Friday, January 15, 2010

WOW! Somebody push pause!

The last week or two things seem to be happening really fast! It might also feel this way because of my new busy schedule. I also think that now that the holiday's are over I am realizing we have a little over 3 months until we bring our little girl home!!! So of course now I am frantically trying to make sure everything will be done. You know me. ;-)

Monday was our 2nd Bradley class and I am really enjoying it. We also watched our first of many natural child birthing videos. This one was a home birth. Mind you the lady was not screaming. Bradley is big on focusing on relaxation and my teacher said you will usually never see one of these women screaming like in the movies. BUT as this women was pushing the shoulders got a little "stuck" and she did say a few times, Get it out!! in a firm voice. YIKES!! lol
But then when the baby finally literally popped out after the shoulders were free they placed the baby on Mommy's belly and I cried. Chris thought it was nice how emotional I got. He loves the emotional part of my pregnancy as I am usually not at all a crier. Well I'm just not sure if I was crying from the thought of that being me seeing this little perfect human we finally created for the first time. Or from watching the labor! lol
I think it was a little of both. Childbirth is just such an extraordinary experience. They let the baby try to latch on as the lady still needed to birth the placenta. This often helps. Also they really like the immediate skin to skin contact after childbirth. This is one of the questions I will be asking our hospital. Some will let you hold the baby for a bit while trying to birth the placenta before they take the baby to be checked out, washed, ect..

Tuesday I had my 3rd prenatal yoga class and I still love my weekly yoga sessions. I would highly recommend prenatal yoga to any pregnant women. I love it and also my friends Lauren & Katrina who took it while they were pregnant loved their classes. Such a nice treat for yourself every week and really gets you ready for birth in mind, body and spirit. I had only taken one yoga class before but this class is totally different to me.

Yesterday we had two doctor appointments. I had my monthly check up in the morning with my OB. Everything is still looking great. Weight gain is now 13 pounds and I feel this new gain every day on myself. I did have a tiny frame. lol And the thought of another 10-15 pounds makes me realize how truly uncomfortable I will soon be. Normal weight gain for someone that was of normal weight pre-pregnancy is around 25-35 pounds. Unless you were over weight before, then it is less. Or vice verse. That seems like a lot more to carry around! lol
My doctor also told me to call the hospital and schedule our orientation soon. So we will do that. There is also a breastfeeding class that MHW offers we might take. There is some breastfeeding discussed in one of our 7 Bradley classes so we will see if I still feel the need to take this other class. I also have a great book I need to start reading soon that was referred by a few friends. It's Breastfeeding book written by Dr. Sears. I have been a bit overwhelmed with all these book I'm supposed to be reading in the little time I have left! But I realize whatever I can get to will be fine.
After work we had an appointment to meet with a Pediatrician that was referred to us by a few friends. His office is in Plantation very close to our house. He was very nice and pretty much covered all our questions before I even was able to ask them. I think we are going to meet with one more doctor but so far we really like him and his office seemed nice. My friend Lauren made a good point, though. They ended up only meeting one doctor before their baby was born. (which happens to be the Dr. we just met) They liked him and decided until they actually brought their child in to see him they wouldn't really know if they liked how he is with their baby or how is office really is. But 3 months later they are still happy with him, so we will see.

Yesterday I also received a phone call that Lil Pea's furniture came in early!!! It wasn't supposed to be in until the end of the month at the earliest. Chris and my Dad are going to get it today and set it up. Of course I can't WAIT to get home to see it. I am also happy because now I can start decorating her room. We were waiting on her furniture to get here before we decide were we will put the little picket fence, a tree we are going to either have my friend paint or buy a vinyl decal I found online, her window/mirror along with several other things. Needless to say I am glad we can start this all now with the furniture arriving.

I have also been feeling baby girl kick and move all the time now. I also find myself talking to her more and more. At first it felt weird but now I like the bond we are making. Even if she can't understand me. I read in one of my emails that sometime's around 25 weeks if Daddy puts his ear to your stomach he can hear the baby's heartbeat. So last night Chris tried with no luck. He did find it amusing that both times he tried Lil Pea kicked him in the face. She was saying, Watch out Dad! I'm coming soon!!

