Sunday, January 31, 2010

The plague & goodbye 2nd trimester! :o{

Last Sunday started out the week horribly. After just getting over a cold last month I woke up with what felt like glass pieces in the throat, horrible congestion and the worst (for me) chest congestion. I say the worst for me because I grew up with chronic bronchitis and daily breathing treatments. BUT I assumed I finally outgrew that as I have not had bronchitis or had to do a breathing treatment in probably 4-5 years.
I just couldn't believe I had everything in a matter of hours. Usually I start a cold with the sore throat, then as that starts to fade the nasal congestion. Which usually ends at that since as I said I haven't had a cold go into my chest in years. Not so lucky this time. Monday I went to work for a half day and came home and did my first breathing treatment. I was waiting to call my Dr.'s office to be sure I could use the Albuterol for the treatments. He said that was fine and to call back if it didn't help. So for the rest of the week I did a breathing treatment twice a day and used my saline nasal spray. I did have a slight fever Sunday and Monday night but it never got over a 100 which is what they say you have to watch for when pregnant. Being allergic to Tylenol I was not able to take that either. So I just used cold compresses and tried to sleep

By Thursday I was still not doing much better so after much
harassment from my Mom and Chris I called my Dr. again and made an appt. for Friday. Which I'm glad I ended up doing. Apparently they don't take bronchitis mixed with pregnancy lightly. He started me on an antibiotic and said to continue the breathing treatments. If I get worse over the weekend go the the ER. Well as of today I am still wheezing but I know from the past that bronchitis doesn't go away over night, even with treatment. So I continue my meds and breathing treatments. My last dose of antibiotic will be Wednesday. My Dr. had asked what I used to take when I would get bronchitis and I said I honestly don't remember. It had been so long. He smiled a little and said that's what pregnancy can do to you. I'm beginning to understand. I haven't had a cold this bad in years!! And I take my prenatals every day!! I now completely understand why doctors wanted their pregnant patients to get the Swine flu vaccine and am so happy I did. If I have gotten this sick from just a common cold/flu I would for sure have ended up in the hospital if I would have caught the Swine, being that it is horrible on the respiratory system.
I really was upset about having to take the antibiotic,though. It's just there is nothing that is really 100% safe to take during PG. Category B just means safer. Even Tylenol, although most Dr.'s will tell you is ok to take, is not 100% proven to be fine. It's also Category B. But like my Mom said, I will be hurting baby more if I end up in the hospital with pneumonia. And I know she is right, I just still hate that I got sick and have to take something. :*(

We missed our weekly Bradley class Monday which stinks. We will have to catch up as we can during tomorrows class. I also missed my yoga class and might not even be able to make this week's class either if I'm still wheezing bad. Love my yoga class & hate to miss it. :-[
So this past Friday marked week 27 of pregnancy and according to one book, What to Expect When Your Expecting, this is the last week of the 2nd trimester. Yet another of my book says week 27 starts the 3rd trimester. Either way I can't believe we are in the final trimester!!
Lil Pea has become so strong. She makes my whole belly move when she is active. I showed Chris the other night and said she is playing the drums. One side of my belly will pop out and then the other. Jam session! lol I love poking back at her to see if she is in the mood to play and kick back.

27 weeks also means only 3 more weeks until we get to see her again during our 3/4D ultrasound!! They say the best time to get these done is between 28-32 weeks before baby get's too big. I have to friends who went at 30 weeks and said it was perfect.
I am
sooooooo excited for this. We haven't seen her in 3D since she was 7 weeks old @ the RE's office. And then it was too early to really see anything. I am so excited to see her lil nose and lips.

This week we also have an appointment Thursday evening for the Hospital orientation. It was the only class we could make that Chris wasn't on shift until the end of March. By then I would be over 32 weeks and we wanted to make sure we did this class before then. Just in case.

