Sunday, October 3, 2010

New Crib and First Vacation

I have been meaning to do a new post since our vacation last weekend but just haven't been able to find the time!  And now our baby girl is going to be 5 months old already tomorrow!  We go for her Dr appointment on Wednesday so I will update all her stats then.

Shortly after Kailyn turned 4 months old we decided it was time to try her out in her crib.  She had been sleeping in our room in her pack n play.  Of course I had a feeling this was going to be harder on Mommy than her, as many friends had told me.  And it was.  She did great!  First couple nights she woke up a little earlier than normal but by the end of the week she was perfectly fine in her crib.  And Mommy was doing much better too. ;o)  Our video monitor has been GREAT with this new sleeping arrangement and I am not sure I could have adjusted so well without it.  The first few night's I fell asleep staring at her sleeping.  She makes a lot of noises while sleeping and if it wasn't for the video monitor I would have been up and checking on her way too many times.  And probably waking her up in the process.  I am very thankful for our friends that recommended this monitor to us.  You can actually see her better on the monitor (it has night vision) than you can when you walk in to check on her in the dark.

We also went on our first vacation as a family of three last weekend!  We went to stay at Hawks Cay resort in the Keys.  They were having "Heros" special for all Firefighters, Police, Military and Nurses.  The rooms that are normally very expensive were a deal we couldn't pass up.  So we went and stayed Friday and Saturday night.  We met our friends Wes and Jamie and also my little BIL & SIL there.  It was a short vacation that ended WAY to soon!  I'll admit, I was a bit nervous about taking Kailyn with us for her first vacation and also first time sleeping away from home.  I had even tried getting my Mom to come to help out! lol  I know, I know.  But Kailyn did GREAT!! She was soooooo good! Daddy kept saying how proud of her he was.  She of course loved spending the day by the pool. She is already turning into such a water baby.
Can't get enough!
She took a few little naps under the umbrella by the pool.  Click here  to see all the pics from our trip.
Some new things this past month.
She has started holding her own bottle.
She is now a pro at rolling over both tummy to back and back to tummy.  Put her on her back and she rolls right on over!
She is starting to sit up a little better every day.  Still not on her own, but one day soon.
She loves her jumper now and can actually bounce herself up and down. 
She also loves her new exersaucer passed down to her from cousins Cody and Hayden.
She loves standing on the counter in our bathroom with Daddy talking to herself in our big mirrors and trying to walk on the counter.  This has become a nightly routine before bath.  As soon as you bring her in there she starts shrieking and babbling away.
We started using her food nets this month.  We have put cantaloupe, banana, honey dew and ice in it.  She loves it all.  I think she also just really likes it on her gums.  They have really been bothering her lately.  We figure she will have a third tooth before we know it!
We have also started putting her in the highchair when we go out to ear.  At first I think she was still too small and not able to sit up well enough.  Each week, though, she is getting better and better.  Just this morning when we went to breakfast she did great in it.
We still go for our evening walks.  She loves our walks and I am not sure what we will do in a few weeks when the time changes.  Mommy will just have to try and be ready to take our walk a little earlier.  Maybe before dinner.  7pm will definitely be too dark very soon.
We just finished our first free 6 weeks of class at Nova.  Kailyn really loves class and even smiles now when we walk in the door.  She remembers things now and even some of the songs.  Chris made me sing one of the songs to her that we learned our first class. (Everybody knows I love my toes) We learn a new song each week. Anyways as soon as I start singing this song she gets a big smile on her face because she remembers it.  She also I think is starting to know her name.  She is definitely at that age now where she is remembering things and especially people.  Next week starts the remaining 6 weeks of class which we signed up for.  We had to pay for these but it is well worth it as Kailyn really enjoys class.
This past month we were able to meet up with my BF Dana and her two girls who came down to visit.  I only wish Dana lived closer so the girls could play together more.  We also went to dinner with Aunt Olivia and Kelly for Kelly's 30th B-day.  Just us girls.  Kailyn had so much fun spending time with her Auntie Liv.
This past month we also thought Kailyn was catching her first cold. :-(  She was horribly congested.  We got out her humidifier.  Saline spray and her nose sucker had become our new best friend!  Poor baby would wake up from being SO congested! After a few days of this, however, we began to questions her runny nose.  She was acting fine.  No fever or pulling at her ears in pain.  A few friends had said their babies suffered runny noses while teething before their top teeth came in.  Her snot was always clear and we realized this new congestion may just be related to her teeth.  She is constantly putting things in her mouth to bite on.  Some days she is fine and others you can tell her gums are REALLY bothering her.  It's funny because her first three months Mylicon was our best friend.  Now teething tablets are!  A few friends recommended the Hylands Homeopathic teething tablets and they are great!  We prefer to use these but sometimes she has a really bad day so we will give her a little Tylenol which turns her into a new baby.  I feel so bad sometimes.  They say teething can be really painful for them at times.  All my friends had told me how teething is NO fun.  Well as usual they were right!  But it's part of growing up and something we don't want to miss out on as horrible as it is at times.  Things just pass by too quickly not to enjoy each moment. 
That is all I can remember for now.  I am sure there is so much more, as every day with her something new and amazing happens!  I just can't even believe she will be 5 months old tomorrow!! She is at such a fun age right now as my Mom always says.  She does something new every day that will have Mommy and Daddy smiling and laughing.  I never knew the love of a daughter could be so strong before I had her.  It really does make you appreciate your own mother so much more....♥
**You can click on Kailyn's 4 month album on the left side of blog to see all the many, many pics Mommy has taken of Kailyn this month**


  1. I don't know what I would do without our video monitor! Well, I do know. I'd get out of bed every single time I woke up during the night to go check on W. I'd probably sit in his room during naps.
    I love your updates - it's like I can see my future. I might have to get some teething tablets to have on hand!

  2. wow - Happy 5 months Kailyn! That's just crazy how quickly time has passed -- so good to hear from you - I love reading about how she's developing and how you and your hubby are growing as parents, too. :) Your vacation looked like so much fun - and girl - you look amazing! I'm starting to worry a bit about how my body will look like post-pregnancy - I started seeing the dreaded stretch marks on my lower thighs and it's freaking me out!

  3. Teething tablets work wonders! Don't know why, but they do!