Sunday, January 31, 2010

The plague & goodbye 2nd trimester! :o{

Last Sunday started out the week horribly. After just getting over a cold last month I woke up with what felt like glass pieces in the throat, horrible congestion and the worst (for me) chest congestion. I say the worst for me because I grew up with chronic bronchitis and daily breathing treatments. BUT I assumed I finally outgrew that as I have not had bronchitis or had to do a breathing treatment in probably 4-5 years.
I just couldn't believe I had everything in a matter of hours. Usually I start a cold with the sore throat, then as that starts to fade the nasal congestion. Which usually ends at that since as I said I haven't had a cold go into my chest in years. Not so lucky this time. Monday I went to work for a half day and came home and did my first breathing treatment. I was waiting to call my Dr.'s office to be sure I could use the Albuterol for the treatments. He said that was fine and to call back if it didn't help. So for the rest of the week I did a breathing treatment twice a day and used my saline nasal spray. I did have a slight fever Sunday and Monday night but it never got over a 100 which is what they say you have to watch for when pregnant. Being allergic to Tylenol I was not able to take that either. So I just used cold compresses and tried to sleep

By Thursday I was still not doing much better so after much
harassment from my Mom and Chris I called my Dr. again and made an appt. for Friday. Which I'm glad I ended up doing. Apparently they don't take bronchitis mixed with pregnancy lightly. He started me on an antibiotic and said to continue the breathing treatments. If I get worse over the weekend go the the ER. Well as of today I am still wheezing but I know from the past that bronchitis doesn't go away over night, even with treatment. So I continue my meds and breathing treatments. My last dose of antibiotic will be Wednesday. My Dr. had asked what I used to take when I would get bronchitis and I said I honestly don't remember. It had been so long. He smiled a little and said that's what pregnancy can do to you. I'm beginning to understand. I haven't had a cold this bad in years!! And I take my prenatals every day!! I now completely understand why doctors wanted their pregnant patients to get the Swine flu vaccine and am so happy I did. If I have gotten this sick from just a common cold/flu I would for sure have ended up in the hospital if I would have caught the Swine, being that it is horrible on the respiratory system.
I really was upset about having to take the antibiotic,though. It's just there is nothing that is really 100% safe to take during PG. Category B just means safer. Even Tylenol, although most Dr.'s will tell you is ok to take, is not 100% proven to be fine. It's also Category B. But like my Mom said, I will be hurting baby more if I end up in the hospital with pneumonia. And I know she is right, I just still hate that I got sick and have to take something. :*(

We missed our weekly Bradley class Monday which stinks. We will have to catch up as we can during tomorrows class. I also missed my yoga class and might not even be able to make this week's class either if I'm still wheezing bad. Love my yoga class & hate to miss it. :-[
So this past Friday marked week 27 of pregnancy and according to one book, What to Expect When Your Expecting, this is the last week of the 2nd trimester. Yet another of my book says week 27 starts the 3rd trimester. Either way I can't believe we are in the final trimester!!
Lil Pea has become so strong. She makes my whole belly move when she is active. I showed Chris the other night and said she is playing the drums. One side of my belly will pop out and then the other. Jam session! lol I love poking back at her to see if she is in the mood to play and kick back.

27 weeks also means only 3 more weeks until we get to see her again during our 3/4D ultrasound!! They say the best time to get these done is between 28-32 weeks before baby get's too big. I have to friends who went at 30 weeks and said it was perfect.
I am
sooooooo excited for this. We haven't seen her in 3D since she was 7 weeks old @ the RE's office. And then it was too early to really see anything. I am so excited to see her lil nose and lips.

This week we also have an appointment Thursday evening for the Hospital orientation. It was the only class we could make that Chris wasn't on shift until the end of March. By then I would be over 32 weeks and we wanted to make sure we did this class before then. Just in case.

I really hope for my next post I can tell you all I am feeling great and have finally ridden myself of this plague! ;-} For now I will continue my
meds, breathing treatments and saline nasal spray and hope for NO MORE SICK DAYS during this pregnancy. I mean seriously, twice in one pregnancy is enough!


  1. sorry you are sick! i have been ill as well, and contracted pink eye from one of my students so i didn't have to work friday! anyway, the cough lingers on and my throat is still a little sore. i may have to go back to the doctors. ugh!

    wow, time is moving quickly and i'm so excited for you and chris!

    i remember when....
    i sat on the floor at your grandma's (aunt jo's) house and played with you
    hanging out at your pool with you and your mom
    birthdays at your house
    you playing with nicholas

    Mary Pipitone

  2. Awwww you poor thing that sucks! I hate taking meds too but about once a week I get a migraine so Tylenol has been my savior lol. They are starting to die down though thank god! So she is moving a lot? That's soooo amazing! I can't wait! I hope you feel better soon!

  3. sorry to hear you've been so sick!! ;( but WOW 27 WEEKS Nicole! that is definitely something to celebrate!! hugs!

  4. I hope you start to feel better soon! I'm glad you did go to the doctor.

    I can't wait to see those 30 week pictures!!!

  5. Hi Nicole: Read your long email and sorry you have been so ill...Hopefully you will start to feel better real soon. So lil pea is playing drums..HaHa. cannot wait to see her...take you, Grandma