Friday, March 4, 2011

Ears are clear!! But here's your problem.....

Last week Chris took Kailyn to the Doctor yet again. She had finished her meds Tuesday of last week for the double ear infection she had. Then suddenly Wednesday we noticed her pulling at her ear again. Great, we thought! Medicine didn't work for her. :o(
We weren't sure so we decided to make an appointment Thursday after Chris was done teaching. Doctor started his exam, looked in both ears and was happy to see all was clear. No infection, no more fluid. :-)) Then he examines the rest of her. Looks in her mouth and says, well this here is probably your problem. Point's in her mouth to a molar about to pop out!! Just shy of 10 months old and our baby girl was already getting her first molar! He said they hurt like heck and make many babies very uncomfortable. Told us we can give her some Tylenol when she seems in pain. And boy that night was she. The next few nights were not her best. But she was a trooper. Only gave her Tylenol twice.  The last few day's she on and off act's like her teeth are really bothering her.  I tried looking in her mouth a few time's but she really doesn't like it and I just couldn't see if any molars had totally cut through yet.  I felt around and couldn't really feel anything.  So I decided to just wait and let the Dr look and see at her 10 month visit.  Which was today.  Here are the stats for our baby girl that just seems to be growing up WAY too fast for Mommy.
LOVES her scrambled eggs w/cheese!
Height: 27 3/4
Weight: 19lbs 6 oz
Sleep: 8pm, usually sleeping until about 7am
Teeth: 8 - Both bottom central incisors and both top central and lateral incisors AND now a bottom left molar just about to cut through, right bottom not far behind
Food: Some of what we eat, Yummy in my Tummy Stage 3 and meals and Earth's Best meals. Favorites are scrambled eggs w/cheese and also loves her meats! Chicken, lean beef, ground or regular turkey.  She has not wanted her fruits as much this month but still loves her peaches.

She is now on all formula. Similac organic, but getting ready to switch to the regular as it seems the organic may be getting ready to be discontinued.  We have been looking everywhere for it!  She also still drinks just the liquid. (refused powder when we were weaning off BM) We may try powder again, but with less than two months left it really doesn't matter.
Waiting @ the Dr's for what we thought might just be a tooth ache. Ended up being another (double this time) ear infection. :-(

