Sunday, February 14, 2010

30 isn't so bad after all

This past Wednesday was my 30th B-day! (gasp) I'm not sure if I really thought I would feel different but.....of course I don't!! I do still think it will be a little weird the first time someone asks me how old I am and I have to reply 30. Oh well, baby steps. lolol
On Wednesday after work (I was able to leave @ 2:30pm) I went to dinner @ one of my favs, the Cheesecake Factory. Chris, my Mom and my brother, SIL and the kids came. It was nice. Nothing too crazy for the preggo! ;-)

On Thursday we went to my OB for my monthly check up and also to take the 1 hour Glucose test. The drink itself actually didn't taste bad. I got the red flavor. However it was very sweet, and after two big sips the last thing you want to do is drink more. But I was able to finish in a few minutes and then we went in to see the Dr.. I had a list for him this time with a few ?'s I wanted to ask. I was very happy with all his answers. He does not practice routine cutting (episiodomy) which I was happy to hear. If everything is going ok with baby and I, then after delivery it's baby to belly. And I can try nursing while trying to birth the Placenta. Also was happy to hear this. We have learned these are all good things in our Bradley class and also from a few friends. I also asked him why she seems to be playing so low all the time. He measured my belly and felt my uterus and said everything was perfect. She just like to hang out there! :-) He felt around and said it's still too early to tell if she is breech or what position she is currently in.
After answering all our ?'s we went back in the waiting room to wait an hour to have my blood taken and to get my Rhogam shot. (I'm A-) Lil Pea is usually sleeping in the morning, but after that sugary drink (i never drink stuff like that) and the doctor shaking up her home, she was up and going crazy! lol
Finally an hour went by (wasn't too bad) and I went and had my 3 vials of blood taken and my shot. Now I just cross my fingers we pass round 1 and DO NOT have to do round 2 which is 3 hours and lots of blood draws in between!!

Everything else has been going good still. Well except my bowels. TMI, but they have taken a severe halt I guess you could say. I have been drinking Prune juice and Benefiber every day now. The prune juice works but is sooooooo horrible. But like I said, it works, so I take my shots of prune juice every day. ;-)
Sleeping is also becoming more and more uncomfortable. It's still not horrible, but I can imagine by it may get a bit worse as I still have 10 more weeks to grow. Speaking of 10 weeks, can you believe that's all we have left (give or take a few days)!!!! Because I can't!! Honestly I still find it hard to totally process in my head. Chris keeps saying he wishes she was here already. Me? I said I'm not ready yet! Well I still want her to fatten up more of course, but I also would prefer to have her after we actually have stuff in her room besides just furniture & decor!! Less than 3 weeks until our shower. Then we can finish getting all her necessities.

Yesterday Chris had a party for me @ our house for my 30th B-day. We originally talked about going to Vegas for my 30th. I have been twice but Chris has never been and I would love to go with him. But instead I am getting an even better gift for my 30th year. And she is sooooo worth waiting on Vegas. Maybe next year. The party turned out great, though, and even big and preggo I had a wonderful time and great 30th B-day. And the best part was....I'm not hungover today!!!!! Although I do have some back pain from standing in heels most of yesterday. Chris and my Mom were yelling at me for wearing them. But c'mon! Gotta look good as the preggo 30th B-day girl! lol It was a great time, though, and I think everyone had a good time. We had some of the family over and close friends.
I also went before my party and got a new hair do. Needed a new look for my 30's. My friend Jodi referred me to a guy she goes to which happens to be right near our house. He did a great job and finally got rid of the orangy color I had in my hair. Thanks again Jodi!
If you want to check out some party pics look in my album
Nicole's 30th Bday . There are also a few pics I had my friend Lauren take of Chris, Lil Pea and I before the party. So baby girl can see she was able to share my 30th Bday with us.

Today we just hung out and relaxed around the house for Valentine's day. I'm not really into waiting hours for a table going out to dinner. So we had left over pizza from my party for our dinner tonight. Chris had beautiful flowers delivered to my work for Lil Pea and I on Friday for Valentine's Day. My friend Lauren was going to take a few pic for me yesterday of an idea I had for a Valentine's day picture, but it was freezing out so we never did them. Today it started to warm up a little so I had Chris take them for me. Click here to check out V-Day belly shots.

I also wanted to say Congrats to my friend Jen who had her 2nd baby Friday. She was scheduled for a C-section this Tuesday as baby was breech, but he decided he couldn't wait any longer and she went into labor Friday so they moved her C-section up. Congrats Mike and Jen on your beautiful new baby boy!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend and HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!!


  1. i'm with you on the prune juice now, i had 2 cups today!! i'm so happy your bday and party turned out great!! i cant believe in just 10 weeks you will be holding your babi girl, i'm so excited for you to have the feeling i'm having right now! (emotionally, not physically!! lol) and thank you so so much for including me in your post ! :) cant wait till your shower, i know now we can def be there!! xoxox

  2. Wow! Only 10 more weeks! Love all the pictures. Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. Glad you had a Happy 30th Birthday! Mike was depressed for like 2 weeks when he turned 30! Love the belly pictures, and love the hair! And seriously, 10 more weeks?! AAAAHHHH!!!!

  4. Don't thank me, I'm only the messanger! Glad you liked him. The belly pics came out so cute! 30 will be the best year of your life, so far...

  5. wow! getting there! pics are great. belly is tooo cute. glad u had fun at your party! wish we were there. love d

  6. SO exciting! You were able to sport your belly on your 30th! I was hoping the same thing but my dream didn't come true. :o( My honey did have a 30th for me also! I'll be blogging about it shortly. I'm just waiting for all my pics to be emailed to me so I can attach an album to the post.
    Im glad your sugar test went well...Atleast the drinking part!
    I'll keep my fingers crossed the results are awesome!

  7. Welcome to the club! :) Happy belated and hope you enjoyed your day!