Tuesday, February 8, 2011


....NO KAILYN!! This is the broken record you will hear lately around our house.  Sometimes you can repeat it 5-20 time's and you might just see a hint of recognition on her face.  Other time's nothing and it's time to head to a different area as to avoid another 30 no's repeated.  She really does NOT get bored with this game of hers! lol
It's crazy how in the past month our little "baby" girl is no longer so much baby but beginning to be more like a "toddler". *gulp*
Height and Weight:
Not sure as there is no 9 month Dr visit
Sleep: Started pushing bedtime to 8pm, usually sleeping until about 7am
Teeth: 8 - Both bottom central incisors and both top central and lateral incisors
Food: Some of what we eat, Yummy in my Tummy Stage 3, just tried some frozen Earth's Best meals.  Also tried fish and egg for the first time this month.  Seemed to like the fish and liked the scrambled egg with cheese but NOT a big fan of the hard boiled egg.
She has been taking half BM half formula for her bottles

Things have changed so much this past month.  Mommy and Daddy are always alert as our now fully mobile daughter is on the go and into......you guessed it, EVERYTHING!  As usual friends warned me this day would come sooner than later.  Not complaining, I find each new stage some days difficult and then other days fun and exciting!  Kailyn has taken her crawling to a whole new speed over the past month! lol  When she wants something (usually something she can't have) she will speed crawl over in seconds!  I really need to get a video of this before the crawling stage is over.  I am starting to adapt more to this stage but was having major anxiety at first.  Most of you that know me know I can be a bit of a freak when it comes to cleanliness.  So the fact that my daughter now crawls all over the floors everywhere we go and then sticks those same hands in her mouth.....let's just say it was really freakin me out! We now vacuum every 2-3 days (at least) so that I don't have a chihuahua (what Kailyn looks like with all the hair) crawling around.  And I have two short haired dogs! I have NO idea how we get so much hair in the house.  Kailyn has also started standing all the time the last few weeks.  Just the past week she has been taking a step here or there while holding on to something when trying to reach something else.  (again, usually something that is not hers!)  I was thinking once she was mobile it would be so nice because she could play better with all her toys and be more independent.  Yeah, well she has the independent part down! But while Mommy gets ready in the morning, instead of staying in her play room with her toys where Mommy puts her she is off on a mission.  Trying to pull out, or better yet chew on cords. Pulling out Mommy's many air freshener plug ins.  Or trying to pull herself up on every dangerous thing she can find.  Or playing on the dog beds. *gag* Pulling out DVDs.  Grabbing and shredding magazines on coffee table.  I could go on and on.  Just when you think you did such a good job baby proofing.  Yeah well you didn't! HA!
Playing on the dog bed *gag*
We are still going to our music class @ Nova together on Wednesdays.  Kailyn loves class and just LOVES playing with other babies now.  Miss Pam told Chris the other day how surprisingly well her and Braydon play together lately.  She says surprisingly because usually at there age they don't always play well together yet as they are still learning how.  Braydon is one of the little boys at her daycare.  He is 2 or 3 weeks older than Kailyn.  
Speaking of playing, that reminds me of another thing we have discovered this past month.  Someone does NOT like it when you take something she is playing with away before she is done with it! lol  I first noticed this a few weeks ago in music class when Miss Sue was collecting back the instruments they were playing with.  Kailyn started yelling and waving her arms!  I thought it was funny and just laughed at her.  She has done this several times now.  I usually just tell her to stop it and ignore her.  She only does it for a second and then she is over it.  Maybe because I ignore her? Who knows.
This past month we have been doing half formula and half BM.  I started breast feeding less and less.  Kailyn would still want more after nursing as my supply had decreased so it just didn't make since to nurse her and then give a bottle right after, as I would really have no idea how much to even give since you obviously have no idea how much they get while nursing.  I really think if I could have stayed at home with her a week or two and just nursed, I could have gotten my supply back to normal.  But this is not an option for us with my work.  So I continued to pump my measly 3 ounces every 3-4 hours at work and home.  This has been hard on the days Chris is on shift 24 hours as I need to still pump and then give her the bottle.  Usually putting her in her jumper while I pump, which she does not care for now that she is mobile.  I used to never pump on days I had off and would just nurse.  Just easier, made more since, and at the time kept my supply going.  The past few days I have just started weaning back my pumping's.  I think by the next week, two at the most, I should be done with BFing and she will be on full formula bottles.  This was a decision that to my surprise made me very sad.  Two weeks ago while rocking her to sleep with her bottle the tears started flowing down my face and just wouldn't stop.  I was remembering the many nights, pretty much every night the past 8 months, that I nursed our baby girl to sleep.  The rooting, the little faces she would make, her little hands scratching me and rubbing my arm.  It was the most peaceful beautiful thing.  Me and her. Nothing else mattering in the world.....at those moments everything was perfect.  Something I could never fully explain, but I'm sure many Mom's know exactly what I am trying to say.  I really was a little surprised by this sadness.  I decided on this.  Bring on another head cold now, I just can't wait to down some NyQuil after 18 months! lol  Or how about a night out with some drinks and coming home to crash in bed without having to pump and dump first!  But I will miss it.....  
The formula feeding is going fine.  It's very convenient and easy.  She is taking just liquid for now as both times we tried powder she was not a fan.  I think once she is on all formula we will try again.  Powder has a much stronger odor than the liquid formula.  And breast milk really has no odor unless it has gone bad.  Just like cow's milk. 
Now that we have been giving her bottle's at night this has made it a little easier on me as she now let's Daddy put her to sleep too.  So if I need to wash my hair or something after work I kiss her goodnight and Daddy gives her her bottle for bed.  It's also a nice bonding time for the two of them.  She also let's Nana give her bottle and put her to bed now too.  If you remember from previous posts Kailyn used to only let me out her to bed.  Otherwise she would just scream and cry and would not go to bed.  Now Mommy and Daddy have been able to go out twice the past month for the evening! :o)  Next goal is to try for a sleep over!  To sleep in past 7am after 9 months I imagine would be heaven! lol
Hmmm....what else.  Still babbling like crazy.  This girl can babble! lol  As many keep saying, just like her Momma!  Among her favs are Mama, dada, baba, nahnah.  She loves to make the noise with her tongue as spit goes everywhere. lol 
So many new things we discover together each day.  As usual I'm sure there are things I have left out in our daily changing lives with this beautiful little miracle of ours!!  
One of her favorite places to be! LOVES bath time!
Kailyn's future BFF Issa, my BFF Danas daughter
Those eyes make my ♥ melt
First time eating a hard boiled egg.  Hard to see but if you look closely you can see her gag reflex kicking in.

