Sunday, July 4, 2010

2 months old & Happy 4th!!

July 4th ~ 2 months old ~
sporting her 4
th of July festive attire!

Falling deeper and deeper in l♥ve.....with the most perfect little girl.....our beautiful creation that we waited so long for.....little Kailyn Marie. She was quite a feisty fussy baby the first 6 weeks. Some say it was Colic, who knows. But the past few weeks she has gotten better and better. Of course she still has many fussy moments as most babies do. She also has her bad and good days. Now the difference is Mommy and Daddy can usually console her. No more hours of uncontrollable crying that NOTHING could stop. If you have or had a colicky baby I deeply feel for both you and baby. It was horrible watching her go through that. Gave our heart an ache that we couldn't seem to help her. But we all are getting the hang of things now and I continue to be amazed at how much I thought I loved her 2 months ago and how much more even now my heart has grown. She completes me..... So enough mushy babble, time to write about all her many changes the past month.
This last month there have been so many! We had Daddy's 1st Father's Day with
Kailyn and also Daddy's 31st B-day. I wish I could start with weight and height. I'm dying to know how much our little girl has grown! But her Dr.'s appt. is not until Tuesday so I will update you with that info then. I need to write her 2 month blog now otherwise I'm afraid I won't get around to it since I start back work Tuesday. *tear, sob, tear, wail, tear* I have been trying not to think about it too much as our last days together have come and gone. When I do I feel as if someone is sitting on my chest. Like I can barely breathe. I am very grateful I will be able to bring her to work with me on Fridays. Also I am going to talk with my boss about working less hours for a few months. The other part time girl can work all day on Wednesdays so I am going to see if I can have them off. That would be the best news all year (besides her being born ;-)) if he agrees! So fingers crossed for me please.

So let's start off again with
Kailyn's Firsts this month:

6/7- Rolled over for the 1st time!! I couldn't believe it. She was on the couch and had just woke from a nap and just rolled herself over. No more nap time on the couch!

6/13- First poop explosion! Sorry I had to put this.
lol Daddy was changing Kailyn and started yelling for me. I run into the room & there is poop EVERYWHERE! He was just putting on the new diaper when she let it rip.....across her room!
6/14- I noticed she really is starting to notice she has hands. She will now punch at her toys & also your face when you put it close to her.

6/15- Put her down for a nap in her crib to find her rolled over again! (picture in her 1 month album)
6/16- We all slept on the couch because we were waiting for our new king bed to be delivered the next morning. When she woke up for her 5am feeding I nursed her on the couch with me and we fell asleep together as we often do. Then I woke up to see that she had a blow out in her diaper.....that got all over the couch and I also!! Thankfully I had put a sheet down on the couch!
6/18- First trip to the
Fire station to visit Daddy and the guys
6/20- First Father's Day with Daddy (pictures in Father's Day album)
6/26- Daddy's 31st B-day we went to Nana's and went in the pool for the first time! She wasn't too thrilled. She prefers her warm baths. The pool wasn't cold but it wasn't as warm as she likes her baths. ;-) (pics also in her 1 month album) This was also the first night she actually slept in the pack n play until early morning!! Mommy and Daddy were SO proud! We had been trying for a week to get her to sleep in the pack n play as she was getting too big to sleep in the glider without being strapped in. She was also starting to outgrow the Miracle blanket length wise and also was acting like she really hated it. We think she was just getting sick of being wrapped since she was already 7 weeks old.
6/27- First time napping in her crib without waking up in 5 minutes. She slept for almost an hour. Normally we would try to put her in her crib for a nap once she fell asleep in our arms. She would usually wake up immediately. Only liked to sleep in your arms. Now at 2 months she is getting really good with naps in the crib. She still has her moments but we have definitely made progress!

