Thursday, March 11, 2010

Such a great week!!

Such a busy few weeks I haven't had time to do my weekly blog!

Let's rewind to the weekend before last when we had our Maternity pics done on Sunday. As predicted a cold front came through. It was freezing AND super windy. I was feeling disappointed but our photographer, whom my friend Sara referred to me, was so nice!! She actually works full time and does photography as a side job. She just started getting into it so gave us a great deal compared to every other photographer I called. It's a bit more expensive to do location shoots than just go to the studio. Which I was beginning to think I should have done since the wind was throwing my hair in my face every second driving me crazy. Along with the fact I was freezing. BUT I love outdoor pics and even with all that the pictures came out amazing!!! We love them. I only wanted like 4 or 5 good shots of the two of us and just me and the belly. She definitely got 4 and more! She took almost 400 and sent us a CD with 84 edited pictures that came out great. If you would like to check them out
click here. This is the website as I still haven't had a chance to download them all from the CD she mailed to me.
The password is babygirl

The work week came and went last week pretty quickly as I couldn't wait for our shower Saturday! Which turned out PERFECT!! The weather, the place, everything the girls did!! It couldn't have been better. As most know we had a co-ed shower. And we had quite a turn out! Now I have my 55 thank you cards to start writing! lol The Grandmothers & Aunts to Be did such a great job on everything. The weather was so nice. Not a cloud in the sky and cool out but not too cold. And I love the patio area at Tree Tops park, which is were we decided to have it. I've been to two or three party's there and it's a nice spot. Thanks to my two photographers for the day (Lauren & Olivia) we have over 200 pictures from the shower! If you would like to see them click here for
Our Baby shower album. Be warned, there are a lot!! lol
Out of all those pics I do not have a picture of a gift that was made for us by a friend. We have been a bit of a support system for each other as we were both seeing Fertility doctors together. I have known her for many years and we happened to start seeing an RE doctor at the same time. She just posted a new blog and has a picture of it on there if you want to check it out click here. It was very thoughtful and super cute! As were so many gifts Lil Pea received!!

Yesterday I had my monthly checkup with the Doctor. Everything is still going great! I now start going every 2 weeks!! How the time is flying!!! I get a bit anxious when I think we have less than two months (7wks) until she will be here!! (give or take)
I made sure to ask him if he will be in town around April 30th. He laughed and said yes. I will get on him some more when I go back in 2 weeks. My friend Lauren was able to talk her way into him giving her his cell number so that even if he wasn't on call (he has 2 other partners) he would still come deliver her baby as long as he was in town. I plan on trying to get this also. We love him and really just don't want anyone else to deliver her.
Some new symptoms........lovely cankles!! lol It just started happening about 4 days ago. And now they are there every night. Not too bad, but noticeable. Of course doc said this was normal as I already knew from others who have had this in the end. Also every day I just can't imagine I have over a month of growing still!! When I walk now I some time's feel like my stomach will fall off! I have been trying to wear my SIL's belly belt for support if I go for a walk. It does help.

Last night (chris was on shift of course) I had cramping all over my belly until I fell asleep. Even when I woke up to pee it was still there. But when I woke up this morning it was gone. So I asked my friend if she thinks I should call my doctor and she said probably not. All they will say is to monitor it. So we will see if it comes back. I do get my IBS cramps but this was all over, not just lower. So I'm pretty sure it was not that. I'm thinking it's my body slowly preparing.

I did have my first dream about her. Which was totally weird of course. I have soooo many weird dreams lately. Anyways in my dream I had that feeling in my stomach, like when the baby rolls when they still are small and have room to do that. For those who have been PG I'm sure you know this feeling. As I felt her roll I yelled and suddenly she came out of my stomach like in the movie Alien! I told you, so weird!! There was no blood and guts though. She was very tiny in my dream. Looking like a 30 week preemie would. And she had dark hair. Like I did when I was born. Which is weird because at our 3D the guy said it looked like she had no hair as of yet. And that is all I remember. We will see what tonight's dream brings. lol

And lastly before I end this post I would like to announce our top 4 names we have for the many of you who keep asking. My Mom swears we have a name picked out and just won't tell. WE DON'T!! But this is our top 4. And we are still going to give the dreaded baby name book one more look over soon.
PLEASE keep negative comments to yourself as we do not want this to sway our decision. This is mainly why we haven't given these names as people have been asking. We want this to be our decision.
I'm just putting them in alphabetical order.


and I would love to say we have a top 5 with Novalie added to this list but Chris hate's it!! (just couldn't convince him Lauren ;-))


  1. Hi soon to be mama!! Was wondering where your lovely posts were! Your maternity pics are gorgeous! My favourite on is the one of you and your hubby standing by the lake and you are both looking down at your baby belly (#69 i think) - glad to hear you're into your bi-weekly check ups - how exciting! btw, I love all your girl names!! :) can't wait to see which one you both decide on!

  2. Love the maternity pics & baby shower pics! Glad you liked my craft I made you! I have yet to have the alien dream, but I have dreamed 2 times that I had to have a c-section! Why is it that all these "feelings" you get always happen when Chris is on shift?! I can't wait to meet Lil Pea, and I love all the names!!♥♥♥

  3. Your pictures are amazing! I'm too nervous to get them done, but I think I will try to get outside on a nice day and get a friend to take some pictures.
    I love your names - I'm amazed you could come up with so many!

  4. I like Skylar, that was the first name that popped out for me. It's a pretty name and different.

    I like Novalie as well. Don't know if you've ever read the book "Home is Where the Heart is" or have seen the movie "Where the Heart is". The movie has Natalie Portman and Ashley Judd, well Natalie Portman's name in the movie is Novalee (spelled a little different) and I thought it was a great name then. Sorry it's not in the running but perhaps my little story can help persuade Chris. LOL

    Good luck on choosing.

  5. i love novalie, home is where the heart is!!!!! or americus! ;) but really all of them are great!

  6. I LOVE the maternity pictures! You are beautiful! I am so very envious that you still have your belly ring in too. I tried with no success. Also, all the names are so pretty. We also keep going back and forth between four of them but can't decide. Yay for only 7 more weeks!!

  7. Honestly I love all the names but Emery is my fav because it's so different and sounds so pretty!!

  8. great names kiddo's....sorry Nicole have to agree with Chris on Novacaine:))))

    cant tell you which one i like better..cause i love them all!!