Friday, December 11, 2009

Such a wonderful & exciting week!

This week has certainly been a great one! Tuesday night we went out to dinner with Chris's family for his brother's birthday. Happy Birthday again Michael!!
On Wednesday my SIL was induced and my new nephew was introduced to the world!

Cody Michael Magrone
Born 12/09/09 9:15am
7lbs 9oz & 20 1/2 inches
Mommy and Cody were able to go home today and are doing great! And big sister Hayden is starting to realize her new "baby" is here to stay. ;-)
Thursday was also a wonderful day. We went to our 20 week anatomy scan to see our lil sweet pea again!! And boy has she grown! She finally looks like she is packin some meat on her arms and legs that looked so skinny @ 12 weeks. Her weight was approximately 11oz. which the tech said is very good. I put the pics in our Album on my blog and you can see her arm in one of them. The tech also got a good pic of her foot but for some reason didn't print that one for us. :-(
She also said everything looked fine. Of course my Dr. will still get a copy of everything to review. This is all becoming so real. After so long of wondering if and when we would have our baby now it looks like we will...and very soon!! This week also marks our halfway point!! We officially have less than halfway to go!
The beginning of this week was also exciting. Monday night Chris got to feel her kick! It is still very light for someone else to feel but he said he felt her. I pretty much feel her every day now, some days more than others and not that often yet. When we had the scan Thursday she was up but I wasn't feeling her. I think the tech woke her up because she was only really moving her hands. She kept putting them near her mouth. It's so amazing just to watch her. Even though I feel her now I still can't believe she is actually in me! Maybe because the kicks are still very light? It's just so crazy to think that little baby is in my ever growing belly. Which my books all say is really gonna start growing now every week. Yikes!! I'm a tiny girl so this freaks me a little. Some days my stomach feels so tight. Then other days it's ok. I have to take a 20 week belly picture but Chris was on shift today. The belly is definitely growing!! ;-}
The guy also came this week to remove the popcorn from the ceiling in her room and put knockdown. So next week Chris is going to start painting her room! We still have to get a few samples of the colors we like before we decide on one. And then once the painting is done he will put down the wood flooring we picked out. I will definitely post some before and after pics once this is done.
Hope everyone has a great weekend!!


  1. The best feeling the world is to feel the life inside you. I miss that feeling!

  2. What an adorable little nephew you have!!! I am so happy you are enjoying yourself and this pregnancy is going so well. I can't even imagine finally getting to feel the little one moving!!

  3. As usual, your pictures are amazing!!! Congratulations!

  4. 20 weeks already? that is amzing! and sounds like you guys are moving right along with her room, that is awesome! aren't USs the best thing ever? :)