Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Catching up

Well seeing that I am over 2 weeks late of an 11 month post, I am just labeling this one as a "Catch up" post.  I have been dreading doing this post, but have told myself I must! Seeing as Kailyn's baby book is now a long lost cause (empty after month 2), I told myself I must keep up with her blog.  Especially as I am always asking my dear fried when she did this or that with her son? And her response is always, I'm not sure read my blog. I am finding myself already doing the same thing as the first few months are more vague now.  Plus I loved reading my baby book my Mom recently gave me, so of course I hope Kailyn enjoys hers one day too.
So now, on to trying to remember all the many important things the last month and a half.  And in your child's life of course almost everything is important that they do! I'll start with the basics. Sleep is still good. With the exception of a cold or teeth really bothering her, her sleep is still from about 8pm-7am.  And I always stress ABOUT, as we too have those nights were she will be up 3-4 times during the night. Let's face it people, babies don't come programmed with 10 hours of sleep every night of every week! In our dream world...yes, maybe.

Well I obviously never finished this post as Kailyn is now our ONE year old daughter!!! One year and 2 1/2 weeks to be precise. lol  So I am going to try to finally finish my first post in 2 1/2 months. First, here are Kailyn's stats as of her one year check up.
Playing on her B-day with her new "water park" from Uncle B & Aunt Mel
Height: 29 1/2
Weight: 20lbs 14 oz
Sleep: 8pm, usually sleeping until about 7am
Teeth: 12- we now have added four molars to her other teeth
Food: EVERYTHING! This little girl is a very good eater. Everyone that goes to eat with us can't believe how much this little girl can stuff in that tiny belly! No more formula. She is now just having a little whole milk in the morning with breakfast and a bottle (still haven't taken the night bottle from her) She really wasn't drinking much formula the last two months. And the last few weeks before she turned one we took away the bottle (except night one) so she really wasn't drinking during the day as she hates milk out of a sippy. She drinks her water or juice from one with NO problem. Has a variety of cups and has never been picky about using certain ones. Just doesn't care for her milk in them. At at her one year check up I asked her Dr about this. He asked if she eats yogurt or cheese, I said every day. He said that is plenty of dairy. Not to worry. So our next challenge is to take away her last night time bottle. :-(

The past two months has brought so many firsts for Kailyn. We had our first trip to Disney the first week of April. I was in a very good friend's wedding which was held in Orlando. My Mom came with us so she could help out with Kailyn, as I was in the wedding party. We stayed the weekend at the resort for the wedding and then headed over to Disney area Sunday. My brother and SIL with my niece and nephew were already waiting for us at a town house we had rented. They had arrived the day before. We really weren't sure how Kailyn would like the parks, as she was just turning 11 months that weekend and some people (you know, the one's that like to give their opinions w/out being asked) said she may be too young.  Well she shocked Mommy and Daddy how much she truly enjoyed the parks! She may not remember it, but at the present time she had a blast and that's all that matters to me.  She LOVED the characters, which shocked me also.  She hated Santa when she was 6 months, so I wasn't sure about her liking them. She even had a little tantrum a few times when we had to say goodbye to them. She especially liked Rafiki, the monkey character at Animal Kingdom. We went to Animal Kingdom one day also, along with Epcot and downtown Disney. We headed home on Wednesday, and by then everyone was ready! I felt like I needed another day vacation to sleep! lol
While we were on vacation Kailyn also started taking steps for my Mom! She was just turning 11 months that weekend we were there.  She didn't become a full fledged walker until about 2 weeks later, but she would take 4-6 steps at a time. I couldn't believe it, I thought for some reason she would definitely not be walking until after her 1st B-day.  Well by her 1st  b-day she was definitely walking. And now 2 weeks later she is already trying to run!! I love the frankenstein walk of babies. It is so cute. And unlike what others have said, so far I like the walking SO much better than crawling. I know, I know. Wait until she is running, but whatever! It was just creeping me out.  I'm a sanitary type of girl, so the crawling all over floors thing was getting to me.  Especially when she would then stick her pacifier (her two middle fingers) in her mouth!! I couldn't follow her around with a wipe all day!! I actually was pretty laid back in Disney. I didn't even wipe the rides down when we went on them. ;-) Just too much going on to worry about that. We also used to be kinda strict......well I shouldn't say strict, we just had only fed her healthy organic food up until our trip to Orlando.  At that point she was pretty much eating all solid foods.  Wanted NOTHING to do with purees anymore. Well I couldn't very well pack my fridge with us on this trip.  So I got to thinking that we may have to give her *gasp* fast food! Ok stop laughing some of you. Well we did and I'm glad to say she survived just fine. ;-) She had chicken nuggets and sandwiches and burgers. She did get a little constipated on the trip. I think because we always included a course of veggies for her daily meals, and while we were away she didn't get very much. Now a days Mommy is much more relaxed about what we feed her. I still give her lots of fruits and veggies. But occasionally we will have pizza or Taco Tuesday @ Tijuana. :-)
*You can check out a ton of pics from our trip by clicking this link ORLANDO TRIP. These pics are on my facebook as it is too much to keep putting all my pics on Picasa also. Just request me as a friend if you want to see them and we aren't already friends on FB*

