Monday, October 26, 2009

Starting to show!

I took some new belly pics yesterday and after looking at them I can definitely see I am starting to show now! I put two new pics in our album on my blog. For those who don't know you can go to the link on my blog that says Chris & Nicole's Album to see all pics so far of lil Pea and belly pics.

I also noticed yesterday when I listened for lil Pea with the Doppler I found him/her a little higher up than normal. Baby is growin & movin on up! And boy can I tell with the new horrible indigestion I have been having the past week. I got indigestion before pregnancy from certain things. Mainly too much garlic or sauce. Eating too fast or too much at one time. But this is TOTALLY different. I got indigestion from a dang pop tart the other day!! I am so burpy and constantly wondering/hoping nothing is coming up with each burp. lol Today the nausea was a little better, though. I'm hoping that means the 1st trimester is taking the nausea with it!! I can't believe Friday will be the beginning of the 2nd Trimester. This is all suddenly going by so fast. All I want to do is see lil Pea again waving and jumping around like he/she was on our scan last week. If I had my own ultrasound machine. Well that would just be trouble. lol
I can't wait until I can finally feel lil Pea. I know that is going to be sooooooo amazing. For now I just listen with my Doppler and say hi to lil Pea that way. Sometime's you can hear lil Pea moving around on it too. They said you can catch movement on the Doppler at time's.

Yesterday lil Pea also got his/her first gift from someone. It was from Geoff, Lauren and baby Carson. And I love it!!♥ Thanks again Lauren! I can't believe you found it. Here is a pic.

Isn't this sooooo cute!! Notice the little pea pod on the baby cap.


  1. awwww loving it!!! and by the way you just look like you ate too much lol ;o) looking great as always!!! so happy for you xoxo

  2. so cute! and yes you can a lil difference! wont be long for sure!!!

  3. LOL! I see these pics and chuckle. I remember those days and telling my Mom that I felt HUGE. She would always say 'what belly?' AND THEN......Well, let's just say the lbs were knocking at my door! lol. Don't worry. In no time, you'll be strutting around that preggo belly. Enjoy your ankles while you can still see them! [Along with other things ;)~]