Friday, October 30, 2009

2nd Trimester

WOW! 2nd Trimester already?!? The last few weeks seem to be flying by! Unfortunately the end of 1st trimester did not take the nausea with it.

This is from baby center for week 14 -
Welcome to your second trimester! Your energy is likely returning, your breasts may be feeling less tender, and your queasiness may have completely abated by now.
Ummm....No, No and NO!! lol I feel more tired this past week. And my usually not tender breasts have actually been a little tender this week! The nausea is not as bad as it was around 10 weeks but it's definitely still here. Or maybe I have just gotten used to it. Also my sinuses have been driving me crazy! Not sure if it's the weather or pregnancy. I keep feeling like I might be getting sick but then I'm fine.

A few things happened this past week. One I had my first bad dream that something happened to the baby. I'm not even sure why I had this dream. I haven't been nearly as paranoid as I was before our 12 weeks scan. I have actually relaxed quite a bit since then. Especially having my Doppler and being able to hear lil Pea if I am feeling paranoid for any reason. Too much to type my whole dream but they basically told me I was loosing the baby. And I lost it! I couldn't breathe in my dream and was hysterical. The nurse was telling someone to sedate me. When I woke up my face was buried in my pillow (probably why I felt like I couldn't breathe) and I had tears soaking my face and pillow. Needless to say I was glad to say hello to baby with my Doppler after that nasty dream.

On a lighter note a funny little thing that happened the other day. I had off Wednesday to use a vacation day. After Chris and I ran some errands we came home and he found a package on the front porch. To the Abramczyk's. Chris got all excited we got a present in the mail! He starts to open it and pulls out.....The Breastfeeding Book by Dr. Sears. Needless to say his excitement vanished! lolol But not mine. I knew right away it was from my best friend Dana. She has the same book and has told me about it many time's. Thanks again Dana!

I have been having some dull cramping and weird feelings going on down there the past week also. A friend said it's probably my body making more room for growing baby. That's what I figured. My belly is still about the same size so I'm gonna wait until 15 wks. to take another belly pic..

I also did my first baby browsing Wednesday with my friend Lauren & her new lil baby Carson. I say browsing because I didn't go to shop yet, just to look around and see all they have. It was a little overwhelming to say the least!!! Sure I have been to Babies R Us and a few other places many, many time's. Of course always looking for gifts for our many friends & relatives that have kids already. But for some reason this time looking at all this stuff knowing I have to soon pick stuff out for our own baby....yeah let's just say it's a bit overwhelming. There is soooooooo much!! And being a first time Mom I have no idea what is good and what is a waste. Sure there are a few things I have learned from friends and my SIL. But like I said there is so much! lol
I did find an outfit, though, I just HAD to buy! Here is a pic and you will see why.
*There is even a lil pea on the butt of the pants!!*

I go for my next appt. to see my OB on Thursday. It's just for an exam, no ultrasound. :-( I am going to ask/beg if I can have a sooner ultrasound (maybe around 16wks) before my 20 week anatomy scan to find out the sex sooner. Also just to see lil Pea again. I can't imagine going from 12 to 20 weeks not seeing him/her!!! After going every two weeks since we found out we were PG, that's a long stretch!! So we will see what he says. Fingers crossed for an extra ultrasound.


  1. The little outfit is absolutely adorable!! Yeah to baby shopping/browsing! Here's to hoping you have no more scary dreams.

  2. xoxxoxo, yay, baby shopping, i love it!!!

  3. Yay! so glad that things are going well, not about the dream, but we all have anxieties during this time, so hang in there, and so glad the doppler is working out for you. Can't wait to hear how you don't need it as much because you feel your baby move all the is so wonderful.