Monday, October 12, 2009

11 weeks

So I decided I am now far enough along to do my first survey. Here goes!

How Far Along? 11 weeks

Total Weight Gained/Loss? 3 pounds (yes it's just pudge as I know lil Pea is still way too tiny to weigh that much. Plus my usual weekly workouts have ceased due to this lovely constant nausea)

Maternity Clothes: Non yet but I HATE anything even slightly tight on the belly so my Mom bought me my first Belly Band today
Sleep: Besides the trips to the bathroom usually pretty good

Best Moment of the Week: hoping my Doppler will come this week & hearing lil Pea's heartbeat again will be it for sure! We haven't heard it since 6 weeks @ the RE's office!

Movement: too early but I absolutely cannot WAIT until I finally can feel baby

Food Craving: None yet. Hard to decide what to eat with this persistent nausea. And yet I constantly feel hungry.

Food aversions: too many to list!! Damn nausea. I thought everything was supposed to taste wonderful pregnant!

Gender: we will hopefully find out in 5 weeks!!!!

Labor Signs: Nope

Belly Button: In and I really hope to keep it that way

What I miss: nothing really yet. Just happy to still be preggo! :o)

What I'm looking forward to: Appointment at the Perinatologist for our 12 week scan. As nervous as I am for this testing I can't wait to see lil Pea as a developed baby!!!

Weekly Wisdom: It's nice to be able to finally enjoy being PG (I admit I still definitely have my moments of fear, though. But I think I will till the end and I am ok with that)

Milestones: Every week in this 1st trimester is a milestone for me!! We can't wait to reach many more!!

This past weekend I saw something in the baby section while shopping for my soon to be nephew. It is something I have seen over the past few years and always hoped they would still have it when we finally were PG. I actually thought they had discontinued it as I haven't seen it in awhile. So I said screw it! Enough with my fears! And I bought lil Pea's first baby gift!! Of course the guilt tries to creep up on me, that It's still too early buy something. But I remind myself it is silly to think like that. Our last PG we never bought anything and that still didn't end well so I'm thinking the whole jinx thing really is just silly. So here is lil Pea's first gift from Mommy and Daddy. It goes on the bathtub nozzle and is a Firefighter duck. As most of you know hubby is a Firefighter. They used to have a little one that matches this one. It tests the water temp. but I still haven't ever seen that one again.


  1. yeah! glad to here all is well. hopefully i will see you in a couple of weeks we can take belly pics together!

  2. Glad to hear all is going well. I am praying for you and your little pea.

  3. Yeah, you bought something! This is a very big step♥ Super cute, so happy for you guys. Keep up the great work!!

  4. Yeah! One more week to go and you will coming out of your 1st trimester! I will keep my eyes out for a firefighter duckie for the little one! (which I think is a girl :0)..)