Wednesday, August 4, 2010

WOW! Is our Lil Pea really 3 months old....???

Weight: 12 lbs 14 oz
Height: 24 1/2 inches
Sleep: Usually goes down about 8:30-9pm until 5-5:30am (wakes up to nurse) then back down until 7:00-8am (she occasionally has a bad night but this is her usual schedule now)
Food: Just Breast milk

Kailyn had her 3 month check up today and everything went great! She is now 62 percentile for weight and 81 percentile for height.  He said she is a very healthy looking little girl.  He was laughing at her as she grabbed his sleeve and was pulling on it as he examined her.  She does have a little cradle cap which will clear up and is common in babies.  He told us what we can do to help get rid of it.  Also at her visit today we decided to get her ears pierced!! We were debating on doing it at the Pediatricians office or at a jewelry piercing store in the mall.  I am glad we decided on the Dr.'s office.  Only because after he pierced her ears the nurse quickly gave her the Polio vaccination and she barely noticed since she was already screaming from her ear piercing.  I quickly picked her up after her shot and she immediately stopped crying.  So I am glad we got it all over in a few quick minutes instead of making her scream two different times.  Her is a quick video Daddy was able to take while the Dr. pierced her ears. 
*warning* Very loud screaming so you may want to turn down your volume! lol
This month brought along many milestones.  Unfortunately since I have been back to work since she turned 2 months I have not kept up with exactly what date each of these milestones happened.  So I will just list some of the new things Kailyn started doing this last month.
She laughs now! It is like music to our ears! She is still new at it so she doesn't do it all the time but when she does it brings the biggest smile to Mommy and Daddy's face.  Of course she still smiles her super big smiles.  She is pretty easy to get to smile.  She is a much happier baby than the colicky baby she was those first 7 weeks.  Of course she still has her fussy times but all in all a happy baby.
She rolls over a lot more now.  She has also has found her feet.  She kicks them, stares at them, tries to touch her toys with them.  I imagine one day soon I will find them in her mouth! Speaking of mouth she still loves to babble to you.  She is usually not a shy girl once you get her going.  She also likes to put EVERYTHING in her mouth.  We asked the Dr. today about this and he said their mouth is like a 3rd hand at this age.  They use it to explore.  We told him how some people say it can be a bad habit to start and his response was, don't listen too much to what people have to say.  So we will let her have her fun with her hands in her mouth for now. And speaking of hands, Kailyn can now hold her toys to play with them.  She will grab her rattles or any smaller toy that she can fit in her hand.
Here are some of her LOVE/HATES:
Loves bath time still
Loves her evening walks (as long as you have her sitting straight up so she can see everything! nosey lil girl already)
Loves to watch TV! (i kid you not)
Loves her play mat
Loves to talk with you on her changing table
Loves to be held facing out so she can socialize with everyone
Hates to be cradled in arm like a baby
Hates pacifiers
Hates lotion time still after her bath (i find this so weird as many babies usually love massage time after bath)
Still has a Love/Hate relationship with the car seat
Loves all her toys now that she can play with them better.  She will lay there and babble away to Pooh or one of her other favorite toys.
Kailyn is also starting to remember people now.  Of course she loves to see Mommy and Daddy's face.  She also is growing very attached to her new sitter, Sara.  My friend Sara has been watching her on day's that we both have to work.  She is a stay at home Mom and will continue to watch Kailyn until October.  We would love to have Sara continue to watch Kailyn but she will soon be adding a new addition to her own family.  She also has a one year old daughter Lily, who Kailyn loves to watch crawl around and play.  I'm sure Kailyn will miss them both when they are gone.  Starting in October we are pretty sure we are going to use this lady Debbie.  She has been a sitter for many, many years.  She was recommended to us by a friend.  She also used to work for a preschool years ago.  She currently only watches one other little boy who is 7 months old.  She only watches him 2 days a week.  We told her we will only need her 2-3 days a week also and she said that is fine.  She was a very nice lady and I think things will work out great.  It is better than having to send her to daycare so young.  But of course I am still a little freaked out.  I have been lucky to have Sara now.  Someone I have known for years and trust.  Who is great with Kailyn.  But like I said this lady has a ton of experience and comes well recommended so I think we will be fine.
As the time goes by I just can't believe how quickly she changes every day.  Each week this past month she is doing something new.  Oh and I forgot to mention how she is constantly trying to sit up on her own.  Sara said she want's to be a big girl already.  Mommy says no to this! :*{  I have started putting her in the bumbo seat and she does pretty good but only for 5-10 minutes at a time.  Soon this will change to I'm sure.
And if I didn't think I could love her any more than I did when she was born I was wrong.  I love this little girl more than life itself.  She has my heart and it will never be the same.
Yesterday was also an exciting day for Mommy and Kailyn.  We had our first play date! My friend Lauren and I decided to put together a play date with other Mommies and babies.  We will meet up once a week after work around 6pm.  We order in and let the babies play and have some fun with other babies.  We thought of this idea for two reasons.  One because most Mommy and Me classes are held during the day during the work week.  And unfortunately we are not stay at home Moms.  Two the Mommy and Me classes can be pretty expensive.  So we decided to create one of our own.  And we had a pretty decent turn out for our first play date.  We call ourselves C & K's play date! ;-) (her sons name is Carson) Lauren took a ton of pics but I still have to get them from her.  Once I do I will put them under my albums.  Until then check out a bunch of new pics I posted of Kailyn that you can find in her two month album.  I will also be adding pics every week to her new 3 month album
Here is another video if you would like to check it out.  It is sure to bring a smile to your face! :o)


  1. Ok, the ear piercing video breaks my heart- did you cry too? You go to West Broward Pediatrics? Is that Dr Morrison? I go to the Weston office! She is growing great, glad to hear the good report! And how long has she slept that long? Is there hope for Mason & I?!

  2. Holy cow it's been 3 months?! Addy will be 1 month Sat and I just can't believe it!

    That is great that you were able to get her ears pierced at the Dr! Wish we could do that. It's so great to hear from you and get an update on your family.

  3. I can't believe that she is 3 months old already. Cody will be 8 months 4 days!! YIKES! About the thing with the hands in the is actually very good for babies to explore with their mouths! Both of Hayden's therapist would agree as well! They love when they are here and watch Cody put stuff in his mouth!

    Did you ever think in your life you could love anyone so much as you love your little girl? I know how you feel. Hayden and Cody have a hold of my heart and I would do ANYTHING for them! Words cannot express a mother's love!

  4. So, I'm just getting around to reading this post. I would totally agree with the ear piercing at the Ped's office. I plan to do the same with Riley. Tyler loved to watch TV too at that age! He would swing in his swing and watch Sesame Street, or whatever! I tried to keep it to the learning programs as much as I could.
    Glad to hear she is a healthy, growing girl.
    It is so true, that there are no words to describe a mother's love!

  5. I can NOT believe it has been 3 months! HOLY MOLY!!!!! Kailyn is adorable! I am so happy for you!!! OH and go to my blog...I left you a present!!

  6. So fun to read your update!!! Like the others, I can't believe it's been 3+ months!!! the page opened and my jaw dropped! She is such a little lady! And with pierced ears-- no way! :)
    Keep those pics coming!!!