I really hope for my next post I can tell you all I am feeling great and have finally ridden myself of this plague! ;-} For now I will continue my
meds, breathing treatments and saline nasal spray and hope for NO MORE SICK DAYS during this pregnancy. I mean seriously, twice in one pregnancy is enough!

Friday, January 22, 2010

26 wks & A different kind of survey

*New pics also added to Baby Girls bedroom album which you can find when you click on Nicole & Chris's Albums on blog*

Q/ Less than halfway to go! How have you liked being pregnant?

A/Well the first 16 weeks weren't as good as some women I know have had it. Unfortunately I had nausea 24 hours a day. But for me it was like my security blanket for knowing Lil Pea was still growing strong, so I would have to say the nausea part is really not bad for women who have suffered early losses. Also I only actually got sick twice and have two friends who had it A LOT worse so I count my blessings.
Now everything to me just seems so amazing, especially feeling her kicks & movements every day. Things have changed as we get closer & closer. I feel like time is flying by now and I need every second! There's just so much to do before the baby comes. And we can't wait to meet her!

Q/Has there been anything that really surprises you??

A/ The changes your body goes through. It's scary and amazing at the same time! The whole experience is just incredible. I really just still can't wrap my head around it, that there is a tiny baby living and growing inside me.
Also the heavy responsibility's you feel before the baby is even here. Like whether to get the swine flu vaccine. Working in the health care field I got mine right away. Is anything safe even when they say it is approved?? Some things still even say to avoid Tylenol yet your Dr. tells you it's fine. Can I eat that Laspadas Sub or will I really get listeriosis?? She really seems to want one! ;-) All these decisions before she is even here! I'm already beginning to truly realize that is what being a parent is, never again waking up without worrying about something.

Q/What have you been doing for exercise during your pregnancy?

A/Honestly not as much as I thought I would. I always said when I got pregnant I would still work out 4-5 days a week. Well that was before 24 hour nausea came knocking on my door! During those 16 weeks I would go for occasional walks. I also did a few pregnancy workout DVD's. I did start last month going to yoga every Tuesday. I love it! Also hit the gym for the first time in forever this week. Just to do the elliptical and catch up on some baby magazine reading. I have been trying to walk and do little things here and there as much as I have time for now.

Q/And how do you plan to get back into shape afterward?

A/I have definitely already thought of this. But realize after my plan didn't work so well during pregnancy we will see what motherhood allows. Plus, since unfortunately I will not be able to be a stay at home Mom, I want to spend as much time as I can with her when I'm not at work. I can't wait to put her in a jogger and go up to the park for an hour of walking! And Mommy and Me classes, can't wait for that either!

Q/Let's talk about food: Have you had any strange cravings or aversions?

A/Aversions?? In the beginning with the nausea there were A LOT! Now things haven't been as bad. I still have horrible indigestion that I have had since 10 weeks so I do try to avoid a lot of certain foods that make this worse. As far as cravings I honestly really haven't had any. Does chocolate milk count? Ever since I became pregnant I have to have my cup of chocolate milk a day. Literally. I always liked milk, but just plain milk. Now it has to be some chocolate milk also. And of course the subs that I try to avoid but have caved and had a few.

Q/Is having children something you always wanted?

A/No. When I was younger I used to think I might never want children. I wasn't one of those girls that grew up with her whole wedding planned and names picked out. Which is probably why she still doesn't have a name. ;-)
Once I met Chris and we got married we knew we wanted at least one child. And then after everything we had to go through the past year to be here with a little 2 pound baby growing in my belly, it's just everything I realized I ever wanted.

Q/What kind of Mom do you think you are going to be?

A/Such a serious question. lol One thing I know for sure, she is going to be SO loved this little girl. By her Mommy and Daddy. Chris and I are as ready as we can be. Parenting is quite a job. Your handed this perfect little baby and your job is to keep her safe and raise her to be the best person she can! So yes I'd like to think I will be a good Mom.

Q/Do you have a birth plan?

