Sunday, February 21, 2010

Only 68 days to go! Let the countdown begin!!

And the feet are going, going......

How Far Along? 30 weeks
Total Weight Gained/Loss? 20 pounds
I'd like to stay around 30 personally, but want baby girl healthy. So we will see!
Maternity Clothes: Of course I'm still wearing them!
Sleep: This is beginning to suck! I just can't seem to get comfortable. I assume by 35 weeks I really will be sleeping in my reclining Glider. Just like the guy said before we bought it. Now if only it would come in already!!
Best Moment of the Week: 3D US of course :)
Movement: Yes, all the time. She scares me sometimes how strong she already is. She is gonna seriously be able to hurt me by 40 weeks!!
Food Craving: Nope.
Food aversions: No.
Morning sickness: Still gone, thank goodness!
Gender: As you can see from her 3D's, it is definitely still a GIRL!
Labor Signs: No. Let's keep it that way for at least 8 more weeks!
Belly Button: Getting flatter and definitely changing, but still in there.
Stretch Marks: none (whispered with fingers crossed)
Wedding rings: still on
Exercise: yoga Tuesday, my Bradley exercises daily and also walking again now when I can
What I miss: Honestly?? Well you know me so I'll be blunt. TMI, but normal bowel habits. Pregnancy has really stopped things up and slowed them down! Ughhh!!
What I'm looking forward to: Having maternity pics taken of Chris and I on Sunday. Also our Baby shower the following Saturday!! :-)
Other NEW news this week: On Monday I found out I passed my one hour glucose test I had done the week before. Yay!!
Saturday we went for our 3/4D ultrasound of Lil Pea!! Soooo exciting!!! She has chubby cheeks now and everything! The tech said she is a very active baby, I said believe me I know!
Of course she wanted nothing to do with picture time. She had her hands up on her face the whole time. We were able to get a few good pics when she would move them real fast or I push on her to move. But then her cord was also floating right in her face because of the way she was scrunched up. So we didn't get some of the awesome shots I saw on their website of some babies, but it was still amazing to watch this little actual baby playing around inside my belly! So crazy! I can't wait to meet her and stare at her for hours.♥
You can see her pics by clicking here for Lil Pea 3D.
My SIL came over this week also and we were able to finish the flowers we were painting on her wall. Her room is just about done now! I just have to put up the butterflies, ladybugs, birds, ect. that I bought from Michaels. I am going to put them up with double sided adhesive. Also we just need to put up her awning for her window that her Grandmother (Chris's mom) is sewing for her. Then I will take another pic of her whole room done.
Also some more TMI, but did any of you ladies have breast leakage during PG?? I mentioned before I started leaking a few weeks ago and I still have it every day. So I wear my breast pads in my bra every day. Does this go away before birth?? I'm assuming it stays because it has been happening for a few weeks now. Guess I better just go buy more breast pads! ;-)
We also finished our 7 weeks of Bradley classes. We will go in March to one class that we missed those 2 weeks I was sick with bronchitis. We learned so much during these classes and I am sooooo happy we took them. She taught us so much not only about natural childbirth, but also about nutrition, exercise, breastfeeding, labor in general with or without drugs, things to expect once you go to the hospital, and just so much more it would take too long to type about! If anyone is interested in a birthing class besides the much less informative one the hospital gives in one day I would recommend our teacher. She was recommended to me by a friend and I'm glad we went. It was hard taking the time to go after work every Monday for 7 weeks, but well worth it.
Weekly Wisdom: I've said it once but I'll say it again! Try and enjoy every minute, I swear to you it goes SO quickly!!
Favorite item bought this week: I have really been wanting to buy stuff for her lately. I have actually been really good this whole PG and have barely bought anything besides stuff for her room to decorate. But I still stop myself because our shower is less than two weeks away. After that I'm on a mission. lol So I guess for this week it would be her 3D ultrasound we bought.
**I also posted a few new belly pics in album Our Lil Pea if you wanna check them out.**


  1. Ah, where did your feet go?! lol...I say this every week, but I can't believe you are now 30 weeks. It is funny how the journey of us getting pregnant was SO LONG and full of obstacles and un-answered questions. Now it is just flying by for both of us, and very soon we will both be holding our little miracles. Oh, here I go again, I am now crying- damn these hormones! ♥♥♥♥

  2. Cute cute cute!!!! Thanks for sharing thos pictures!

  3. i love that shot of your belly and what seem to be feet size 3 LOL ;) I can't blv all that detail you see in those 3D ultrasounds - simply amazing!!

  4. Hi Nicole: Just read your email all about lil pea. I got so touched by the photos that I could feel my eyes swell up. cannot wait to see lil pea( our great granddaughter) . We were so thrilled when you were born, Our first and only granddaughter(a wonderful feeling). Take good care of yourself these last few weeks..we will see you soon.