Sunday, December 6, 2009

Growing pains

Today was a very productive day. We went this morning and purchased lil sweet pea's bedding. Click here to see the one we picked. We want to paint her room in the next week or two before Chris starts putting in her wood floors. So I wanted to buy at least the bedding part of her set to help pick out paint colors. I will order the mobile, ect. later. We also looked again at the Peg Perego stroller while we were there and we are about 99% sure this will be the stroller we will get.
After that I went with Chris's Mom and also his brothers Fiance to Woodstock. It's an Arts and Crafts festival. I got baby girl a cute little tutu with bow set that is used for when she is born to take her first pictures in. Here is a pic.

We also met my friend Lauren there and we finally got to share our funnel cake we have been wanting for many, many months! ;-)
After that we went to Home Depot and got our Christmas tree along with helping both our Mom's pick out their tree's. We also got a sample of two different colors we liked for lil Pea's bathroom and decided which one we liked best when we got home. Chris is going to paint her bathroom on Wednesday. Also the guy is coming tomorrow to take off the popcorn on her ceiling and put knockdown. Then we are going to start painting her room!! It's so exciting now that it is all becoming so real!

I had my 4 week check up Friday with my OB. The did the normal urine sample and weight check. I've gained 8 pounds!! Which they said is perfect for 19 wks.. Not too little, not too much. (feels like a lot to me! ;-))
He listened to her heartbeat and said things sounded good. He also said the girls would give me a pamphlet before I left that has all the classes the hospital we are delivering at offers. So we can start looking into which one's we want to do. I also discussed with him about wanting to try natural child birth. No drugs. I am not totally against an Epidural, I just figure it's at least worth trying to do without it. He said he has a lot of patients do this (not sure how many pull it off). I also got the name and number for the lady my friend Lauren went to who has private Bradley classes she offers. Her classes are for 7 weeks, once a week. She takes only 6 couples at a time. She sounded very nice and discussed with me a little of what she goes over in her classes. They are not only all about childbirth (including c-sections and epidurals if you did end up having that) but she also goes into nutrition and exercise. My friend Lauren loved her classes and I think these will be a little more into detail and personal than the one childbirth class they offer at the hospital. So we signed up and our first class will be January 4th!! Class is every Monday from 7:30pm to 9:30pm. As my coach, Chris will go with me to every class he can but if he is on shift at the station my Mom will go with me.

I'm sure you are wondering the reason for my post title. Well the past week baby girl must be really growing because I have been having aches and pains like never before. Not unbearable just new to me. And my digestive track has been really giving me a hard time. Having
IBS does not help this situation at all. After sitting for awhile when I stand up sometimes it literally feels like my Uterus is trying to fall out!! And then I get these little sharp pains. Of course this just started happening immediately after my Dr. appt. Friday. But my friend Lauren said she had these same feelings start happening when she started really growing. And I just listened to baby girl with the Doppler and she doesn't sound at all bothered by all this. I did notice she is much higher now than last week. Found her heartbeat closer to my belly button now, where as before she was always so low near my hairline. I'm also pretty sure I'm finally feeling her kick! I thought I felt a kick Thursday night while laying in bed. Then again this morning when I woke up @ 3am due to horrible stomach pains from my bowels. She only does it once or twice so it's hard to confirm it's her, but I'm pretty sure.

This coming week is a busy week. Tuesday we have dinner with Chris's family for his brothers B-day. Then Wednesday we should be welcoming into this world my new nephew!! (my SIL is being induced) On Thursday I have my much awaited 20 week anatomy scan. Yayyyy!! And then this weekend we are going up to my Dad's to get a few tools he is giving Chris since he is moving. We are also going to visit and stay the night with my best friend who just had her new baby girl that I mentioned in a previous entry.
Busy, exciting week/weekend ahead!! Hope everyone has a good week!!


  1. New furniture, kicking, and funnelcake! Sounds like an awesome week for you! I bought a doppler and tried to see if I could hear the heartbeat but it's too early lol. I'm so happy for ya'll!!

  2. don't know but I have been following your blog for awhile (Right before you found out you were pregnant...I have been following several blogs and each time the girls who struggle to get pregnant do get pregnant and it sticks! I think of myself and baby sticky dust!...anyways...) I gave birth to my son without drugs and it was so worth it...the rish you take just to have an epi is not worth it to me for a few hours of pain. my water broke on it's own on my due date at 701am and at 423pm I had my son in my arms! Quick fast and really nothing I could not your bradley classes they will teach you what you need to know...and if you know what you want and really read up on it it can happen! I knew from the moment I got pregnant that i wanted natural...I went to the hospital with that same thought and when it was time to push all I wanted was for my son to be out and into my arms so no playing around I was there to birth my son! I am now back in school to become a labor and delivery nurse and i am in training to be a doula...if you can afford a doula get doula was a great support to me and my husband and let us know that everything that i was experiencing was normal and how it should be...had I not had here there...I might of given into the drs advise for drugs! I am so happy for you and if you need any help with doing a birth plan or working on ideas of how you want your birth to me at
    Jenn from NC

  3. That bedding is so nice!!! I'm so excited everything is going great!!

  4. i love the bedding, surprised you didnt go with purple, but i really do love the colors!! and the tutu is sooo cute! have fun this weekend, tell dana & andy we said hi and take lots of pics! we are going to disney this weekend!! :)oh, and i cant wait for the 20 week pics!! (ask her to do some 4d!!)