I will still exactly the same as the week before. 1cm and posterior. :-(
So we talked about what was next. We hoped I would maybe go into labor over the weekend as he was on call. If not even if it happens this week and he is around he would still come. He is only on call Thursday. If she hasn't arrived by Thursday we have an appointment and we will have an ultrasound and a few other tests done to check some things as I will be 40 weeks. Then we will schedule induction as he does not like his patients to go over 41 weeks. Which I understand. I'm not sure how well I can hold up past that!! I'm almost scared to hear her weight if we do get that ultrasound. After all she was approximately 6lbs 3oz @ 36 weeks. Maybe she has been on a recent diet? lol Don't get me wrong, of course I want her to be a healthy lil chunker. But 7-8 pounds sounds healthy to me. 9-10lbs I'm just not so sure! And I would like to try and avoid C-section.In the mean time we still go walking every day after work. I am still working but Wednesday will be my last day as Thursday our appointment is in the middle of the day and Friday is her due date so I think that will be it for me! ;-)
People still like to tell me different things to try but honestly I have never been a big believer in all that crap! I figured I would give the massage a shot but I just feel at this point she will come when she wants. I do think the walking is definitely good. I just think it also only does so much. After all, I know women who have went into early labor after being on bed rest with no help from massages, tea's, walking, sex. So it's really just up to your body and baby. My friend Dana did ask the L & D nurses at her hospital if they notice an increase in births around a full moon. And they said yes. So we will see as there is a full moon Wednesday, just two days before her due date.
I have still been getting a lot of the Braxton Hicks contractions the last 2 weeks but not sure if they are even doing anything. They don't hurt, just sometimes a little uncomfortable. I still also have been swelling a lot but Dr. said Friday my BP and urine are still great so it's nothing to be too worried about. I just have to remember I have an extra 30 pounds of pressure wearing down on me. With that said Saturday morning I woke up and found out the swelling was no longer just in my legs/ankles/feet. I could no longer fit my wedding rings on. So I got out my chain and now have them hanging around my neck. I can only imagine what this weekend will bring if I pass my due date and 40 week mark!! Yikes!
So that's it for now. With 276 days down and 4 days to go, we will very soon see what happens. Hoping our little girl wants to come meet us this week!! ♥

Sunday, April 18, 2010

My last pregnancy post??!

*The "three" of us @ Chris's brothers wedding. 13 days to go and ready to pop!!*

12 days to go!!! Will this be my last pregnancy post? We shall see!

How Far Along? 38 weeks & 2 days

Total Weight Gained/Loss? 28-29lbs, depending how swollen I am that day

Sleep: Last night was actually pretty good. Still get up 4-5 times but actually was able to sleep until 8:20am!! Was a bit exhausted after Chris's brother's wedding the night before.

Best Moment of the Week: I guess actually finding out I am 1cm dilated at my appt. Friday. I know that is like nothing and also could mean nothing but I honestly thought I was not going to be dilated at all. I've never noticed any kind of contractions at all, even braxton hicks. Now I have definitely been feeling a few different things just over the weekend!

Movement: Yes, all the time. She hasn't slowed at all. Such a strong little girl, this can sometimes now be a bit painful!!

Labor Signs: finally starting to feel some contractions. Nothing consistent, though. Also I'm pretty sure she is dropping some as I have had some new swelling in "that area" that tends to come and go!

Belly Button: Still half in half out! Not sure how much more it can take, though!

Stretch Marks: none that I have noticed, but I can barely see anywhere around this belly anymore!

Wedding rings: still on!

Exercise: We went walking every day last week. Yesterday we had a wedding and today it has not stopped raining!! Which kinda stinks cause I was looking forward to a walk today. We did walk around Walmart for awhile if that counts? lol

What I miss: I can't wait to just fall on my bed or couch on my stomach. Even if it is just for a quick nap, I really have been wanting to do that the past few weeks. Whenever I used to be really tired I would just fall onto my bed on my belly and catch a few minutes of sleep!

What I'm looking forward to: meeting her! :-) Maybe this week?? We will see. Since I went to the Dr. on Friday and I am at least 1 cm dilated I have scheduled my induction massage for Tuesday evening. Some swear this worked for them, others say no. We will see!! I also just bought some Raspberry Leaf Tea that a few people swore put them in labor also. I am going to wait until Tuesday for this also, since Chris is on shift tomorrow.

