Saturday, April 10, 2010

Full Term!

Yesterday I got my weekly emails from my three pregnancy websites. I had signed up for these in the beginning of my pregnancy. Each week tells you what is going on with baby, your body, ect..
This weeks all said something along the lines of :

Hi Nicole,you're 37 weeks pregnant!

Today brings two beautiful words: full-term. Now, whenever baby's born, he's likely to thrive!

WOW! And to think this time last year I thought I might never be able to hear those words. And now we will be welcoming our lil miracle into our lives any day now!! And this "best lil thing in life" was well worth the wait!!

So Thursday we went for my weekly check up. Everything is still going great! BP and urine were both fine. We spoke with my Dr. about a birth plan. He basically already knows most of our requests and said we can bring one to the hospital but to be honest with us, sometimes the nurses will label you as a bit crazy when you come in with this. And he knows we are not one of those crazy couples. So we discussed with him again our plans for natural drug free birth. About strictly wanting to breastfeed. If everything is fine with Lil Pea to hold her and bond with her while waiting to birth the placenta. And a few other things. Chris and my friend Lauren that will be there during the labor and birth know all of these things so they can speak up for me when it might not be possible. My friend Lauren took the same Bradley classes as I did and will be coming over as soon as I start to go into labor. We have been taught the best thing is to stay home as long as possible were you will be most comfortable. We told my Dr. we were going to do this and he said that is great and very true. But as soon as my water breaks to call or come in. And obviously we will be timing my contractions. So we will see what happens!! I am also very realistic in a sense that I know I cannot control or predict how my labor will be. And if I do end up needing an Epidural then I will get one. But I am going to try to do without and if not at least without as long as possible. I am also aware that things could turn where I would end up needing a C-Section. And if that means getting our little Angel out safely, then so be it.

So Friday I go for my next check up and my first internal exam. Yayy!! lol I will be 38 weeks. My Dr. does not like to start internals before this because they can be uncomfortable, too many can risk infection, and even if you are dilated you can be for weeks and still no baby.
After having catheters shoved up my cervix during our Fertility testing I'm hoping to leave there thinking, Wow! That wasn't so bad. If I am at all dilated I will then schedule an appointment for an Induction Massage. Some people swear by these. It is an intense massage hitting all your pressure points to induce labor naturally. Since I am trying to have a drug free birth the last thing I want is to go over my due date and possibily have to be given Pitocin to induce labor. As our Bradley teacher told us, Pitocin and Epridural are best friends. Not that it still can't be done, my BF Dana had both her babies with Pitocin and no other drugs. But most women cannot handle the intensity of the contractions that Pitocin causes. Or start getting too worn out to be able to push so need to have the Epidural.

I am still very nervous about everything but I am ready to meet our little girl. This past week we have gone walking every day so I hope it really helps like they say. At this point you are just so uncomfortable, as many of you that have been @37 weeks pregnant can relate. I never truly understood friends that would tell me this at the end of their pregnancy. It still amazes me that there is a little baby I am carrying around all day in my belly that is the size of most newborns, if not bigger! She already possibly weighs more than 2 of my friends babies (at birth) since our last week scan. No wonder I am so swollen and waddle everywhere! lol But if she feels she needs more time to cook in there, I can handle it for her. ♥

*new pics of my "Full term belly" can be found in
Lil Pea album*


  1. As you know I did both babies with the Pitocin and was bale to do Cody with no Epidural, so I am sure you will be able to swing it! The most important thing is that you do not take any of the "pain medication" that they offer you, that is what is not good for Lil Pea! And don't feel bad if you end up getting the Epidural. I did it both ways and I can't say that one labor was easier than the other because they were both so different! I CAN say that I did recover a lot faster with Cody, and I'm not sure if it's because it was a MUCH shorter labor, if it's because he was the second, or if because of the no epidural?
    Hoping for a fast and easy delivery for you!

  2. Full Term is definitely two wonderful words! I am interested in this induction massage! I will have to ask my doc about it. Also, love the pics (as always).

  3. Won't be long now! You look fabulous!

  4. this is soooo exciting! you will do great! you just have to stay relaxed (hahah!) and focus on the prize at the end! love d

  5. awwwww you look great! I can't believe you are already full term! woohoo! Hang in there! :)

  6. I can't wait for Lil Pea to get here!!! Just a few more weeks!!! I love your belly - I'm filled with awe that we are almost there!

  7. Look at that belly! She's definitely grown in the last 2 weeks!

  8. getting even more excited for you!!

  9. dont focus on the pitocin. stats show that MOST (as much as 60%!) of all births (not induced labor) use pitocin (i asked the nurses here at labor and delivery and they said probably 90% here!!) sometime during birth and ALL women get pitocin after birth to help deliver the placenta and to help the uterus contract to reduce post partum hemorrage. so it is almost a guarentee that you will get pitocin at some point during your labor. it really has become standard practice. you can do this. i know you are scared to death but your body is built to do this. and if you need some meds to get you through it so be it! you will be in ALOT of pain for many hours. but you are prepared for this. you have done everything you can to properly prepare (more than most!) and you are ready!!! :> just remember the first 2-3 days after delivery will be awful. everytime you put her on the breast you will contract. and they can be quite intense! almost like labor. between the sore nipples and contractions the breastfeeding will feel like agony for the first few days. i had the after pains for 10days and wanted to come back to the er because they were so painful. fear of the unknown is usually the worst but if you kinda know what to expect (you can never really know excactly) this will reduce your anxiety level. do you still want me to try to be there? you will do great and she will be running you ragged soon enough!!! love d