Friday, July 10, 2009

It's a Follicle!!

So I went this morning (CD 13 for me) and they did mid-cycle bloodwork and also an ultrasound to check my follicles. I had a nice one on the right side that measured 16mm. Now I usually don't ovulate until CD 16 so he decided to wait on the shot of Ovidrel. So I was supposed to give it to myself tomorrow @ midnight and OF COURSE Chris is on shift!!
There is no way I am giving myself a shot in the stomach!!!!! I WILL pass out and then there will be this needle hanging out of my stomach! Ewww!!
I hate needles. The pain I don't mind cause I know with such a little needle there will be none. I swear people still don't understand how I have 3 tattoos and two are pretty big! If you notice, though, they are in places I can't or can barely see. So I didn't watch at all of course! lol
So anywayz back to my visit. I was happy the nice follie was on the right side this time. This may sound stupid to some of you, but not a big fan of my left side. I have that Mittelschmerz where you can feel when you ovulate. My left side seems to be the more dominate side that I usually ovulate from and also happens to be the side I ovulated from with our last PG that ended in the miscarriage. So in my crazy head I feel like my left ovary is the rotten side. Yes I have become a little crazy since the miscarriage! ;o}
After the shot on Saturday night I was to go back Tuesday morning to get a "booster" shot of HCG and then start the Progesterone. Then the following Tuesday I would go for blood work again to check hormone levels to make sure they are normal for the Luteal Phase. Also they will do another vaginal ultrasound to check and make sure the Endometrial lining is good & ready for implantation (which would be aroung this time). And then the following week comes the PG test if (fingers & toes crossed) AF does not show her ugly head before!
Now let's fast forward to about 4:30pm. Got a call from my Dr's office. Change of plans. Blood work from this morning showed a rise in hormone levels which means ovulation process has already started!! WOW this is early for me. Hoping this is good?? So too late for the shot tomorrow. Instructions now are....a little TMI here.....have sex tonight, then again tomorrow before Chris leaves for work (@6:30am!!!!) and then again Sunday when he gets off shift. Of course he works Saturday when I will probably ovulate. This ought to be interesting seeing I'm such the morning person! ;o]~ So then I go for the booster shot Monday and then the follow up visit the following Monday and then PG test. So now the 2ww begins again....