Other NEW news this week: As I mentioned I went for my 38 week check up Friday. This was my first internal. I let my nerves get the best of me of course! It was definitely not comfortable AT ALL, but really wasn't horrible. It's over pretty quick. He said I am 1cm dilated and posterior. I had forgot exactly what this meant. I remembered talking about this in Bradley class but just couldn't remember. When I asked him what this meant he just said it was why the internal exam was a bit more uncomfortable. (because your cervix is more directed towards your back) Not like I've ever had one to compare it to!! Once I looked it up at home posterior means she is still facing out and you DO NOT want this once it's time to deliver. They call this delivery sunny side up. And it can be very painful as it cause back labor. So I have been doing pelvic rocks every day now as this can help turn her towards my back. They say they can still turn even during actual labor so we will see. I'd prefer if she would turn soon as back labor is the LAST thing I want! I'm trying to do this with no epidural as I have mentioned. But I also had lots of back pain during the days I had my last miscarriage so I know how "not fun" back pain is. And that is nothing compared to actual real back labor I can imagine!

Weekly Wisdom: I can now fully understand just how uncomfortable women that carry full term are in the last 2-3 weeks of pregnancy. At just over 38 weeks there is not much left to do but walk. Sitting and laying down just aren't even really comfortable at this point either! Everyone tells you to stay off your feet. At least me because of the swelling. Which at this point I'm sure every women has. And I do agree standing is no good for the swelling. But I think the walking is great. It doesn't get rid of my swelling, but walking is supposed to be good for circulation on a normal basis. And I really think it may be helping move things along.

All in all I am still very nervous about the whole L&D. Even about actually having her here. So weird to go from just the two of us to the three of us in just a matter of hours (hopefully! ;-)) But I also can't wait to meet her and kiss her all over. I think I will just want to stare at her for hours at first. And as nervous as I am about L&D I know we can do this! I am so grateful to have Chris as my coach. And am thankful that Lauren will be able to come over and help us at home with early labor so we can do as much laboring at home before we head to the hospital. Also I will have my Mom there for just Mommy support as I hope to one day be for our little girl.
I will keep everyone updated and next week you will either get another pregnancy blog or one from the new Mommy!! ♥

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Full Term!

Yesterday I got my weekly emails from my three pregnancy websites. I had signed up for these in the beginning of my pregnancy. Each week tells you what is going on with baby, your body, ect..
This weeks all said something along the lines of :

Hi Nicole,you're 37 weeks pregnant!

Today brings two beautiful words: full-term. Now, whenever baby's born, he's likely to thrive!

WOW! And to think this time last year I thought I might never be able to hear those words. And now we will be welcoming our lil miracle into our lives any day now!! And this "best lil thing in life" was well worth the wait!!

So Thursday we went for my weekly check up. Everything is still going great! BP and urine were both fine. We spoke with my Dr. about a birth plan. He basically already knows most of our requests and said we can bring one to the hospital but to be honest with us, sometimes the nurses will label you as a bit crazy when you come in with this. And he knows we are not one of those crazy couples. So we discussed with him again our plans for natural drug free birth. About strictly wanting to breastfeed. If everything is fine with Lil Pea to hold her and bond with her while waiting to birth the placenta. And a few other things. Chris and my friend Lauren that will be there during the labor and birth know all of these things so they can speak up for me when it might not be possible. My friend Lauren took the same Bradley classes as I did and will be coming over as soon as I start to go into labor. We have been taught the best thing is to stay home as long as possible were you will be most comfortable. We told my Dr. we were going to do this and he said that is great and very true. But as soon as my water breaks to call or come in. And obviously we will be timing my contractions. So we will see what happens!! I am also very realistic in a sense that I know I cannot control or predict how my labor will be. And if I do end up needing an Epidural then I will get one. But I am going to try to do without and if not at least without as long as possible. I am also aware that things could turn where I would end up needing a C-Section. And if that means getting our little Angel out safely, then so be it.

