Monday, December 28, 2009

Talk about Emotions!

New nephew Cody Michael
Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! Ours was very nice this year. We went to my brother's house for the earlier part of the day to see my whole family. Then we went to Chris's Grandparent's house where his family was and we had dinner. We mainly just got money and gift cards. Chris really needs a new laptop since his is literally falling apart and I (well both of us actually) would like to get a camcorder before the baby gets here. Picture with Chris's family on christmas

As sad as I am to see the holidays leave I am also a bit relieved! It has been a bit hectic planning Lil Pea's arrival on top of the normal Christmas chaos! But I am happy to say her room is coming out great!! Chris had finished the painting and chair rail the last two weeks, so on Sunday my Dad and Chris's brother Michael came over to put down the laminate wood floors. And they look GREAT! Today Chris put the baseboards on. Click here to see a few new pics added in album Her bedroom/bath. We got a good deal on this wood and it came out looking great!

My Mom and I also went this past Saturday to order her bedroom furniture. We went with the Pali Collection called Trieste in the Cherry wood color as I mentioned in an older post. Should be hear in about 6-8 weeks.

So now it is my turn to start on her room. Right now it looks like a little boys room! Everyone keeps asking, are you sure you are having a girl??! lol But there will plenty of pinks added to her room shortly. We are trying to decide if we are going to paint a white picket fence or buy a vinyl one from Lowe's and nail it on the wall. It is only going to go on one or two of the walls. This is another thing we must decide. Also my friend Olivia is going to help paint a tree on one of the walls. She is going to come by to help decide where that will go. And then there will be the little things like flowers, butterflies, love bugs, ect.. I try not to overwhelm myself talking about it! ;o)~

As for my emotions they have been crazy the past few weeks! Usually I'm not much of a cryer, but it seems like every time I get mad or upset lately it ends in tears. And then this makes me cry more! Why can't I just be mad!! lol Chris will say, "don't cry babe." And I'm like, believe me I don't know why I am!!!

I have also started having those feelings I have heard about. The OMG I am going to have a baby here 24 hours a day in like 16-17 weeks!! And I am going to birth her (at least try) with no drugs!! YIKES!! We do start our Bradley classes next Monday and I know these will help put me at ease a little as my friend Lauren has told me. I also have started reading the book my teacher wanted me to read before class called Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way. This book has been really helpful and really makes you feel like a drug free birthing really is possible with the right training. And of course if your body and baby cooperate as nature intended. So we will see.

I'm also going to take my first prenatal yoga class tomorrow which I am excited about. My body really needs a good stretch and some stress relief once a week now! It's so crazy how up until about 16-17 weeks you just don't even really feel or look pregnant and then BAM!! After 20 weeks you definitely start looking and feeling preggo. And let me tell you, those calf cramps don't play around!! ;-) I'm going to buy that white grape juice after work Sis. Hope it works.

This weekend we are going to register!! How exciting and scary at the same time. There is just SO much stuff. And also so much you really don't need. But I am going to have my BF and also my SIL look over our list online once we are done and tell us anything we should take off that we really won't need or add on something we really will need that we didn't put on. They both have two babies under 3 at home so they are pros. lol

We decided to register @ Babies R Us and Target. Not sure if we will do both Saturday. I think we will do Target first since they don't have as much and register for the rest at BB R Us if we are up for it. I was actually surprised Chris wanted to help with the registry. But I have seen a lot of Dad's on my trips to the baby store's lately so I guess this is common now. We will see how it goes!

Wishing everyone a safe and happy New Year!!


  1. I like the colors!! I wish we could invest a little more into the baby's room but around the time I will be having him/her it will be time to start selling the house so no point in wasting money on stuff we can't take with us. One thing I have been told is that if you are going to breast feed get nipple guards to prevent blisters. That's all I know so far LOL good luck and have fun!!

  2. what is the grape jusice about, i have been having some charlie horses in my calfs which is new.. the room looks GREAT! the colors look a little familair! just a little less bright then ours! cant wait to see more! have fun registering!

  3. Cody is adorable! He looks so big in those pics! A video camera is a must! The room looks good, but I was thinking the same thing that you went on to mention..."where's the pink?" I can't wait to see how it turns out. Love the furniture choice!

  4. no no the nipple guards! and the leg cramps are usually due to a vitamin and or mineral deficiency and usually is calcium. increase your calcium and see if that helps. room looks great can't wait to see it all together. and what a cute baby cody is omg!!! love those pics. the more i read about the "bradly way" that was exactly what we did.just not formally called the bradly way. our birthing classes focused on most of the methods and andy was great! if you have a great support person (which you do!) you can do it!! i did twice thanks to andy!! love d

  5. Can't wait to see the finished room! and I know that pink will way around that LOL.
    and I understand the emotions, sometimes I just say, I am going to cry....and then I do, LOL. I never cried before!

  6. 1. your nephew is a DOLL! :)
    2. the nursery is looking so cute! I love the paint colors and the floor-- beautiful!
    3. How did you like the yoga class?

    Have fun registering this weekend!!! FUN!

  7. The whitre grape juice worked for me so let me know if it does anything for you. Bruce went with me to register with both kids, it's nice to have the hubby go with you to share in the experience!