@ the doctor again (meds caused rash)
Fix my ears, fix my ears!
With a now active & mobile baby, this month has been very busy.  Also busy with many trips to the Doctor. Four visits in one month. :-(  First time we thought her teeth were just bothering her until she started with a fever.  Went to the Doctor to find out she had yet another ear infection.  A double this time.  Glad we went because that night she had a fever of 101.9, her highest temp since she was born.  We started the Augmentin that day, which was the reason for our next visit.  Thought I noticed a small rash under her PJs a few mornings later.  Chris said it was probably just her new PJs bothered her skin.  Well next day (wednesday) when I had off with her I gave her her morning dose of medicine and off to our class @ Nova we went.  In class I discovered a now VERY noticeable rash had formed all over her back, chest, neck and other areas.  Called the Doctor and went in for another visit.  Ears looked much better, so the meds were working, but they still has some fluid so they gave us a new script for another med (Omnicef) which she had been on before.  Took this medicine for one more week.  Finished that medicine and then she starts pulling on right ear again!!  So to be on the safe side took her again to the Doctor.  And this is when we discovered beautiful infection free ears and a bottom molar starting to pop out!  And then we had our 4th visit today.  A well visit this time, just for her 10 month check up.  Visit went great.  Tested her urine for a few things.  All was good.  Gave her one shot, her final Hep B.  By now Kailyn is NO longer a fan of the doctors office.  She used to just love to sit on the table and play with the fun "paper".  Now she wants nothing to do with anything in the place.  Poor thing.  Mommy was the same way growing up, as I was in and out of the hospital and doctors office often my first year.  We saw our favorite Dr. today. We mentioned how Daddy took her last week, thinking her ears were infected again.  He said he read that & that they were clear. Also said that the other doctor may have seen possible molars coming in. He says, she is kinda young for that.  They usually don't start coming in until after one year. (almost like he thought the other doctor may have just seen some swelling) Then he starts the exam, Kailyn screaming the whole time until she is beat red. He looks in her mouth. Sounding a little surprised he says, yes indeed.  Her left bottom molar is very close to cutting. Said it can still take another week, possibly two, as the molars are bigger and take longer to cut than the rest. Great! He also noticed the bottom right side was swollen, so this one may follow shortly after. So now Kailyn says, bring on the steak! lol
Celebrating Mommy's B-day
This month we had a few firsts.  Kailyn's 1st time celebrating Mommy's birthday with her. We had a few people over the house for dinner and to also celebrate Daddy's new promotion to Captain at work.  This was the same day we took her to the Dr and found out she had the double ear infection.  Needless to say she was pretty miserable that day.  I felt so bad for her that weekend.  She just wanted to be held and snuggled.  You could tell she just felt horrible. The pic below was when I put her down for a few minutes just to wash her bottles.  Daddy was on shift and she wanted to be held every second of the day.  When I put her down she whined and layed herself on the floor like that until I picked her back up.  Poor baby.  And this was shortly after an hour nap.
Kailyn also had her first Valentine's day.  I was at work and she spent the day with Daddy.  I did take a few pics of her at the park a week before to send out to some family and close friends.  Here are two favs.
I also took Kailyn to her first Renaissance Festival with my brother, SIL and her two cousins.  Turned out to be an extremely hot day for mid February.  So much that when we got home I got our her Elmo sprinkler to finally use.  You can check out some pics in her 9 month album of her playing in the water. 
We also went to the Orange Blossom with her last weekend.  Mommy & Daddy wanted some funnel cake and I also wanted to take her to the petting zoo.  She was not so sure about the animals at first, but then she wanted to pet the baby cow.
As far as milestone's, still just crawling.  She has mastered standing and also cruising with her walkers, toys or using furniture. She also likes to stand up and then let go for a few seconds. She is so cute, such a little show off! We also go to the park several time's during the week after work.  She loves to go on the swings and slides.
Do you think she is having fun?!? ;-)
Kailyn has become very fond of her days spent at Miss Pam's.  She just loves playing with all her friends there. Especially a little boy Brayden that is about the same age as her. It is absolutely adorable to watch. When I get there with Kailyn, Brayden speed crawls over to her.  Then they sit there and smile, babble and touch each others hands.♥ Miss Pam says how they play extremely well for being so young.  So funny how she had such a hard time adjusting to daycare when she first started.  Now when we come to pick her up, she pulls away from us to put her back down!! She doesn't want to leave! She even whines sometimes.  Hurt my feelings at first, but now I'm ok with it.  I have just been so used to her being such a Mommy's girl. She really is growing up too fast. And as her 1st B-day is approaching oh so fast, I find myself having anxiety when I think about it.  No lie. As much as I am enjoying each new milestone, I just wish I could slightly pause things a bit. Also her growing independence from Mommy is something I am having a hard time getting used to. She now will occasionally pick Daddy or Nana over me. I was just so used to....well....being number one to her I guess you could say. Now that's not always the case. I know this is just part of her growing up, but I guess because it is also happening after I just stopped nursing her, I some how feel like she is punishing me.  I know....I sound stupid, as Chris likes to tell me.
Well that about sums up what I can remember of this past month. As usual you can check out more pics in her album on left side of blog.
Sadly this past Friday we also lost a great man.  Kailyn's Great Papa, Chris's grandfather. He will be greatly missed by many. :*(


  1. I am always so shocked at how big she is!! I can't believe she is getting her molars!! Addy is going to be 8 months on the 10th & still doesn't have one tooth! Although I think she may be teething now. She has her 5th cold in 5 months too...ugh. Can't wait for spring.

    I'm glad she is doing so well with other people, but I can understand you missing be her center of everything. She is really such a cutie & look at all that hair she is getting!

    I hope she feels better soon & those teeth come through. I am also sorry for your loss.

  2. So will steak be served at her 1st B-day?! Ha! Still can't believe 10 months old- does it make you want another one yet?! Ha!

  3. She is so darn adorable - I love those pics with her polka dots! I can't believe she's already getting her molars! Baby Girl is just growing up too fast! ;)