Monday, November 23, 2009

Busy weekend!

What a busy few day's it has been. Friday I had the day off. We had a wedding to go to @ 6pm so I just decided to use one of my vacation days. Chris and I decided to look and see if they still had our bedroom set @ City Furniture. I got it about 4-5 years ago but was hoping they still had it because we have been thinking about upgrading to a king size bed. Our Queen bed has not been working out so great lately. I am just all over the place since I have been PG!! And I'm not even big yet! So we went and unfortunately they are getting ready to discontinue my set and have no kings left at all!! So now we are not sure what to do because the dresser is still in great shape and we really don't have the money to buy a whole new set and mattress with baby on the way. So I think we are just gonna deal with our Queen bed for now.
The wedding that night was for our friends Andrea and Matt. Congrats guys and best wishes!! Everything looked beautiful, including you both!!
Saturday I went to the movies with my friends Olivia & Kelly to see New Moon. We weren't too impressed. It wasn't horrible, just didn't live up to what we thought it should. We have all read the books also.
Saturday night I got a text from my BF Dana that her water broke!! She wasn't due for 2 more weeks. Well she didn't finally go the hospital until Sunday morning because her contractions weren't regular. When she got there she was still only 2 1/2 centimeters dilated. Finally around 11:30am they started her on Pitocin as she wasn't progressing and her water broke @ 11:30pm Saturday night. The pitocin got things moving along and @ 3:10pm she delivered a beautiful baby girl!!! With no drugs for the 2nd time delivering!!! She is such a champ and I hope I can do the same come delivery time.

Alyssa Marie Williams
Born 11/22/09 @ 3:10pm
5lbs 60z. 18 1/2 inches

Sunday was also a busy day for us. Chris and I went furniture shopping for baby girl. Our Mom's came along also. We weren't planning on purchasing anything yet, just wanted to see if we found anything we liked. We found three different sets by Pali furniture.

Trieste / Salerno / Carrigan

With each we will only be purchasing the crib, dresser and maybe the nightstand. All of these cribs are also convertible. Meaning they convert into a toddler size bed and then a full size bed. So this furniture will stay with her for many years.

Here is an example the Carrigan crib converted into a full size bed.
So now we just need to decide which we like best. Opinions?? Also I am debating on the white wood or the cherry wood. They all come in both. I'm very conflicted because the theme of her room would go better with white but I hate to buy expensive furniture for that reason alone. I do think they both look nice, though. Just trying to think of down the road. So what do you all think??
I also think we might go with the Peg Perego stroller. The Pliko Switch. Here is a video if you would like to check it out.
A bit more money then we were planning on spending but we have heard many good things about this stroller. And either way a stroller is a couple hundred so we figure might as well spend a little more for something we will love and will last. And if we don't have any more children we can pass it on to one lucky friend.
So after furniture shopping we went to The Olive Garden for some soup, salad & breadsticks. it!! Then my mom and I went to shop for my first Maternity clothes!! Yayyy!!! 17 weeks and my regular jeans are just so not comfortable anymore!! A few friends had told me about Motherhood Maternity and Target. So we went to Motherhood maternity and my Mom treated me to a few new VERY comfortable outfits!! I got two pairs of jeans, a pair of shorts and a few cute tops. Gosh I didn't realize how uncomfortable I really was until I tried this stuff on!! lol Next I will check out Target this weekend. I can always go on my lunch break as I have heard sometimes they have stuff and sometimes they don't. After our long day of shopping I plopped my ever growing butt on the couch. I had been up from 2am to 4am Saturday night from horrible stomach pains. That will teach me to eat Papa Johns EVER again while preggo!!
So that was our exciting weekend. Looking forward to Thanksgiving and eating (a little every hour for me) and seeing the family. Unfortunately Chris is on shift but my Mom already told him there will be plenty of leftovers for him.
So HAPPY THANKSGIVING a little early everyone!!
**Also put new belly pics @17 weeks in our album if you wanna check out the growing bump ;-)**


  1. OOO! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the white set! I'm totally a stickler for the crisp clean white look..Although, It can get dirty quicker! All 3 sets you picked out are very nice!

    I love the Olive Garden! MMMM! Now I'm hungry for that!

    We have a king size bed! We used to have a queen but since we made the upgrade, I can't imagine sleeping in a queen anymore! So much more room and so much more comfy!

    Good luck with the furnature choosing! I'm sure what ever you go with will look amazing!

    P.S. Your so adorable Prego!!!

  2. Furniture is so much fun! Pick whatever you want - the white or the dark will look great as the styles change.
    Your bump is great! How were you still in normal clothes?? My preggo pants are way too loose, but I love them!

  3. yay, maternity jeans (more room for turkey)!! did you get the under belly or perfect fit ones, i bought the under belly awhile ago but just bought 2 of the perfect fit a couple of weeks ago from motherhood, sooo comfy :)