So Friday I go for my next check up and my first internal exam. Yayy!! lol I will be 38 weeks. My Dr. does not like to start internals before this because they can be uncomfortable, too many can risk infection, and even if you are dilated you can be for weeks and still no baby.
After having catheters shoved up my cervix during our Fertility testing I'm hoping to leave there thinking, Wow! That wasn't so bad. If I am at all dilated I will then schedule an appointment for an Induction Massage. Some people swear by these. It is an intense massage hitting all your pressure points to induce labor naturally. Since I am trying to have a drug free birth the last thing I want is to go over my due date and possibily have to be given Pitocin to induce labor. As our Bradley teacher told us, Pitocin and Epridural are best friends. Not that it still can't be done, my BF Dana had both her babies with Pitocin and no other drugs. But most women cannot handle the intensity of the contractions that Pitocin causes. Or start getting too worn out to be able to push so need to have the Epidural.

I am still very nervous about everything but I am ready to meet our little girl. This past week we have gone walking every day so I hope it really helps like they say. At this point you are just so uncomfortable, as many of you that have been @37 weeks pregnant can relate. I never truly understood friends that would tell me this at the end of their pregnancy. It still amazes me that there is a little baby I am carrying around all day in my belly that is the size of most newborns, if not bigger! She already possibly weighs more than 2 of my friends babies (at birth) since our last week scan. No wonder I am so swollen and waddle everywhere! lol But if she feels she needs more time to cook in there, I can handle it for her. ♥

*new pics of my "Full term belly" can be found in
Lil Pea album*

Sunday, April 4, 2010

6lbs. 3oz. (approx.) @ 36 weeks

How Far Along? 36 weeks & 2 days

Total Weight Gained/Loss? 25 pounds

Maternity Clothes: Of course, I'm huge @ this point!

Sleep: I've added another pillow to the bed so this is actually helping a little. I am soooo exhausted just the past week or so now.

Best Moment of the Week: Seeing our "not so Lil Pea" one more time during an ultrasound before we get to meet her face to face. She weighed approx. 6lbs 3oz!! Was not prepared for that. I was thinking maybe 5lbs?! The lady did say this is just approximate. She said on thinner women it does tend to be a bit more accurate. I don't know who she was addressing the thinner comment to. lol Lately I am so bloated it's unreal. My thighs and feet are like sausages! But our little chunker looked great, the tech even said I still have a great amount of amniotic fluid. I put two new pics of Lil Pea in Our Lil Pea Album.

Movement: Oh yeah! It's quite a sight to watch now that she is so big & strong. Punches to the bladder are not so great, though.

Food Craving: The past few weeks I have been craving sweets. And I am not a big sweets person. No wonder she is getting so big. (& me!)

Food aversions: Not really

Morning sickness: Still gone, thank goodness!

Gender: Confirmed again on Friday, it is still def a GIRL!

Labor Signs: don't think so, maybe just some braxton hicks

Belly Button: ugh! Halfway out now.

Stretch Marks: still none (whispered with fingers crossed)

Wedding rings: still on, but my fingers have been getting a bit swollen @ times so we will see.

Exercise: still yoga but that's about it. And trying to get more nightly walks in. Now that I know how big she is I need to start some serious WALKING! ;-)

What I miss: I heard the horrible heartburn/indigestion goes away immediately. I can't wait for that!

What I'm looking forward to: At this point my weekly visit which will be Thursday. I was supposed to go Friday after our ultrasound for an appt., but my Dr. was out of town. And his partner who I was supposed to see instead got called out to an emergency surgery. So now I wait and go Thursday. And of course meeting her very soon!!!

Other NEW news this week: hmm..well already mentioned the ultrasound. Also got the results of my Group B and it was negative so that's good even though it's not a big deal either way. Also started the perinial massage with the help of my wonderful hubby. Was not prepared for it to hurt so much!! Feel the burn!! lol This kinda freaked me out even more about my natural vaginal child birth we are trying for. But I am going to do this every night so we will see in another week if it's getting less painful.

Weekly Wisdom: If you are pregnant get your rest while you can in the first and second trimester. By the 3rd there is no more "resting before baby get's here" as people like to tell you. At this point you are getting up to pee 3-6 times a night and NO position is comfortable even with your different many pillows. And baby is so big & strong a swift kick can wake you up in a heartbeat! Just like her little cries will soon enough.....♥

**Hope everyone had a HAPPY EASTER!!**