Friday, January 22, 2010

26 wks & A different kind of survey

*New pics also added to Baby Girls bedroom album which you can find when you click on Nicole & Chris's Albums on blog*

Q/ Less than halfway to go! How have you liked being pregnant?

A/Well the first 16 weeks weren't as good as some women I know have had it. Unfortunately I had nausea 24 hours a day. But for me it was like my security blanket for knowing Lil Pea was still growing strong, so I would have to say the nausea part is really not bad for women who have suffered early losses. Also I only actually got sick twice and have two friends who had it A LOT worse so I count my blessings.
Now everything to me just seems so amazing, especially feeling her kicks & movements every day. Things have changed as we get closer & closer. I feel like time is flying by now and I need every second! There's just so much to do before the baby comes. And we can't wait to meet her!

Q/Has there been anything that really surprises you??

A/ The changes your body goes through. It's scary and amazing at the same time! The whole experience is just incredible. I really just still can't wrap my head around it, that there is a tiny baby living and growing inside me.
Also the heavy responsibility's you feel before the baby is even here. Like whether to get the swine flu vaccine. Working in the health care field I got mine right away. Is anything safe even when they say it is approved?? Some things still even say to avoid Tylenol yet your Dr. tells you it's fine. Can I eat that Laspadas Sub or will I really get listeriosis?? She really seems to want one! ;-) All these decisions before she is even here! I'm already beginning to truly realize that is what being a parent is, never again waking up without worrying about something.

Q/What have you been doing for exercise during your pregnancy?

A/Honestly not as much as I thought I would. I always said when I got pregnant I would still work out 4-5 days a week. Well that was before 24 hour nausea came knocking on my door! During those 16 weeks I would go for occasional walks. I also did a few pregnancy workout DVD's. I did start last month going to yoga every Tuesday. I love it! Also hit the gym for the first time in forever this week. Just to do the elliptical and catch up on some baby magazine reading. I have been trying to walk and do little things here and there as much as I have time for now.

Q/And how do you plan to get back into shape afterward?

A/I have definitely already thought of this. But realize after my plan didn't work so well during pregnancy we will see what motherhood allows. Plus, since unfortunately I will not be able to be a stay at home Mom, I want to spend as much time as I can with her when I'm not at work. I can't wait to put her in a jogger and go up to the park for an hour of walking! And Mommy and Me classes, can't wait for that either!

Q/Let's talk about food: Have you had any strange cravings or aversions?

A/Aversions?? In the beginning with the nausea there were A LOT! Now things haven't been as bad. I still have horrible indigestion that I have had since 10 weeks so I do try to avoid a lot of certain foods that make this worse. As far as cravings I honestly really haven't had any. Does chocolate milk count? Ever since I became pregnant I have to have my cup of chocolate milk a day. Literally. I always liked milk, but just plain milk. Now it has to be some chocolate milk also. And of course the subs that I try to avoid but have caved and had a few.

Q/Is having children something you always wanted?

A/No. When I was younger I used to think I might never want children. I wasn't one of those girls that grew up with her whole wedding planned and names picked out. Which is probably why she still doesn't have a name. ;-)
Once I met Chris and we got married we knew we wanted at least one child. And then after everything we had to go through the past year to be here with a little 2 pound baby growing in my belly, it's just everything I realized I ever wanted.

Q/What kind of Mom do you think you are going to be?

A/Such a serious question. lol One thing I know for sure, she is going to be SO loved this little girl. By her Mommy and Daddy. Chris and I are as ready as we can be. Parenting is quite a job. Your handed this perfect little baby and your job is to keep her safe and raise her to be the best person she can! So yes I'd like to think I will be a good Mom.

Q/Do you have a birth plan?

A/My goal is to go as natural as possible. The Bradley classes we are taking now I am hoping will really help make this possible. But I am also very realistic. I have several friends and family who have recently had children. Advice I have been given and realize is to have a plan, then be prepared to let it all go. Every women's body and every baby and childbirth will never be the same. So we are open to playing it by ear.

Q/Will you breastfeed?

A/Yes. It has never crossed my mind not to at least try. I have read and heard from other mothers what a great bonding experience it is, as well as being something so great that you are giving your baby. I also have read and heard from several mothers how truly hard it can be in the beginning and how much of a life style change it can be.
It is a very individual decision, but for me I'm convinced to give it my all.

Q/What about going back to work?

A/Ahhh!! Thinking about this already gives me anxiety and she is not even here. But unfortunately I do have to go back to work. At 6 weeks. I am lucky enough that I will be able to take her to work with me for at least the first 6 months on Thursdays and Fridays. So I guess that is kind of like going back part time for a while. I hope those stay at home Mommy's realize how lucky they are! I would love to do the Yoga with baby class along with several others but unfortunately can't as those classes are during the work week. I am glad to learn from a friend that there is a Mommy and Me class on Saturdays at a place right near our house!

Nothing else new really. We do have some exciting stuff coming up, though! We scheduled a date to have our Maternity pics taken. February 28th! Now I need to find something to wear! We are going to a park to take them. Also next month is my 30th B-day!! Yikes!! We are just gonna have a few people over the house for some pizza and beer. Well, no beer for me but I surely will have some pizza! :-)
Also since I am now 26 weeks we are going to schedule to have our 3/4D pics taken soon of baby girl. I have been told by a couple ultrasound techs that the best time is between 28 wks and 32 wks before baby gets too big and squished to get good pics. So we will probably have that done the end of February too. Such an exciting month coming up, I can't wait. Also our shower is just around the corner. March 6th. So exciting!!!
**Don't forget to check out new pics of her room. It's really coming along just how I wanted it too! I hope she loves it cause we do!**


  1. Love the belly, love the survey, ad love the babies room!! The furniture looks great!!

  2. and your wedding anniversary is coming up!! so much going on for you, very exciting! i did my 3/4d at 32 weeks and no luck :( so dont wait too long.

  3. you look beautiful!! and I can't wait to see the pics of your 3d/4d US and your maternity shoot.....I loved my 3d/4d and can't wait to see my maternity photos....but won't see them until our newborn shot is done....soon :)

  4. What a nice different survey! I love love love the pics of the nursery!!! The fan is by far my favorite. Did you decide on the tree color yet? I think brown would go great!! It would help the furniture and the fan pop a little. So happy things are going great!!

  5. love your pic - you have that 'glow' about you! And i love the nursery pics too - what a great job your hubby did with everything - i agree with dawn - brown tree all the way! :)