A/My goal is to go as natural as possible. The Bradley classes we are taking now I am hoping will really help make this possible. But I am also very realistic. I have several friends and family who have recently had children. Advice I have been given and realize is to have a plan, then be prepared to let it all go. Every women's body and every baby and childbirth will never be the same. So we are open to playing it by ear.

Q/Will you breastfeed?

A/Yes. It has never crossed my mind not to at least try. I have read and heard from other mothers what a great bonding experience it is, as well as being something so great that you are giving your baby. I also have read and heard from several mothers how truly hard it can be in the beginning and how much of a life style change it can be.
It is a very individual decision, but for me I'm convinced to give it my all.

Q/What about going back to work?

A/Ahhh!! Thinking about this already gives me anxiety and she is not even here. But unfortunately I do have to go back to work. At 6 weeks. I am lucky enough that I will be able to take her to work with me for at least the first 6 months on Thursdays and Fridays. So I guess that is kind of like going back part time for a while. I hope those stay at home Mommy's realize how lucky they are! I would love to do the Yoga with baby class along with several others but unfortunately can't as those classes are during the work week. I am glad to learn from a friend that there is a Mommy and Me class on Saturdays at a place right near our house!

Nothing else new really. We do have some exciting stuff coming up, though! We scheduled a date to have our Maternity pics taken. February 28th! Now I need to find something to wear! We are going to a park to take them. Also next month is my 30th B-day!! Yikes!! We are just gonna have a few people over the house for some pizza and beer. Well, no beer for me but I surely will have some pizza! :-)
Also since I am now 26 weeks we are going to schedule to have our 3/4D pics taken soon of baby girl. I have been told by a couple ultrasound techs that the best time is between 28 wks and 32 wks before baby gets too big and squished to get good pics. So we will probably have that done the end of February too. Such an exciting month coming up, I can't wait. Also our shower is just around the corner. March 6th. So exciting!!!
**Don't forget to check out new pics of her room. It's really coming along just how I wanted it too! I hope she loves it cause we do!**

Friday, January 15, 2010

WOW! Somebody push pause!

The last week or two things seem to be happening really fast! It might also feel this way because of my new busy schedule. I also think that now that the holiday's are over I am realizing we have a little over 3 months until we bring our little girl home!!! So of course now I am frantically trying to make sure everything will be done. You know me. ;-)

Monday was our 2nd Bradley class and I am really enjoying it. We also watched our first of many natural child birthing videos. This one was a home birth. Mind you the lady was not screaming. Bradley is big on focusing on relaxation and my teacher said you will usually never see one of these women screaming like in the movies. BUT as this women was pushing the shoulders got a little "stuck" and she did say a few times, Get it out!! in a firm voice. YIKES!! lol
But then when the baby finally literally popped out after the shoulders were free they placed the baby on Mommy's belly and I cried. Chris thought it was nice how emotional I got. He loves the emotional part of my pregnancy as I am usually not at all a crier. Well I'm just not sure if I was crying from the thought of that being me seeing this little perfect human we finally created for the first time. Or from watching the labor! lol
I think it was a little of both. Childbirth is just such an extraordinary experience. They let the baby try to latch on as the lady still needed to birth the placenta. This often helps. Also they really like the immediate skin to skin contact after childbirth. This is one of the questions I will be asking our hospital. Some will let you hold the baby for a bit while trying to birth the placenta before they take the baby to be checked out, washed, ect..

Tuesday I had my 3rd prenatal yoga class and I still love my weekly yoga sessions. I would highly recommend prenatal yoga to any pregnant women. I love it and also my friends Lauren & Katrina who took it while they were pregnant loved their classes. Such a nice treat for yourself every week and really gets you ready for birth in mind, body and spirit. I had only taken one yoga class before but this class is totally different to me.

