Wednesday, October 14, 2009

1st belly pics

I decided since I'm gaining weight time to start taking belly pics. I wish I had taken a before pic.. Oh well. So here it is. I don't really feel I have "popped" yet so I'm pretty sure my new pudge is just bloat and....well pudge! lol
11wks 2days

I also wanted to post a pic of lil Pea's 1st gift! Well actually this is more for Mommy and Daddy.
From Lauren, Geoff and baby Carson. Thank you guys!! It's perfect Lauren. xo


  1. Let's if I can explain this right :)
    What you are seeing is baby....well you are seeing what baby and the uterus are pushing up and out of the way for their it is baby sort of. But very cute. I am still waiting to truly pop. maybe at 24 weeks? LOL.

  2. cute! youre going to look very cute with a big belly!!

  3. Love your little belly! Little being the operative word!

  4. Yayyyy!! Belly pics!! It's so little and cute!! So every Monday you should post new pics!! And if Chris has to work on any if those Monday's then call me me and I can take them for you. ;). And that is a perfect first baby/ parent gift!! Xoxo

  5. You make me sick!!!!!!!!!!!! my stomach is way bigger then yours and you are pregnant. show me pictures like this when your fat please so i can feel a little better about myself
    thank you
    i'm so excited for you
    love ya

  6. What belly??? This can surely pass as a before picture since your belly is so little. So cute! & love the sonogram frame. What a great gift Lauren!

  7. That's it I'm going to the gym.

    lol so exciting!....the baby not the gym lol

  8. Your too cute!! Great 1st belly pic:)

  9. belly what belly... u just wait! very cute you are gonna look too cute with a baby bump! i will show you a belly in a couple of weeks you may get frightened! love the frame my sister bought be one when i was pg will callie i love it!

  10. Oh just wait until about 30 weeks or so when your muscles in your stomach feel like they are ripping from the baby growing and stretching!
    No matter what's still a GREAT feeling. Enjoy every goes by fast!

    Hugs and Kisses :) Your "big sis"