Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Visit with Fertility Doctor

So as most of you know we had our visit last Thursday with Dr. Gelman, the fertility specialist. We really liked him. And it feels like I can breathe just a bit easier now. Just talking with him has lifted some of the weight I have been carrying around. Thanks so much again for referring him to me Lauren! His staff is so nice too, unlike most offices. Don't' get me wrong, I still love my OBG, but she works with 6 other doctors in a very busy office (& a not so nice office staff) and I just felt like our situation was not one that could be handled by her and her office. He makes you feel like anything that can be done will be done to make sure you have a healthy baby one day.
He put me on 5mg of Folic Acid for the MTHFR. He said I should have had my homocysteine levels checked. He wanted me to come back Friday to get them checked and also get scanned (I was getting ready to ovulate) but I couldn't because we were leaving @ 6am for our trip. So he said to try again this month and just take the Folic Acid to be sure. If my homocysteine levels are normal I really don't need to take anything but we don't know since my OBG never had me tested. And as he said it can't hurt to take the extra Folic Acid, I will just have really expensive urine! ;o)~
If we do not get PG (pregnant) this month I am to call him the first day of my cycle to make an appt. to come in the 3rd day of my new cycle. And then they will run some tests throughout my next cycle. (too much to write to tell u every little detail). I do have normal 28-29 day cycles and know that I am ovulating (i have used tests & experience cramping when I ovulate) so that is a problem we ruled out. Also my progesterone was very high my last PG so he also doesn't think that is a problem but we could always re-check next month.
Once I do get PG again I will still see him for awhile god forbid something bad was to happen again.
But I have much more faith now that we will have our Rainbow baby and hopefully soon!!
Here is his website. He was even on channel 10 news with a few of his miscarriage patients. http://www.infertilitybroward.com/
I hope to post a few pics from Epcot/Disney soon. My camera was still in for repair so I had to bring my mom's which was not the best camera (sorry mom, time to break down and buy an updated camera!). So I still have to look through them and see which are any good.