Tuesday, July 7, 2009


So today we went to see Dr. Gelman again to go over all our tests from last month and discuss our next "plan of action".
I called Chris to let him know I was leaving work since he would be meeting me their.
Chris: "Are you anxious?"
Me: "A little, why??"
Chris: "Cause I am!"
A smile crept across my face. Of course I was anxious!! I'm always the anxious one and Chris is always telling me to relax. I know he will be a great Daddy and I think he is ready for that journey in our lives. Not that he wasn't 8 months ago when our journey began, but i guess you really have time to think about things as the months crawl by. Stupid, but that little moment was touching to me...
So back to our visit. Results were all good. Prolactin went down after being re-tested. Which means it was probably high the first time from stress. Which I was just a little stressed the beginning of last month because of all the tests we had to have done and also Chris's surprise party coming up. Stress can sometimes cause elevated levels. (i know some of you are thinking, well then mine should be elevated all the time! haha!)
Also my AMH (ovarian reserve) was a bit low. Should be between 2.8 & 4.0 for my age and mine is 2.4. Not horrible, he said, but not where he would like it to be. Which could be another possible factor for the miscarriage. Could have been a low quality egg. Chris's jokes about rotten eggs are no longer so humorous!
We also talked again about the pains I have been having which he still thinks could be mild Endometrioses. Or it might not be. At this time he does not feel I should be scoped (the only way to 100% diagnose Endo) as this is a surgical procedure where they go in through your belly button. If things were to get worse and my periods became very irregular then we would have to reconsider.
So plan of action for this month.
Today is CD 10. Continue taking Folbic for MTHFR along with prenatals.
Friday-(CD 13)I go in for an ultrasound and blood work. Depending on the size of my follicles I will get a shot of HCG. If they are not big enough yet (since I normally don't "O" until CD 16-17) I will go back on Monday for the shot. (was your shot covered by insurance Lori??)
After ovulation (which happens within 36 hours of shot, so as my dr says, "Go have a party!" if you get his meaning ;o}) I will start on Progesterone.
My levels have always been good but it is something that can't hurt & can only help. My dr. really wants this baby to stick, which is what we want more than anything! So I say bring it!
One week after the HCG shot I will go again for bloodwork to check and see how my hormone levels are and then the following week for blood again to see if this is our lucky month!
Chris said he is very excited about this month. I am very hopeful as I always am after leaving his office. He really makes you feel like he will make it possible to have a healthy full term PG one day!
And so we wait again....


  1. i'm so happy for you that it was good news, and have fun trying this month!! good luck!

  2. We are happy for you guys!!! We will keep our fingers crossed.....it wil be the greatest love you ever know!!!!

    Gina & Ritchie