Sunday, January 3, 2010

6 months preggo!

This past Friday started our 6th month of pregnancy!! Wow how the time flies by! Thankfully still not having any back pains. Just that one night I got the horrible leg cramp! My calf felt like a rock. That has NEVER happened to me & freaked me out. Of course Chris was on shift. I woke up howling and the dogs jumped out of bed. My books had not prepared me for what these felt like. Basically my calf was solid as a rock and frozen like that. When I jumped out of bed that was even worse as I couldn't straighten my foot back from pointed position. I sat back on my bed and just started massaging my calf and it finally started to loosen up. So weird. And your right Lauren, it was sore for about two days after that! I have been trying to eat a banana a day and lot's of fluid and fortunately have not had this happen again. Also I read (of course the week after it happened) in one of my book that when you stretch always point toes up, never down. My friend Lauren also told me that is what she heard as she unfortunately had a few nights of the leg cramps. My yoga class told me to eat the bananas as well as my SIL.

Speaking of yoga I loved my class last Tuesday. I go again this Tuesday and hope to continue to go every week until Lil Pea's arrival! And for those of you who haven't asked already, no we still do not have a name. This will probably be a decision that is going to take awhile to make. And if we have a few we are stuck on we may just wait to see her cute lil face to decide.

Tomorrow will also be our first Bradley class! I am excited about this. Lauren recommended the lady to me who was recommended to her by two friends. She said the class is great! This class will be every Monday for the next 7 weeks. And then we may go to one or two more classes right before our due date if we need refreshing. She does her classes by sessions & her next one doesn't start until March & ends like on my due date so this one was better to take which starts tomorrow. So my weeks are starting to get busy! Mondays birthing class & Tuesdays yoga. I also want to get back into my walks after work as I know this is great preparation for childbirth. We just renewed my gym membership since it's already dark out by the time I get home so I will probably do my walking @ the gym. At least I can catch up on some of my many books I still have to read that friends have given me. So many. Yikes! lol If anyone is looking for good pregnancy books I really like The Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy my friend Dana gave me. Also the common one most women have which is What to Expect When your Expecting. Also for those giving natural childbirth a shot my teacher recommended Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way. I also highly recommend a class too, though. As the book does also. And then there's Your Pregnancy week by week that I like too.

Saturday was an exciting yet exhausting loooooong day! We went to register for Lil Pea. We registered @ Target and Babies R Us. And we finished it all in one day! It became a little less exciting towards the end. We were just so overwhelmed & exhausted after a long day. But we are glad we finished both places in one day. We still have a few things to add on that we need to decide on. A swing is one of them. But for the most part we are pretty sure we got the essential items needed. (there are a lot! lol) Thanks to the help of my SIL & good friends Dana & Lauren for their lists of important items not to forget I'm happy with our registry. And for whatever we don't get as gifts at least we will have on a list for us to get after our shower. I think Daddy wasn't quite prepared for how much baby girl was really going to need! ;-)

Hope everyone had a safe and healthy New Year's. I think this may just be our best one ever!! We actually ended up spending the night @ home together New Year's Eve. I think this is the first time I have ever done that! It was nice, though. Chris was on shift New Years day so he didn't really care if we went out that night. And of course it wasn't like I was totally upset about not sitting around watching everyone catch a buzz while I sip on my water. ;-) The best part of this New Year was just as we were watching the ball drop on T.V. Lil Pea started kicking up a storm to let us know she was happy to be bringing in this New Year with us! :-))

Happy 2010 to everyone!! We hope this new year is as great for you as it will be for us!!


  1. 6 months already???? My goodness you weren't kidding time is flying for you....snailing by for me lol. I would love to find a pregnancy yoga class in my area! I'll have to look today. Glad to hear you got your registry done! I'm going to check out that natural childbirth book! I'm interested in that too but ever since I found out my friend broke her tailbone during birth....relaxed muscles is started to sound a little better...we'll see though I mean women have been doing it for years right??

  2. Congratulations on 6 months!! We browsed at Babies R Us this weekend and just doing that wiped me out!

  3. Glad to hear all is well. Happy New Year!! Do not forget to enter the give-a-way on blog :)

  4. happy 6 months! every new years eve from now on will be better and better! going out has nothing on staying home with the fam!! :)

  5. wow 6 months!!! Time is seriously just whizzing by - it's so great to hear that you've done your registry- that's one check off of your to do's! 2010 is going to be such an amazing year for you :)

  6. Happy 6 months Sis! Time is flying by. Before you know it lil pea will be in your arms! And I can spoli her!!!! LOL