Thursday, July 16, 2009

A little Progesterone can't hurt, right?!?!

Today is CD19 for me. Ahhhh this dreaded 2ww still doesn't get any easier this 5th month of TTC since the miscarriage. So as I mentioned in my last blog I went Monday for my HCG "booster" shot to help the corpus luteum. Then I started the Progesterone Suppositories Tuesday morning. Yay me!!!!! Totally joking! These have to be takin twice a day and are just plain nasty! I was warned by a few of you that have taken these about the "leakage" problem, to say the least!! It's like having a white period, but for two weeks. && then only to be replaced by your red period!! To top it off yesterday I started having some off and on cramping. By evening it was almost constant. Today it is almost always there just comes in waves. Called and spoke with the nurse to ask her about this being related to the Progesterone. She said it could but usually lil cramps not that often. I then told her about my IBS and she said that the higher levels of Progesterone could def. be causing the IBS to flair up. So I am to call tomorrow if it is still really bothering me. We will see. I already have my appt. Monday for blood work (to check hormone levels again) & another ultrasound (to make sure lining looks good for poss implantation) so I really don't wanna go in tomorrow and then again Monday. So gonna try and tuff it out and just talk with him about it Monday. ARRGGHH!!!
But we are hoping the wicked AF stays away and then I think I will hate the progesterone a lot less!! This is ALL worth it for baby. Now if AF does show her wicked self, well let's just say with all these extra hormone's, lovely leakage and nasty cramps......I better just stay inside by myself for the day!!! ;o)~ Get a bottle of wine and some Cold Stone ice cream, as a good friend said to me today! I'm still praying for you too "L"!
Well time to go pop in my Progesterone! haha Update again next week! Thanks for all the support of our friends and family! And again for the very sweet email Olivia!! (i never knew you were so good @ expressing yourself sista! i had to post it here so i can always see it when I look back on these posts once we have our lil angel with a smile on my face)
I wish I could wave a little magic wand on your belly's and **poof**!! but these Dr.'s (well most) seem to know what they are doing. I notice since you started with this new Dr your emails are allot more positive and allot less doubtful. I'm really happy about that. I hate seeing you /reading that your always hurting inside. Some times I never know weather to write back because I never know what to say. It's such a personal feeling and no one can never know that feeling unless you are going through it. I'm just happy all you ladies never give up. This is definitely an emotional roller coaster and could never fathom the pain and stress it must cause. This is why women are built stronger (emotionally) because men would have just fell apart by now. Keep sending me these updates because I do read them all and sometimes I don't reply because I don't know the right thing to say. So don't ever stop!!
You know I'm not very ummmm.. into faith or stuff but..
There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.Your dreams are miracles. and when you two become PG it will be your own little miracles. Crazy how going through this makes you believe in so many different things. Not everything happens so easily and so fast for everyone. and it's amazing how we all thought when we were little that PG happens with a snap of a finger.. You are going to be even more of amazing mom after all this. Loving something you don't even know yet. Wanting something so much you will get poked and prodded everywhere and throw all your emotions and energy into a little future rainbow baby. So hopefully now that you are further along with this Dr and the procedures things will start looking up for you. and hopefully soon for some exciting news. So you know that when that happens your going to have a bunch of crying girls around you. : ) happy tears.!! Well atleast I know I will.. ; )
Well I love you Nicole. You are my best-friend and my (un-biological) sister. You hurt I hurt. So don't ever give up and always stay positive. (the best you can). Keep that head up my sista!! Your doing great.
You are my un-biological sister, like you said, and I hope the pain will end soon too & be filled w/the pure bliss of our baby!! And they can meet their Aunt Liv!

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  1. ok, so i woke up a little while ago, reading my emails, thinking about waht i'm going to do today and now am crying! you are going to make such a great mom and you are so lucky to have such great friends! love ya both nicole and olivia!