Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Update- 2 month check up

Yesterday was Kailyn's 2 month Dr. appointment. She now weighs 11lbs 5oz and is 23 1/2 inches! She is 62nd percentile for weight and 86th for height for little girls. I told the Dr. when we first got there that I don't think she is taking after Mommy. He said, well you never know. Then he started examining her and says, wow she does have pretty big feet. Maybe she won't be taking after Mommy in the petite department! So we will see. As of now she is "growing like a little weed" as Nana says. He was happy with everything. He also said we can take her in the pool! Yayyy! Of course as long as it is a well maintained pool. And around 3-4 months we can use sunscreen. We just have to test a small area for a day or two to make sure she doesn't react to it.
Then after the Dr. did his exam and talked with us it was time for the nurse to give her all her shots. :o( She had to get three shots. D-Tap, HIB, PCV and Rota (this one is given by mouth). She actually did better with these three shots than she did with her 1 month Hep shot. She screamed for a second and then that was it. Now last night was a different story. Around 7pm she started SCREAMING on and off like she was in pain. We gave her generic Tylenol at 6pm and then again at 10pm. After trying once to put her in her pack n play Mommy and Daddy decided it would be better to let her snuggle in bed with us. Plus nursing her was the only thing that could stop her crying. So we crawled into bed with her and she fell asleep while pacifying on me. This was fine with me as it was a traumatizing day for Mommy as well. First day back to work and first time getting a full round of shots! I felt so bad for her. And I did cry for work and the shots. The shots only for a second because she did so good. Work I cried leaving and on my way to work. But we were really busy so that helped. My friends all tell me it will get better so we will see. Well my lunch break is over so gotta go. Until Kailyn's next update. Have a great week everyone! *picture above shows her booboos after her shots*
My boss said yes to me having off Wedsnesdays for a few months!!! Sooooooooooo excited!! Kailyn and I will be taking our first Mommy and me class next wedsnesday. =0)


  1. Awe I can't even imagine the first time I have to watch my baby girl get shots! She is getting so big!! I hope that returning to work gets easier for you soon.

  2. Poor sweet baby! She is getting so big!! She doesn't have the newborn look anymore! I can't wait to get her & Mason together- Carson better watch out, because Mason will be chasing after Kailyn too=) She will have her choice between a younger or older man!! (HEHE)

  3. SHE IS SOOO PRETTY!!! How do you do it! I don't know how I will be able to watch/hold A when she gets her shots!! EEK!!!!! Love your new header lady! SO PRETTY!

  4. Holy Moly, she's a growing girl!!!!! Great news on the Wednesday thing. PS-love the new layout & header!

  5. I am glad that you get Wednesdays! :)