Kailyn also had her first Easter last month. The day before Easter we went to Robins Lodge where we met my friends and their kids (Kailyn's friends ;-)), Josie and Mason. They had an Easter egg hunt, the Easter bunny, petting zoo and a few other things.
In petting zoo w/her friend Josie
Josie, Kailyn and Mason @ Robins Lodge

On Easter day we went to my brothers house for a little while during the day and then we went to Grammy's (chris's mom) house for dinner. It was a nice relaxing day. The weekend before Easter I also had some pics taken of Kailyn with a photographer I knew through a friend. She also just did our family and Kailyn's one year pics. Along with a few of my other friends and their children, she individually took pics of each child w/a real bunny and chic she had with her. Here are a few.
*Check out her 11 month album top left of blog to see more Easter pics*

Kailyn also went and had her very first haircut last month. We went the weekend after we got back from our trip. I had trimmed her hair twice before, but I don't do the best job and her hair was all in her eyes, ect.. So we took her for her first professional haircut at a child's salon. She HATED it! lol Screamed, cried the whole time. They gave me a piece of her hair, a certificate and also took an 8x10 photo of her. I thought for $20 that was a pretty good deal.
You can see many more pics of her screaming her head off during her first haircut by checking out her photos in her 11 month album on top left of blog.
Kailyn's 1st B-day came in went in what feels like the blink of an eye. Of course Mommy went over board once I started planning her very 1st party a few months ago. I spent a lot of time and put a ton of love into her party.  With the help of her Aunt Olivia her decorations I made came out great in my opinion. I know I went a little over what I had planned, said I wasn't gonna go too crazy but of course I did! Anyone that knows me, knows I love to throw a party. And this was the most special one of all. My little girl's. The child I cried over many nights before she was ever even conceived. I couldn't help but try to make it the best. And again those people that like to give their opinions will say, but she will never even remember it. She won't, BUT she had a wonderful time AND thanks to her Auntie L's she has a gazillion pics to look at one day. These will definitely show her what a great party she had and how she was loved so much by so many. :*)
Ok before the flood gates open enough of that! Her party turned out great, the weather cleared up just in time. The kids had a blast and all the Moms told me later how the kiddos passed out once they got home. This was thanks to my brother for lending me his awesome inflatable water bounce house/slide. The kids loved it, along with two other pools we had for the littler ones. We had pizza and wings and some other goodies.  You can check out all her many birthday pictures by clicking the album here
Kailyns 1st B-day
and more pics my friend Lauren took in her album here


For Kailyn's actual Birthday we both had the day off. We started the morning by finally giving Kailyn her Chica doll I had made. Chica is a bird from Sprout TV that Kailyn has loved since she was 5 months old. She doesn't really watch TV for more than a minute or two, but when this bird come's on with it's little squeeking noise Kailyn will stop what she is doing to waive hi. Here is a quick video from that morning.
After that we went to breakfast at the Original Pancake House. Then we took Kailyn for her first visit to Toys R Us! We got her a few things with GC's she had from her party.
At Toys R Us. Of course she liked all the big kid toys.  Mommy told her maybe next year! lol

