Sunday, April 18, 2010

My last pregnancy post??!

*The "three" of us @ Chris's brothers wedding. 13 days to go and ready to pop!!*

12 days to go!!! Will this be my last pregnancy post? We shall see!

How Far Along? 38 weeks & 2 days

Total Weight Gained/Loss? 28-29lbs, depending how swollen I am that day

Sleep: Last night was actually pretty good. Still get up 4-5 times but actually was able to sleep until 8:20am!! Was a bit exhausted after Chris's brother's wedding the night before.

Best Moment of the Week: I guess actually finding out I am 1cm dilated at my appt. Friday. I know that is like nothing and also could mean nothing but I honestly thought I was not going to be dilated at all. I've never noticed any kind of contractions at all, even braxton hicks. Now I have definitely been feeling a few different things just over the weekend!

Movement: Yes, all the time. She hasn't slowed at all. Such a strong little girl, this can sometimes now be a bit painful!!

Labor Signs: finally starting to feel some contractions. Nothing consistent, though. Also I'm pretty sure she is dropping some as I have had some new swelling in "that area" that tends to come and go!

Belly Button: Still half in half out! Not sure how much more it can take, though!

Stretch Marks: none that I have noticed, but I can barely see anywhere around this belly anymore!

Wedding rings: still on!

Exercise: We went walking every day last week. Yesterday we had a wedding and today it has not stopped raining!! Which kinda stinks cause I was looking forward to a walk today. We did walk around Walmart for awhile if that counts? lol

What I miss: I can't wait to just fall on my bed or couch on my stomach. Even if it is just for a quick nap, I really have been wanting to do that the past few weeks. Whenever I used to be really tired I would just fall onto my bed on my belly and catch a few minutes of sleep!

What I'm looking forward to: meeting her! :-) Maybe this week?? We will see. Since I went to the Dr. on Friday and I am at least 1 cm dilated I have scheduled my induction massage for Tuesday evening. Some swear this worked for them, others say no. We will see!! I also just bought some Raspberry Leaf Tea that a few people swore put them in labor also. I am going to wait until Tuesday for this also, since Chris is on shift tomorrow.

Other NEW news this week: As I mentioned I went for my 38 week check up Friday. This was my first internal. I let my nerves get the best of me of course! It was definitely not comfortable AT ALL, but really wasn't horrible. It's over pretty quick. He said I am 1cm dilated and posterior. I had forgot exactly what this meant. I remembered talking about this in Bradley class but just couldn't remember. When I asked him what this meant he just said it was why the internal exam was a bit more uncomfortable. (because your cervix is more directed towards your back) Not like I've ever had one to compare it to!! Once I looked it up at home posterior means she is still facing out and you DO NOT want this once it's time to deliver. They call this delivery sunny side up. And it can be very painful as it cause back labor. So I have been doing pelvic rocks every day now as this can help turn her towards my back. They say they can still turn even during actual labor so we will see. I'd prefer if she would turn soon as back labor is the LAST thing I want! I'm trying to do this with no epidural as I have mentioned. But I also had lots of back pain during the days I had my last miscarriage so I know how "not fun" back pain is. And that is nothing compared to actual real back labor I can imagine!

Weekly Wisdom: I can now fully understand just how uncomfortable women that carry full term are in the last 2-3 weeks of pregnancy. At just over 38 weeks there is not much left to do but walk. Sitting and laying down just aren't even really comfortable at this point either! Everyone tells you to stay off your feet. At least me because of the swelling. Which at this point I'm sure every women has. And I do agree standing is no good for the swelling. But I think the walking is great. It doesn't get rid of my swelling, but walking is supposed to be good for circulation on a normal basis. And I really think it may be helping move things along.

All in all I am still very nervous about the whole L&D. Even about actually having her here. So weird to go from just the two of us to the three of us in just a matter of hours (hopefully! ;-)) But I also can't wait to meet her and kiss her all over. I think I will just want to stare at her for hours at first. And as nervous as I am about L&D I know we can do this! I am so grateful to have Chris as my coach. And am thankful that Lauren will be able to come over and help us at home with early labor so we can do as much laboring at home before we head to the hospital. Also I will have my Mom there for just Mommy support as I hope to one day be for our little girl.
I will keep everyone updated and next week you will either get another pregnancy blog or one from the new Mommy!! ♥


  1. I can't even believe she is going to be here any day! It has been such a long journey, and soon you will be holding her in your arms! I understand you are scared abour l&d- I am too- but just keep reminding yourself that women have been doing this for centuries! You CAN do this! Even with that big belly, you still look beautiful!♥

  2. ahhhhh!! almost here! Nicole, I pray that you will have a smooth labour and quick delivery - cherish these 'countdown day's with your hubby!! I can't wait to hear how Lil' Pea makes her arrival in this world!

  3. you look beautiful! can't wait to meet her :)

  4. first of all..great post. Back labor is HORRIBLE. I had it with Lily. My mid-wife even said she had back labor with 1 of her kids and front labor with the other 2 and it was "cake" in comparison. My fingers are crossed that she will turn for you.

    secondly..which brother got married?

    Sara Coyle

  5. Dear Nicole: Just read your interesting...when I was pregnant I did not know anything,..we were all so naive...everything came as a is amazing how you young girls these days know so much..reading your blog and your music..gave tears to my eyes...I am praying for you to have a good and painless birth...God willing...Have faith in God and he will help you....Love you, Grandma

  6. soooooo exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to meet her!
    I wish you the best and hope the L&D is short and painless.
    Love you.

  7. Soooooo close!!!! I can't wait to meet her!! You are going to do an excellent job delivering her without an epidural!

  8. OMG I'm so jealous! You are almost done and I still have like 14 weeks to go LOL. I bet you are on pins and needles every day wondering id it's "the day"! I would be! So exciting I'm dying to see pics! I wonder who she will look like?

  9. hurry up already! we are tired of waiting to meet her! your labor will be great u can do it!!! love d

  10. You look awesome! Bring on baby!!! So excited!

  11. Not much longer lil sis! I have have faith you can do it no epidural! It's not as bad as some people say...don't get me wrong, it's no walk in the park, but it's do-able! I did Cody with no epidural and he was bigger than Hayden... Although she had a big Good luck! Cody and Hayden can't wait to meet their cousin!!!!xoxoxo