Yesterday we had two doctor appointments. I had my monthly check up in the morning with my OB. Everything is still looking great. Weight gain is now 13 pounds and I feel this new gain every day on myself. I did have a tiny frame. lol And the thought of another 10-15 pounds makes me realize how truly uncomfortable I will soon be. Normal weight gain for someone that was of normal weight pre-pregnancy is around 25-35 pounds. Unless you were over weight before, then it is less. Or vice verse. That seems like a lot more to carry around! lol
My doctor also told me to call the hospital and schedule our orientation soon. So we will do that. There is also a breastfeeding class that MHW offers we might take. There is some breastfeeding discussed in one of our 7 Bradley classes so we will see if I still feel the need to take this other class. I also have a great book I need to start reading soon that was referred by a few friends. It's Breastfeeding book written by Dr. Sears. I have been a bit overwhelmed with all these book I'm supposed to be reading in the little time I have left! But I realize whatever I can get to will be fine.
After work we had an appointment to meet with a Pediatrician that was referred to us by a few friends. His office is in Plantation very close to our house. He was very nice and pretty much covered all our questions before I even was able to ask them. I think we are going to meet with one more doctor but so far we really like him and his office seemed nice. My friend Lauren made a good point, though. They ended up only meeting one doctor before their baby was born. (which happens to be the Dr. we just met) They liked him and decided until they actually brought their child in to see him they wouldn't really know if they liked how he is with their baby or how is office really is. But 3 months later they are still happy with him, so we will see.

Yesterday I also received a phone call that Lil Pea's furniture came in early!!! It wasn't supposed to be in until the end of the month at the earliest. Chris and my Dad are going to get it today and set it up. Of course I can't WAIT to get home to see it. I am also happy because now I can start decorating her room. We were waiting on her furniture to get here before we decide were we will put the little picket fence, a tree we are going to either have my friend paint or buy a vinyl decal I found online, her window/mirror along with several other things. Needless to say I am glad we can start this all now with the furniture arriving.

I have also been feeling baby girl kick and move all the time now. I also find myself talking to her more and more. At first it felt weird but now I like the bond we are making. Even if she can't understand me. I read in one of my emails that sometime's around 25 weeks if Daddy puts his ear to your stomach he can hear the baby's heartbeat. So last night Chris tried with no luck. He did find it amusing that both times he tried Lil Pea kicked him in the face. She was saying, Watch out Dad! I'm coming soon!!

This weekend will also be a busy one. On Saturday I am going to a Mommy and Me class with my friend Lauren and her 3 month old son Carson. It's at Nova southeastern in Davie. I would really like to do this class with Lil Pea once she is here so Lauren invited me along so I can check it out. She love's the class and so does Carson.
Then on Sunday my Mom and the Aunts to be are coming over so we can start working on stuff for our Baby shower. I am excited about this. And we will order some pizza. Yummy. My SIL will be bringing my 2 year old niece and 2 month old nephew and Lauren will be bringing Carson. So we told Chris he can watch them all and get some practice. I think he might wake up that morning with a sudden high fever! lol

So that is my busy week. Next week we have Bradley class again on Monday and then I have yoga Tuesday. And then I hope to have the rest of the week open so I can go for my evening walks that I have so badly wanted to start doing again. They also recommend this in Bradley class. Walking is great preperation for childbirth.
Hope everyone has a great weekend. I will be sure to post pics of her furniture very soon!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

24 weeks

**New belly pic in Chris & Nicole's Albums on blog. Then look in Lil Pea's album**

How Far Along? 24 weeks

Total Weight Gained/Loss? 12 pounds. YIKES!

Maternity Clothes: Yes, and I have quite a selection thanks to friends Katrina and Dana for letting me borrow all their many tops & dresses.

Sleep: Still pretty good.....some issues with reflux at night so I sometimes tend to fall asleep sitting propped up on my pillows.

