Saturday, February 27, 2010

Less than 9 weeks to go!

The countdown continues....and anxiety kicks in. I am very thankful we did take our Bradley classes. They really did teach us a lot and give me more encouragement that I just might be able to do also taught us sooooooooo much more about childbirth. And when I actually think how in two more months I have to birth this quickly growing little girl, yeah I get anxiety!! Does anyone not?!?!? And not only anxiety about having her, but about her actually being here. I have read books, but I'm also not naive enough to think this is something you could ever totally prepare for. I have no idea how she will be, how I will be!!! Will I be able to breastfeed??? I know I will give it my all to supply her with the best. You just never know. Just like every childbirth is so different, every baby is too. Not to mention the mothers. I can only try to be the best I can for her.
subject change before the anxiety starts again! lol I notice new things every week now. Such as the ever growing belly. Also I have started to notice a very faint line starting. Linea negra. And to think I thought I might not get one. Just like I thought (actually hoped & prayed) my lovely little BB would not come out. It hasn't.....yet. I say this because there is no way in 2 more months that it will still be in. It gets closer every day. And I now search every day for a stretch mark. I can sometimes feel my skin stretch and it freaks me out. My mom didn't get any stretch marks with me or my brother. They say it's more hereditary. But my Mom also never had 16 weeks of nausea either. So who really knows. Honestly I would much rather a few stretch marks as long as my skin all shrinks back after baby girl is born. Working for a plastic surgeon I have seen how sometimes some women will go back to pre-pregnancy weight. Or even skinnier. And yet they have this flap of skin that just hangs there. Like a pancake. Now if THAT happened I would cry. Call me vain if you want, but what woman wants that! So your probably thinking, you work for a plastic surgeon so just get a Tummy Tuck. Have you every seen one performed?!? Not to mention it is a serious surgery and a VERY painful one at that! I'd prefer not! Weird because I never thought these things until the last few weeks as I have watched my belly grow like I never thought possible. It's just so crazy! I think each week, it just can't get bigger. And yet each week it does! And as my friends keep saying, it will only get bigger! Thanks girls! lol
This little girl is so worth all this, but I still freak a bit. This is such a transition for your body it is totally amazing and freaky at the same time. And my soft little baby is turning into bony strong knees and elbows. She really catches me off guard sometimes!! Sometimes a strong punch to my bladder will have me give a little yelp! ;-) While I'm on the subject of bodily changes I have also noticed at the end of the day my tiny size 5 feet will start to resemble sausages. I haven't really started swelling, just noticed they are a bit puffy at times. I can't blame them having to support this extra 20 pounds every day now. I have also been getting some cramps I guess you could call them?? Not sure if it is Braxton contractions. It has happened twice now in the evening. Very similar to when I get my IBS pains, but this is a bit different. Also my lower back usually aches a little with them. So I don't know!
Tomorrow we go to take our Maternity pictures. We are having another cold front come through this evening so now I have no idea what I will wear tomorrow!
And one more week until our Baby shower!! So exciting! And crazy how everything is coming and going. This has all gone by so fast!!
Friday we finally went by our Fertility Doctors office. After he discharged us the girls said to make sure we come by to show off the belly. So we picked up some donuts along with a Thank you card I had bought and stopped by. It was weird being back there. How much time we spent there for 6 months. Usually twice a week I would be at there office for exams or just blood draws. It was nice to see them all and they were happy we came by! And of course they want to meet Lil Pea as soon as she gets here.

If you go to our album
Baby Girls Bedroom you will see I added a few new pics of her bedroom that is now just about complete! I am still waiting on my glider that is taking FOREVER! They said it can take up to 12 weeks and I guess they weren't lying!! It's been over 8 weeks now! I did call last week and they said it should be here in 2 more weeks. I hope because there are some nights I already feel I might want to just sleep in it. ;-) Anyways if you look at the pictures you will see Lil Pea's new awning for over her window that her grandmother (Chris's mom) just finished sewing for her. So cute! Everything couldn't have turned out more the way I wanted it to!! I'm so happy with her room and hope she is too! Especially since she isn't allowed to change it for at least 5 years! lol
Here is a quick video of the song they play every week at the end of yoga class. Long Time Sun. The teacher has us sit Indian style and hold our belly's as we sing out loud. (they usually only play about 30 secs) Every time I play it Lil Pea starts moving around. I think she recognizes it after the many weeks of yoga class. First time I heard this in yoga I wasn't sure but now I really like it. Very peaceful.


  1. love the saying above the crib! love the awning and love the flowers you attached to the crib! so cute! and the bird in the tree!! basically, i think her room looks great! lol and yes, your belly WILL get bigger...sorry!!;) but like you said, so worth it!! have fun at your shoot tomorrow, hope to see you before it! if not, maybe we can drop it off to you afterwards??

  2. oh yeah and love the new page!!

  3. WOW!!! LOVE THE ROOM! And your new blog page. You guys did an awesome job on her room!

    Have fun at your photo shooting today! I can't wait to see the pics!

  4. looking good! enjoy the pics today. cant wait to see them! so excited for the shower as i know you are! love d

  5. Can't believe it's only 9 weeks!! Love the room! Two questions. We are doing a marsh theme and want to get dragonfly/butterfly decals. Where did you get yours? Also, where did you get the birds from?

  6. Your room is so cute - and huge!

    I know what you mean about getting bigger. I'm 2 weeks behind you and I can't believe I'm going to get bigger. I might fall over.

  7. 9 WEEKS! It sounds so much sooner than saying 2 months! I love the room, everything looks great, now you just need the little pea! I can't wait to see you on Saturday!! ♥

  8. I just saw the pics and I AM LOVING everything you did in her room!!! I recently put up an applique on the guest room wall and it took forever with the branches so I can't even imagine how much time it took with all those leaves!

    I can't blv you're into single digit weeks already this is just amazing! It seriously just seemed like yesterday when you posted that you got pregnant :)

  9. Don't worry about your body. Your little miracle is worth every pound gained and change your body endures. Your body will never be the same, but neither will your life, so that's irrelevant. If I could birth a 10lb baby and get back to my old self, you will too.

    I love the room! and I can't wait to see the maternity photos! xo