Monday, August 17, 2009

Confused....and just plain upset!

So rewind to my last post Thursday night. I had just went to the Dr.'s that day for a scan and level check. Everything looked great. I mentioned about my sore nipples. What I didn't mention was that it started sometime that day. Also that morning I had some pains before I had a bowel movement and was also constipated a bit. I tried not to let my mind play tricks on me and think too much into it yet. Then Friday same thing. Nipples still sore and stomach pains from bowel movement. These were both two early symptoms with my last PG's. Well Saturday around 6pm I started having some mild crampy feelings. This continued throughout the night. They kind of felt like AF cramps, but AF is not due until Thursday or Friday. So I really wasn't sure what was going on. Then when I woke up Sunday morning and went to the bathroom I looked down at the toilet paper (out of habit as some of you girls know) and saw pinkish blood. Of course I freaked! Also was a little paranoid that my nipples were no longer sore (well my left one was still a tiny bit).
So the rest of the day continued and so did the spotting. The rest of the day was brown spotting and very light. Today the spotting has continued, still very light and only brown. I spoke with my Dr. and he said to just keep my appt. for Thursday. He said it could be a few things at this point and by Thursday hopefully we will have an idea.
1. Could be implantation spotting. Which I doubt. This is because I had two PG symptoms, then some weird cramps, started spotting and then poof symptoms gone. I thought symptoms are supposed to start after the spotting?!?!? (btw i never have nipple soreness with AF)
2. Implantation could have happened Thursday and now I could be having a chemical PG. Which we probably will never know as it is too early. And do I even want to know. That the possibility of another miscarriage is so real!
3. For some reason my period is starting early. Sunday was only 10 DPO and CD24. My period has never come almost a week early!! Then again this is my first month on Clomid so who the hell knows anymore!! Anyone ever had something like this happen from Clomid??
So now I have no idea what is going on and I just wait to see. I have even considered (in my not so sane head anymore) that just maybe there were two eggs released this month. He said it was a possibility. So I think maybe one implanted and didn't work so that's why the symptoms left but now the other implanted which caused the spotting and now maybe I am PG?!?!
Crazy??? Yes I sadly know it is.....


  1. oh hun, sorry to hear about all the confusing symptoms - it's like - why can't anything be textbook and like 'oh i know what 'that' is' - vs. what the heck is going on? Hoping you get some answers at Thursday's appt!

  2. Praying for positive answers on Thursday.. xo

  3. good luck on thurs is that when you can find out if you are pg? xoxo

  4. Don't down your self for trying to be positive. You have a lot of people praying and hopeing for you and that in itself is a powerful thing! Keeping my fingers crossed!