Best Moment of the Week: Seeing Lil Pea again during an ultrasound we had done Friday @ the Pediatric Cardiologist office. Since my niece was born with VSD (ventricular septal defect) they consider that a family history of genetic defect. So we had baby girls heart checked out just to make sure. And it looks perfect so far! And she looked so cute!♥ At one point she looked right at us and you could see her cute lil face. No longer looking like a skeleton. Crazy how much she has changed since our 20 week scan. The tech said now she has been packing on the fat. This is why they say to wait until at least 26 weeks before getting a 3D/4D ultrasound done. This scan lasted for 60 mins! The whole time the wand was on my belly. I actually thought I might have some bruising later. They push hard @ certain points to get all the views they need of the heart. The tech said baby girl was being good in the beginning, but then she decided she'd had enough and turned around to face my back. Then they couldn't get the last pic of the left side of her heart. A certain area they needed. Finally after the tech practically was on top of me with all her weight with the wand she got a pic the Dr. was happy with. My Mom said, are you sure that is ok for the baby?? For her, yes she is very cushioned in my uterus from what I have read. Me, ouch! lol Oh and Lil Pea was breach which is completely normal still this early. (pic from scan Friday. we weren't supposed to get any but the lady was really nice and printed one)

Movement: Yes, all the time now. I'm starting to learn her schedule now. She is always up throughout the night.

Food Craving: Nope.

Food aversions: Garlic!! Used to love it being Italian. Now I HATE it and what it does to me. Also still avoiding coffee even though I would LOVE an Iced Coffee from Dunkin Donuts. The caffeine just kills me.

Morning sickness: Still gone thank goodness!

Gender: It is a GIRL!

Labor Signs: No. Let's keep it that way for at least 12 more weeks!

Belly Button: Still in, although it is definitely growing and stretching!!

Stretch Marks: none (whispered with fingers crossed)

Wedding rings: still on

Exercise: Yoga on Tuesdays and starting back walking next week. Also doing my three exercises my Bradley class teaches you to do daily. One is a squatting exercise (20 per day). Another is done on all fours were you arch your back down and then pull back up even to shoulders. (20 per day, twice a day) Last one is done with your coaches help. Sitting down with your legs in front of you bent. Feet together. Then your coach puts pressure to keep your knees together as you try to push them out as far to the ground as you can. (20 per day)

What I miss: There is a lot you start to miss about your "old" body before pregnancy, but that will come back in due time. Chris promised I could get a trainer! ;-) I think I just want a jogger stroller and my ankle weights so I'll still be with baby girl.

What I'm looking forward to: Wow, so many things. Our shower March 6th. Our 3/4D ultrasound that will be scheduled sometime between 28-31 weeks. (this is the time I have been told by many is best) Lil Pea's furniture to come in. Decorating her room. And of course meeting her in about 3 1/2 months. WOW!

Other NEW news this week: It has been freezing here!! South Florida & 30-40 degrees! Don't get me wrong, it's a nice change from the heat we had Christmas, but I'm running out of warm clothes that fit!! Most of the maternity clothes friends gave me are shirts and dresses. Thinking of going to buy another pair of leggings tomorrow.

Weekly Wisdom: I've said it before but enjoy every minute, it goes too quickly.

Favorite item bought this week: Finally ordered our Glider. Sooooooooo comfy. A bit expensive but I was told by many friends if I am going to breastfeed to get a good comfy glider even if it's a bit pricey. So I used my bonus and got the one I had wanted. I might just be sleeping in it my last few weeks of pregnancy! We also found a mini picket fence @ Lowes which I think will be perfect for her room. For those that don't know we are doing her room as an outdoor garden theme. The fence just needs sanded and then painted white. (i put a pic of it in her bedroom album in Chris & Nicole's Albums)

Making it to 24 weeks is so wonderful to me. It actually brought tears to my eyes when I thought about it Friday morning. If god forbid something was to happen were Lil Pea had to come early she would have a fighting chance of survival now. 24 weeks doesn’t really “mean” anything in the sense that it’s a guarantee of exactly, well, nothing as far as outcomes go. But she would be given a chance by health care professionals to help her survive.
I plan to keep cookin her for many more weeks, though, and it looks like she does too! :-) It's just nice to know this after everything. We really will be bringing a baby home in a few months. And hopefully have an at least semi smooth delivery!!