After that we went home for her nap. When she woke up we took her outside and set up her new "water park" play thing her Uncle Bruce & Aunt Mel got her for her B-day. She loved it! Later we had some of the immediate family over for dinner and cupcakes. It was a nice day. You can click the link below to see pics from her Birthday.
Kailyn's 1st Birthday
This Mother's day was much different than my very first Mother's day last year. I was recovering from a C-section, extremely swollen from fluid retention, had just developed a seroma on my incision area, had bloody boobies from breastfeeding a newborn that was tongue tied & feeling nauseated every time she was ready to feed again from the thought of the pain to come, living off of 2-3 hours sleep at a time from our strictly breastfeeding schedule and just basically trying to understand what was so "beautiful" about child birth. The lactation lady my Mom got me for Mother's day last year was the best part of that day for me. This year was MUCH different. I was able to spend a wonderful relaxing day with the most amazing daughter I could have ever wished for. Chris, Kailyn and I started the day off at the beach. It was beautiful out. We stayed there until her nap time. She didn't want to nap at the beach so we headed home. Later that day we went by my Mom's house for some BBQ dinner. It was a quite and relaxing day, I couldn't have asked for more. I was also surprised with my very first Mothers Day gift from Kailyn (& Daddy). A beautiful ring with my birthstone in it. I already have the pea pod necklace we had made when Kailyn was born with her birthstone, so Daddy and Kailyn thought I might like something with my own stone this time. They did SUCH a great job and I was very surprised.
Mothers Day 511

A few other things that have happened in Kailyn's life the past few months that Mommy can still remember. ;-) She is now down to one nap a day. This started a few weeks before her 1st Birthday and I have her sitter to thank for that. I like the 1 1/2 (sometimes even two!) hour nap much better than the 2-3 half hour catnaps she used to take.
She is now just having a nighttime bottle as I mentioned above. A habit we have to break still. :-( Mommy just love's rocking her to sleep. I have been giving her the bottle now while she watches TV and then rock her a little to sleep after. We will see how that goes. She has all four molars now. And update as of today I now see a canine tooth on the bottom about to break through.
Talks, talks, talks. She babbles constantly. I was like this too from what my Mom says. Chris says his ears are bleeding some days he watches her! lol Here is a video from last month of her babbling away & the one below it is Kailyn on her Birthday playing outside. I'm sure as usual there are many little things she has done the past few months that I already cannot remember. Just enjoying each day with our now "toddler" Kailyn.♥ Still can't believe the baby days have already come and gone....... :*\


  1. Great post! LOL at the not wiping down the disney rides! Can't belive she is one!!!♥

  2. It is utterly amazing how fast they grow up. I cannot believe she is already 1. But, now the real fun begins. Don't rush anything (even the bottle at night). Things will happen as they need to.

  3. I tried to leave a previous comment, but is disappeared...not sure what happened.

    Anyhow, it is unreal how fast they grow up. I cannot believe she is already 1. But, now the real fun begins. Don't rush any of it (not even the bottle). Things will always fall into place. =)

  4. Happy 1st Birthday Kailyn! I absolutely can't believe how fast the time has gone. Those easter pictures are too much. I can't believe you got some with live animals!! Adelyn would have had them in her mouth in no time!! LOL. The amount of teeth she has is also astounding. We just our first tooth yesterday @ 10 months 2 weeks! Oh & happy belated Mother's Day!! Beautiful ring.

  5. AHHHHH! Happy 1st Birthday Kailyn!!! Wow that was a monster post hahaha - guess when you haven't posted for so long there is so much to catch up on! Love it!! She is such a bright and happy little girl - it's amazing at how big she's gotten and that she is standing. God is so great! You look great!!!

  6. omg I just saw the video of her walking!!!! Awesome - good job K!!!