Thursday, July 30, 2009


I went yesterday for my first Acupuncture appt.. I have heard from people how it's crazy, but it works! My visit was about an hour long. First they ask a bunch of questions. Kind of like a physical, but without all the prodding and poking which was nice for a change. Then after about 20 mins of questions we started my first treatment.
Now before I go on I just want to remind everyone of all the lower abdominal and lower back achy pain I get all the time. When I went yesterday it was perfect because the ache was there all day.
So anyways she got out the needles and told me she was going to place them in certain areas. First one goes right in the middle of your forehead. I was figuring since this is supposed to be such a relaxation thing that you wouldn't even feel it. Umm... I was wrong! Now it didn't really hurt, but you can def. feel that a needle is being put in your skin. She continued to put some in my lower legs, feet and stomach. Some I really almost couldn't feel at all, others I could. Then she put a heat lamp over my stomach, put on some nice soothing music and said she would be back in 10 mins.. I didn't fall asleep but she said some people do. She came back, checked on me and then gave me another 10 mins.. Oh and she also said she was going to stimulate some of the needles as she turned some of them in my skin. (doesn't hurt just a little weird)
Earlier when she was asking all the questions she asked to look at my tongue twice and felt my pulse. She asked about things like she already knew the answer!! It was really kind of crazy! Doctors can't even figure out some of these things after poking you with needles, ect.. She seemed to know about my indigestion that started about 2 years ago, I told her about my pains since miscarriage. About my periods being painful now. She even asked if I have a short fuse (anger)!! Damn she's good! lol
She explained about my Chi being off. Then she went on about my Liver (not to say it's bad). I really still can't explain it all to you without messing it up. Here is a link I found that can explain a little about Acupuncture.
Anyways after my 20 mins with the needles she took them out and had me slowly sit up and put my shoes back on. As I put my shoes on I thought I noticed my lower back ache subsiding a little.
I went to check out and she gave me these pills to take. Xiao Yao Pian. Here is a brief description.
Jia Wei Xiao Yao Pian disperses the depressed liver-qi and removes heat, strengthens the spleen and nourishes the blood.† It is used for stagnation of the liver-qi, deficiency of blood, incoordination between the liver and the spleen, distension and pain in the hypochondric regions, dizziness, lassitude, poor appetite, irregular menstruation, distension and pain in the umbilical and abdominal regions.
She gave me a paper that has each of the herbs that are in it and what they do. Sounds perfect for me! We will see how I feel in another week or two.
So as I get in my car I actually cannot even believe, but my pain is GONE!!! I mean totally GONE!! The pain that comes and goes but has actually been constant since this last period. And it was just gone! I still don't even understand it, but I don't care!! I slept so good last night for the first time in awhile. It was funny because when I was leaving the lady gave me this little smile and said, "don't worry your going to feel good tonight."
And today the pain is still gone. I am dreading it coming back but for now enjoying it being gone! I have another appt. next Friday so I will def. be looking forward to that when/if it does come back. These pills are supposed to help to. I have very heavy bright red periods and this could be what is causing a lot of my bad stagnation, as she says. So we will see. Anyone who has problems I would certainly recommend giving Acupuncture a shot. It def. can't hurt to try once. As far as my Fertility problems we will see but for now I am just glad the pain is gone. Heating pads, messages from Chris, nothing ever worked until now. So my next appt. is back to the RE on Tuesday and then some more Acupuncture Friday. I will update then.


  1. Wow!!It sounds like it was great. I am so glad to hear that everything went well. I've always been a little nervous to try acupuncture, with the needles and all, but this doesn't sound half bad.

  2. Glad you had a good experience with good results! But aren't you afraid of needles???

  3. Hi - I recently came across your blog through someone else's (can't remember who now :) but just wanted to say wow @ the whole acupuncture thing - and that it worked so fast? I'm terrified of needles (been better now that I've had so many blood draws this year)but I still can't actually picture myself lying down with a bunch of needles in me! (the scene where Charlotte from Sex & the City pops in my head) lol - but being Asian myself, I do believe that there are a lot of things that we don't know about (re: Chi) that actually contribute to/affect our health - good luck with the next treatment - curious to know what they can cure next!

  4. Isn't it wonderful?? I've been doing acupuncture (plus some nasty herbs) for 10 weeks now and it is the one thing that always makes me feel better...both physically and mentally. After a few weeks you'll see you have more energy, sleep better and suffer from less aches and pains!!!!