She LOVES her doggies

Riding the Choo Choo

**You can also click the picture of Kailyn top left of blog to see many new pics added to her 8 month album**


  1. She is so stinkin cute & definitely growing up! I started crying reading about you crying over the breastfeeding! Damn these hormones. You have done such a great job, what a great gift you have given Kailyn♥

  2. Hi there! That was a great email....enjoyed reading it..Kailyn is getting really big now...Thanks. Love,Grandma.

  3. So funny, I was going to do a blog spot on TROUBLE!

    My friend, the childproofing and getting into EVERYTHING only gets worse. But like you and I always say, Wouldn't trade it for a thing. :-)

    Enjoy your Wednesday. xo

  4. Look at how big she is!!! She sounds like a ball of energy! I completely understand your feelings on breastfeeding. I go back & forth all the time about stopping & when/if I am going to do it! Being as she absolutely refuses a bottle, she is currently making that decision for me. Oh how lovely a night out would be!!!

    Glad you are all doing well! She really is gorgeous!

  5. Hi there!! WOW I seriously can't believe how big she's getting! It seems like yesterday when you posted the video about your announcement to your family! I'm sure it's going to be a tough decision when the time comes to stop bf'ing - as painful as it was at first I really cherish the quiet times we have together when he's feeding...*sigh* Hope you're doing well!