Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Swim lessons, 1st shiner and more teeth!

We recently signed Kailyn up for swim/survival lessons. I was hesitant at first, but after watching her the past 4 weeks (she goes 2x a week) I now wonder why any parent would not have their child in some sort of swim class. She really is doing great. I was amazed how she was already reaching for the wall after just two lessons. And she no longer swallows water when she goes under. This will be our last week for her private lessons, then in two more weeks we are going to do a parent/child swim class for 2 weeks, 3x a week. Then depending how things are, and also depending on money as the private lessons are great but not cheap, we may do another 5 weeks of the private lessons starting mid July.
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Kailyn learning survival/swim

1st shiner :-(
Kailyn is now full throttle and all over the place....which has resulted in her 1st shiner. :-( Daddy was giving her a bath and she wanted to stand up, which is her new thing ALL the time! She was trying to stand up and down she went, her left cheek bone hitting the tub. This = immediate shiner. She really didn't cry that much. She is a pretty tough cookie. Then after that came a bruise/bump on her forehead @ the sitters, followed a few days later by a bloody lip! She is reckless and ruthless! lol She actually really isn't that bad, she is just trying to add speed to her walking and it's taking some getting used to.....with some bumps and bruises along the way!
Hanging out with her best bud ♥
Kailyn has now added another tooth to her mouth of many. ;-) Her top left canine. The top right is very close to cutting and the bottom two canines are not far behind. These have been REALLY hard on Kailyn. They have brought with them diaper rash, low grade fevers, a LOT of uncomfortableness and loose stools. Some of these symptoms I never even knew were related to teething until other Moms told me. I was shocked when she got this horrible diaper rash. She has pretty much never had one since she was born. I busted out the butt pastes but that didn't even help much. It was so raw looking! I was told that long ago mother's called the canine teeth the stomach teeth, because they mess with the babies stomachs by causing the loose stools and horrible rashes. Well I believe it because I have seen it for myself. Teething has never been super easy for Kailyn but these canines have been the worst by far! I would say even more so than when she got her molars.
Playing w/Bambi @ her friend Josie's Birthday party
We also had family pictures done the weekend after Kailyn turned one. Click album below to view them. If any of the family would like any please let me know and I can either print for you or send you the original without the photographers name on them.


  1. We did swimming lessons! They were so much fun. We decided to join a pool for the summer so both of us can be in the pool with W at once. We'll start up the lessons again in the fall.

    I love the shiner, too! Such a tough cutie!

  2. I wish we could do swimming lessons here! We have a YMCA around the corner but they want an arm & a leg for them! Me & my siblings did them (my dad's sis drowned as a lil girl).

    Addy (although not walking yet) is also getting all banged up. This mostly has to do with her desire to stand but inability due to her little crooked feet.

    We got our FIRST tooth & if they get worse then this I'm screwed. Adelyn is a terrible teether. She is crabby, in obvious pain, has the fevers, got the loose stools & rash & all we have is one!!!!! Aaaaaah! Hope it gets easier for Kailyn.

  3. Hi Nicole: This was great!! I love the picture of the 3 of you ..the first one on the left..I have a 4X7 frame that I would like to place the photo in..also there is one of Kailyn of her laughing..which is also very nice. Hoping she will be a great swimmer...not like me.HaHa. Take care and hope to see you all soon. Love,Grandma