Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Happy half B-day Baby K!

Height: 26 inches
Weight: 16 pounds 10 ounces
Food: Breast milk and we have now tried home made pureed carrots, peas, green beans, sweet potato, avocado, banana, applesauce, butternut squash and peaches.  Also organic store bought prunes and pears.
Sleep: Usually goes down around 7:30-8pm and up to nurse at 5-6am, then back down until 7:30-8am 
Teeth: Still just the bottom two but Dr. says not one, not two but FOUR more on the top very soon!

There is a quote that I heard many times during my pregnancy.
“Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.”
~Elizabeth Stone
For those that have children you know just how very true this is.  Even while pregnant you can't completely understand the truth behind this until you have your little creation in your arms each waking morning.  It is pure bliss.  I now can't even comprehend life without her.  Every day is something new that brings a smile to our faces.  Our world revolves around her and makes you forget about the unimportant.
This past month Kailyn has perfected sitting up as I mentioned in previous post.  She is now well on her way to crawling!!  As much as I can't wait to watch how cute she will be when she really starts to bob herself around, I also know that means time for Mommy and Daddy to be on there feet!  So I am not wishing to rush this new milestone at all! However she wants to be on the move very badly.  She is constantly getting into the crawling position.  One leg is still keeping her from all fours and moving at the same time.  She gets up and finally drags the last leg out and BAM.....down she goes.  This is when she gets really pissy that she now can't get the toy she was trying to get.  Let me tell you, this little 6 month old already has quite the attitude! Uh, Oh! ;-/  
This past month was also Kailyn's first time going to a carnival.  We met my friend Lauren and her son Carson (Kailyn's future B-friend) there.  We tried to go on the Merry-Go-Round with the kiddies but they weren't too thrilled about that! lol Kailyn screamed the whole time.  She really wasn't in the mood for the carnival anyways.  We didn't go until almost 7pm and she likes to have her bath and be in bed by 8pm.  She thinks she is Cinderella. ;o)  Can't complain most of the time about that, though.  It is nice during the week to have her in bed by 8pm.  Gives us a chance to do things we need to do or just relax and watch some TV.

Kailyn's 6 month check up went great.  She got the flu vaccine since she will be going to Puerto Rico with us for Chris's brothers wedding.  He said we should now start feeding her twice a day.  She is still not a big fan of most things we have tried.  She does love her Avocado.  It is so funny how she acts when we feed her that and then how she acts for every other food.  Some nights she will eat really good and then other nights you can barely get three bites in.  We aren't rushing anything so we will just continue to try things each day.  She is still getting most of her nutrients from BM.  Dr. also told us we should start trying to practice with the sippy cup.  I have heard from many friends that this will be trial and error.  Every baby will take to a different sippy cup.  You just have to try several until you find one they like.  So we will see how this goes. Dr. M also said he sees four teeth that look like they could be coming through very soon.  The past few day's since her appointment you can really see one that I am thinking will break through tonight or tomorrow.  It is SO close.  He also said she may look like baby Dracula for a little while as it looks like her "fangs" canines, might come in first!  This is not as common but is possible.  But he also said that as usual sometimes it will look like a tooth is coming and it could still be weeks before anything happens.  All I know is Kailyn has ended up in our bed twice this week and she hasn't done that in months.  These teeth are really bothering my poor baby girl. :-(

This past month we have tried doing a few sleep overs at Nana's house.  This was because we originally were not going to bring Kailyn with us to PR.  Unfortunately Kailyn has started this separation anxiety when it comes to me no being there at night.  She screams (I mean SCREAMS) and refuses to eat.  Even now at home when Chris tries to put her down she wants nothing to do with it.  She will scream and yell until I take her from him.  Then she immediately buries her head into my shoulder and starts to fall asleep.  She is not doing this to be a brat, she is still just a baby.  A baby who wants her Mommy. I don't necessarily think of that as a bad thing. I love her with all my heart also.
"The reason it hurts so much to separate is because our souls are connected."
-Nicholas Sparks, The Notebook
Of course I also realize we need to continue to have my Mom or Chris try to put her down to bed so that she can eventually realize that someone else can put her to bed and Mommy will still be there the next day.  I just don't think a good time to try this is when I will be in PR for four nights and unable to just run home if things get worse.  Plus I would also be miserable if I knew she is at home crying and not eating while I am so far away.

Kailyn has also started to say Momma the past week!  She does not know what Momma means yet, but if you say it she will repeat it over and over again.  She is SO cute when she says it too.  She pulls her lips in to make the M sound and then it's Momma, Momma, Momma! I just LOVE it! The other day before I left for work all I hear is Momma, Momma! It is the best and I can only imagine will be just amazing when she is actually saying it to me when she wants her Momma. ♥  I have a video of her saying it but haven't had a chance to upload.  I will try to when we get back from PR.

I'm sure as usual there is much I am leaving out as every day is something new with Kailyn.  But I really must go get some sleep in case someone is up all night again with her teeth!  
I leave you with a verse from a country song, "Little Moments" by Brad Paisly, that I think says it perfectly.

When she's layin' on my shoulder on the sofa in the dark
And about the time she falls asleep so does my right arm
And I want so bad to move it 'cause it's tinglin' and it's numb
But she looks so much like and angel that I don't wanna wake her up
Yeah I live for little moments
When she steals my heart again and doesn't even know it
Yeah I live for little moments like that

***New pics have been added to Kailyn's 5 month album.  Click picture on left side of blog that says Kailyn 5 months.  You can also see a few pictures in her new 6 month album by CLICKING HERE***