Friday, December 18, 2009

21 weeks

**New belly pics were added to our Lil Pea album.
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How Far Along? 21 weeks

Total Weight Gained/Loss? 8-9 pounds (depending on time of day ;-))

Maternity Clothes: Mainly wearing maternity clothes but can still wear some of my stuff too.

Sleep: pretty good

Best Moment of the Week: This week I have been sick. Started with a horrible sore throat Sunday & is now just sinus congestion and a cough. Feeling like crap but feel her move more than ever this week, which always brings a smile to my face. :-)

Movement: More than ever the past week. Usually when I am sitting or laying down. She usually starts up around lunch time I have noticed the past few days, too!

Food Craving: Still none, just the chocolate milk

Food aversions: Nothing new

Morning sickness: Gone, thank goodness!

Gender: It is a GIRL!

Labor Signs: No.

Belly Button: In, my bb is an innie....still really in there. But I have noticed it may be time to purchase one of those pregnancy belly rings my friend Sara told me about.

Wedding rings: still on

What I miss: nothing really. Just enjoying this pregnancy that is starting to go really quick!!

What I'm looking forward to: Hopefully seeing lil sweet pea again 01/08 when we go for a fetal echo @ the cardiologist. (my niece has VSD, so this is just a precaution to check baby girls heart)

Weekly Wisdom: stay AWAY from anyone sick while pregnant! You can't really take anything when you get sick (yes Tylenol but I am allergic so that's a no too for me) and it sucks! My Dr. gave me a Z-pack which I took the first night. This caused severe stomach pains which had me up every hour from 12am until I got up for work @ 7am. Similar to my IBS pains I have gotten before but even worse. So I called the Dr. and he said to discontinue the meds and see if my body can get better on it's own.

Milestones: Less than halfway to go!!

This week Chris also started working on her room. We also finished painting her bathroom. (also put some pics in our Picasa. Look in album called Her Bedroom/Bath) As most of you know we never did anything with that room when we moved into our new house 1 1/2 years ago. So it was just my exercise/junk room. We yanked the carpet out when we moved in because it was the original and kind of nasty. So I just had mats on the floor for when I worked out. Chris should finish the painting today and we are ordering the laminate wood flooring we picked out tomorrow. When that come's in he will start the floors.
I still feel like crap today and my cold is now in my chest so I stayed home from work. I'm hoping the Robitussin does it's job. I have a Nebulizer and usually start breathing treatments as I have always had chronic bronchitis, but cannot do these treatments while pregnant. So lot's of rest today and hope that clears this nasty cold out!
**Also put some Christmas pics in our Album so check them out!**



  1. Love all the pictures!!! Can't believe how nice her bathroom came out!! Sorry you are sick and hope you start feeling better soon.

  2. sorry that you are feeling crapppy, but you LOOK marvelous!! keep growing that baby!

  3. 21 weeks wow! Time seems to be flying by. I can't wait for the half way point it seems to be an exciting time! I just turned 9 weeks today and my nausea finally started to calm down a little and my energy level has gone up some too thank god! lol Glad to hear all is well! Are you exercising? If so what are you doing? Need some ideas :)