Thursday, August 13, 2009

Emotional Rollercoaster

That's what these meds have made me! As if IF patients aren't already an emotional mess. Then the meds they pump you with tweak everything!! Interesting is the word I choose to use for this month. I'm sure the hubby would choose a different one. *wink, wink*
So back to my last post. Last Wednesday night Chris got to give me my Ovidrel shot. This is my first month. Last month dr.'s office gave me the HCG shot 3 days after ovulation because I was not on the Clomid and the HCG was to help the corpus luteum.
So back to the shot. Such a small needle as some of you women know, but I have to say....I freaked a bit! lol It was just so weird having the hubby do it. And in the stomach, nun the less, so I couldn't really help but look! I took a pic. lol We try to make some humor out of all this every once in awhile. Lighten the mood a bit.
Anyhow the shot of course didn't even hurt. The following night around 6pm I started getting my good ole ovulation pain/tweaks. On the right side, just as my dr. had said. I wish there was some way to know if both the bigger follies let off an egg. Oh well, probably better I don't because if I knew I had two eggs this month and still wasn't able to get PG I think that would be a double blow.
Sunday night we went to my Mom's for a great Turkey dinner she decided to have. Ever since I was a little girl my Mom and I had a tradition of making a wish and breaking the Turkey bone. And I have won almost every time! She calls me a cheater but I'm really not! I just inspect the bone to see which side I think will break off the bigger piece and it works almost every time.
So this time my Mom gave Chris and I the bone to take home and do together. Tuesday once the bone had completely dried/hardened we made a wish and pulled! Here is a pic I took with my phone.... Guess who had the bigger half. ;o) (winner is the one with the bigger piece)
Today I went for my f/up for blood work to check levels and an ultrasound. Ultrasound showed the blood flow around my right ovary where I ovulated. (not sure how all that works still but I know that is good when they see that. Means you ovulated) As usual my lining also looked really good. Now we just pray we finally had a good egg that wanted to be fertilized!! Oh and he also saw a cyst on my left ovary which looked huge on their flat screen but of course wasn't as big as they magnify it. It measured 3cm. Nothing for now to worry about. We will see if it's still there next week.
One more week wait and I really am trying not to think about it this time, but not being very successful with that. I always cave on the last week of the 2ww. And my nipples are sore from the stupid Ovidrel and that is playing major mind game's on me of course. That was my one symptom with my other two PG's that I had very early. And I never have sore boobies with AF. Ever. And I'm the type that hates taking meds. So I really do pray this month works cause I am scared of how crazy it will be if we up the Clomid. But I again remind myself for baby this will all be worth it.
So yet again we wait...
*fingers crossed*


  1. I am praying that August is your month!!! Hopefully the week doesn't drag too much.

  2. wow that is a rollercoaster! you poor thing - more needles ;( but it sounds like you are handling it all just fine -- hang in there - keeping fingers and toes crossed for ya!

  3. hope the wishbone works! thinking of you xoxo