I don't have an exact date but she has also started cooing and blabbing like crazy! She loves talking to you on her changing table. Or if you put her in her crib or on her belly time mat she
loves talking to the "baby in the mirror". Also she has a few favorite "friends" (toys) that she likes talking to also.
We also opened a bank account for Kailyn this month. She now has some money in there thanks to Great Grandma & Grandpa M, Daddy's Aunt's from up north and also two of Mommy's relatives. She also already has three bonds from Great-Grammy & Papa B., Aunt Liz and also Nana M.. Thank you all so much again! This will all be very useful to her in the future.

Kailyn's "Love's and Hates"

Loves her changing table still
Loves looking at everything in her room
Loves looking at herself in the mirror
Loves bath time but.... Hates after bath when you put on her diaper and lotion. I'm not kidding, she SCREAMS the whole time! I have it on video for when she gets older! lol
She now finally likes to go for a walk in her stroller in the evening
She doesn't Hate her pack n play anymore but I wouldn't say Loves it either
Loves to babble with you
Love/Hate relationship with the pacifier. She will actually sometimes take it now.
She doesn't Hate her
car seat anymore but I wouldn't say she Loves it either. Depends on her mood.
Hates when you try putting socks or shoes on her.
Loves getting into bed with Mommy and Daddy for her 5am feeding

Kailyn has been to several store's with Mommy this month. She has also been to Tijuana Flats twice with us for lunch. We still haven't ventured out for dinner yet. We also had two events this month that Daddy couldn't attend but Mommy and Kailyn went together. One was Uncle Michaels wedding reception up north . Uncle Wesley drove with us and was a big help to Mommy with Kailyn. We also attended baby Keegan's Baptism at St. Davids church. Mommy and Daddy were also able to go out together for the 1st time on Daddy's Birthday while Nana watched Kailyn. We went to the movies.
Lastly I am happy to say at 2 months old
Kailyn is still just on breast milk. No formula. I am really hoping I can pump enough at work so I don't need to supplement some formula. I am going to discuss this with the Dr., though, just in case. Obviously she needs to eat so I want to get the Dr.'s opinion on formula just in case we had to go that route. I know that it is not horrible if we did have to. Many babies are just fine on formula. And believe me it would be SO much easier. But it is no longer about me the day she was conceived. I have been pumping like a crazy women the last few weeks to store in the freezer. And this little girl likes to eat so it's been hard. But so worth it when we hear she went from 6lbs 9oz (when she left the hospital) to 9lbs 1oz @ her 1 month check up. All on just Mommy's milk! Also after everything we went through in the beginning as the breastfeeding started off a little rough. I would like to be able to continue but will try not to beat myself up too much if for some reason I can't seem to joggle work and the breastfeeding. And that about wraps up the past month. I'm sure there is so much more but I'm also sure you or I don't have time for every little detail! =o)
Oh and one more thing, we are so excited that
Kailyn will be getting another cousin this coming December! Now she will have three cousins to grow up with all around the same age! Not to mention her many little friends she has already.
HAPPY 4th of July everyone!!


  1. Hi Nicole: I am at Aunt Liz and we both read your blog and saw the cutes picture of Kailyn for 4th of July....She is growing so fast. Enjoy reading your blog///really do. .I pray that you will be ableto get Wed off work and maybe shorter hours. Take c are..a big hug and kisses to Kailyn ...and you ..Hi to Chris...Love Grandma and Aunt Liz

  2. I can't believe Kailyn is 2 months old! I also can't believe it is already time for you to go back to work! I understand the panic feeling. When I start to think about going back, I get the same feeling. I know my Mom is watching him, & that helps, but I hate that I miss his days! I want to be with him all the time, not just nights & weekends. I wish I could just quit my job!! Well, I will be thinking about you when you go back, let me know how it goes... xoxo

  3. holy moly I can't blv she's already 2 months!! I'm sorry that the first 6 weeks were tough on mommy and daddy but glad to hear that you have a good rhythm going with Kailyn now and that she's a good baby. You have to go back to work already? I forgot that mat leave in the US is so different from Canada - I really feel for ya but she will be in good hands :) Going to check out the album now for some recent pics!