This weekend will also be a busy one. On Saturday I am going to a Mommy and Me class with my friend Lauren and her 3 month old son Carson. It's at Nova southeastern in Davie. I would really like to do this class with Lil Pea once she is here so Lauren invited me along so I can check it out. She love's the class and so does Carson.
Then on Sunday my Mom and the Aunts to be are coming over so we can start working on stuff for our Baby shower. I am excited about this. And we will order some pizza. Yummy. My SIL will be bringing my 2 year old niece and 2 month old nephew and Lauren will be bringing Carson. So we told Chris he can watch them all and get some practice. I think he might wake up that morning with a sudden high fever! lol

So that is my busy week. Next week we have Bradley class again on Monday and then I have yoga Tuesday. And then I hope to have the rest of the week open so I can go for my evening walks that I have so badly wanted to start doing again. They also recommend this in Bradley class. Walking is great preperation for childbirth.
Hope everyone has a great weekend. I will be sure to post pics of her furniture very soon!!


  1. Great post...lots of info. So things are flying huh? It was the polar opposite for me because of the bed rest :( which stinks because I wasn't able to enjoy everything like I would have liked.

    Anyway... At the hospital for me anyway, there was no screaming. As long as there isn't a ton of people in your room trying to hover over and comfort you - I think you will find it easy to stay calm and relaxed (aside from the contraction part). My room was surprisingly quiet and calm. It was just me, Ry, my midwife, and the nurse - looking back it was amazing. The baby's nurse didn't come until 5 minutes before Lily came out. As soon as she came out they let me hold her. The clean up process happened right next to me along with the measurements ect.. She never left my side. As soon as they weighed her and wrapped her I tried breastfeeding for almost 1/2hr while I delivered the placenta and they stitched me up ;(. When it was time for me to move to my room they took her for a bath and I got a little cleaned up. She was gone for probably 10mins. I think at MHW everything is done in the same room though.

    Keep up with the yoga and exercise. IT WILL HELP A LOT with the labor, delivery, and postpartum. My midwife always told me stretching daily will help as you approach the DD. My hips felt like they were going to pop out of place but I think that's because Lily sat SOOOO low. Either way you will recover faster and be back to your normal self quicker. Lily is not even 6mos and I am back in every peice of clothing from before I got prego. I think it took me 4mos.

    Ryan tried to hear the HB with his ear too and had no luck. Its so funny to watch the boy's faces.

    I can't wait to see the pics of the room! I know how excited you must be. This part is fun!!!
    Sara Coyle

  2. You are busy!!!
    I'm leaving work early today just so I can take my walk. I've really missed them. I have to keep telling myself that I have to take it slow and walk a shorter distance now, though! Have fun decorating!! Take pictures!

  3. Wow you are busy!! I am trying to find out if we have any pregnancy yoga classes around where I live. I have heard so many great things about them. Can't wait to see a pic of the nursery once the furniture is in!!!

  4. I agree with Sara....keep the people in the room to only the important people. With Hayden it was a 3 ring circus in my room, but I had the epidural so it did not matter, plus I was in labor so long that I was just excited it was coming to an end! With Cody It was just my nurse, my Dr, Bruce (for a 1/2 of second lol) and my mom, and I can tell you that if one other person would have come in the room I probably would hav e freaked out! With Cody I wa in a lot of pain (since the epidural did not take) and I managed not to scream, probably cause I was so concentrated on pushing! When you reach the point of really wanted to push the pain seems to be bearable for some reason.

    They let me hold Cody until I delivered the afterbirth and while the Dr stitched me up (about 30 minutes) I tried to get him to latch on then, but he did not so I just enjoyed him. All of the clean up and stuff and measurements and things happened right in the room with me. They did not take him until they were trying to find me a room, then they had to take him for his real bath! Same thing with Hayden too. I think most hosiptals do it that way now..not sure.

    Glad everyhting is going good. Can't wait til Sunday......Cody is only a month and a half btw! Don't make him grow up so fast already!!

  5. glad you are enjoying your pregnancy now! i never felt like things were going fast. quite the opposite because i was so miserable. we hope you continue to feel well and enjoy every second! can't wait to see the nursery pics!!! you still should take the breastfeeding class at the hospital, you can never have too much info and becoming friends with the lactation nurse who will help you in the hospital is important. you will need all the help and support you can get! (i will be here for you!) most hospitals let you have the baby right away unless it is necessary for medical intervention. they should do all the weight,measurements, vk inj, eye ointment bath all in your room. try to rest you wont be able to for many many years to come!!