(this is a frame my BF's Mom gave me. she put the pic of Lil Pea @ 12 weeks in it. PERFECT, thanks again Judy)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

6 months preggo!

This past Friday started our 6th month of pregnancy!! Wow how the time flies by! Thankfully still not having any back pains. Just that one night I got the horrible leg cramp! My calf felt like a rock. That has NEVER happened to me & freaked me out. Of course Chris was on shift. I woke up howling and the dogs jumped out of bed. My books had not prepared me for what these felt like. Basically my calf was solid as a rock and frozen like that. When I jumped out of bed that was even worse as I couldn't straighten my foot back from pointed position. I sat back on my bed and just started massaging my calf and it finally started to loosen up. So weird. And your right Lauren, it was sore for about two days after that! I have been trying to eat a banana a day and lot's of fluid and fortunately have not had this happen again. Also I read (of course the week after it happened) in one of my book that when you stretch always point toes up, never down. My friend Lauren also told me that is what she heard as she unfortunately had a few nights of the leg cramps. My yoga class told me to eat the bananas as well as my SIL.

Speaking of yoga I loved my class last Tuesday. I go again this Tuesday and hope to continue to go every week until Lil Pea's arrival! And for those of you who haven't asked already, no we still do not have a name. This will probably be a decision that is going to take awhile to make. And if we have a few we are stuck on we may just wait to see her cute lil face to decide.

Tomorrow will also be our first Bradley class! I am excited about this. Lauren recommended the lady to me who was recommended to her by two friends. She said the class is great! This class will be every Monday for the next 7 weeks. And then we may go to one or two more classes right before our due date if we need refreshing. She does her classes by sessions & her next one doesn't start until March & ends like on my due date so this one was better to take which starts tomorrow. So my weeks are starting to get busy! Mondays birthing class & Tuesdays yoga. I also want to get back into my walks after work as I know this is great preparation for childbirth. We just renewed my gym membership since it's already dark out by the time I get home so I will probably do my walking @ the gym. At least I can catch up on some of my many books I still have to read that friends have given me. So many. Yikes! lol If anyone is looking for good pregnancy books I really like The Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy my friend Dana gave me. Also the common one most women have which is What to Expect When your Expecting. Also for those giving natural childbirth a shot my teacher recommended Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way. I also highly recommend a class too, though. As the book does also. And then there's Your Pregnancy week by week that I like too.

Saturday was an exciting yet exhausting loooooong day! We went to register for Lil Pea. We registered @ Target and Babies R Us. And we finished it all in one day! It became a little less exciting towards the end. We were just so overwhelmed & exhausted after a long day. But we are glad we finished both places in one day. We still have a few things to add on that we need to decide on. A swing is one of them. But for the most part we are pretty sure we got the essential items needed. (there are a lot! lol) Thanks to the help of my SIL & good friends Dana & Lauren for their lists of important items not to forget I'm happy with our registry. And for whatever we don't get as gifts at least we will have on a list for us to get after our shower. I think Daddy wasn't quite prepared for how much baby girl was really going to need! ;-)

Hope everyone had a safe and healthy New Year's. I think this may just be our best one ever!! We actually ended up spending the night @ home together New Year's Eve. I think this is the first time I have ever done that! It was nice, though. Chris was on shift New Years day so he didn't really care if we went out that night. And of course it wasn't like I was totally upset about not sitting around watching everyone catch a buzz while I sip on my water. ;-) The best part of this New Year was just as we were watching the ball drop on T.V. Lil Pea started kicking up a storm to let us know she was happy to be bringing in this New Year with us! :-))

Happy 2010 to everyone!! We hope this new year is as great for you as it will be for us!!