Thursday, October 28, 2010

This time last year.....

......I was entering second trimester and finally starting to show off a little baby bump! I was so excited I was exiting the, is she pregnant or just fat stage.  And now I am overly joyed to be spending my favorite Holiday with my beautiful little girl! Unfortunately Daddy is on shift Halloween, so we will probably go Trick or Treating with cousins Cody and Hayden for a little while.  I'm not expecting her to last long at this age.  Just a quick stroll around the block.  On Saturday we will be going to Countryside Shops for their annual Trick or Treating in the shops and also we will be entering Kailyn in the costume contest. *fingers crossed she wins!*  Daddy will be able to go to that with us.  And of course I wanted to show you all the rest of her picture's we had done together.  Can you believe I had her outfit made for $30!! Found this lady on ebay who makes Tutu outfits just like hers, but of course pinks and purples.  I had gotten the idea online from a boutique who wanted $70 for a witch tutu outfit similar to hers!! So I asked this lady if she could do the tutu in green, purple and black tulle and do the top black.  I sent her a pic of what I had in mind.  She wrote me back and said that would be fine and even said she had a hat she had made last year for a lady who canceled her order.  So she gave me that too!
Then I came across an outfit on Party City that looked so similar to her witch costume.  I ordered it for myself and it matched perfect.  So THEN of course Mommy just had to get our pics taken together!  I had a coupon for a really cheap deal @ JC Penny's and off we went. 
So I present to you The Abramczyk Witches of 2010! :-))

A few days ago was also Kailyn's first time in the big girl tub!! She just does NOT fit in her little tub anymore!  She did pretty good but is still a little to unstable yet.  When she starts going crazy with her toys she tends to still topple over.  So Nana gave us her tub she had.  We will use that for the next few weeks until she is a pro at sitting up all alone.
Another quick update.  Unfortunately last week was Kailyn's last week with Miss Sara and her daughter Lily (Lily is one).  My friend Sara has been watching Kailyn for us since she was 9 weeks old.  Kailyn had grown very fond of her and we are sad to see her go.  Sara will be introducing a new baby into the world very shortly so she will have her hands quite full very soon!
Kailyn also just adored her daughter Lily.  Funny story, one day before I was leaving for work I saw Lily holding Kailyn's teether.  Kailyn started opening her mouth and Lily was holding it for her to put in her mouth! So sweet.  Anyways this past Sunday we were all @ Kailyn's Great-Grandparents house for G-Grandpas B-day.  Cousin Cody grabbed Kailyn's teether and started waiving it in the air.  And what would you know, Kailyn opens her mouth leaning forward like a puppy for Cody to put it in her mouth! So funny!!  Anyways thank you again SO MUCH for everything Sara!! And best wishes to you and your "soon to be" family of four! 
 Another friend of mine referred to me the lady that watches her son.  She actually runs a daycare at her house.  Called Miss Pams Playhouse.  She has a HUGE house and a big playroom with TONS of toys for the kiddies to play with.  She is really nice and very organized and anal.  Like I am which is good. ;o)  Monday was Kailyn's first day with Miss Pam.....things did NOT go so well.  She was there a full day because Chris was on shift.  8:20-5:30pm.  She only ate 6 ounces all day!! (Kailyn is usually a very good eater)  She kept crying on and off all day. :*(  When I picked her up her little eyes were all red.  BROKE MY HEART! I think I cried more that day than I did my first day back at work!!  Miss Pam even called me at lunch to say she thought something was wrong with Kailyn.  I think she thought I dropped her off sick or something.  Could not understand why she was acting SO miserable.......until I arrived to pick her up.  Kailyn started smiling.  Then she gave me the two ounces that were still in the bottle she was trying to feed her.  And she started gulping it down! Miss Pam says, I see how it is you lil booger!!! Your fine!! She just couldn't believe this little 5 1/2 month old had her fooled into thinking something was really wrong when in reality it was just that she wanted her Mommy.  My little drama queen.  Maybe I will put her into acting! lol  Anyways the next day when I dropped her off she started to cry and push to get away from Miss Pam while she was holding her.  But Miss Pam said after an hour she started to warm up and play with the other little girl that was there that day.  When Daddy picked her up @ 2pm she was all smiles.  Daddy also took home something Kailyn had made that day.  It was art day (Miss Pam tries to do different activities with them) and Kailyn made Mommy & Daddy her first artwork!  Here is a pic Daddy sent Mommy of Kailyn's artwork that now hangs proudly on our fridge.
When I dropped her off this morning, again she started to whine a little.  Mommy gave her a kiss and told her she would be fine.  Kailyn loves other babies so I know after a few weeks she probably will want to stay and play instead of coming home!  (my friends son that goes there is like that)  I mean the lady has a toddler roller coaster!  Why would they want to come home?! lol
 Lastly thank you again to Nana, Grandpa, Great Nana A. and Great Grandpa & Grandma M for Kailyn's 1st Halloween cards and gifts (I added to her piggy bank).  She is one lucky little girl to be so loved!! 

Wishing everyone a Happy and Safe Halloween!!

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  1. Thank You for the pictures! I got them in the mail the other day and they are on my fridge right now till i put them in a frame! Love it! Miss you guys! Big hugs!