Sunday, April 4, 2010

6lbs. 3oz. (approx.) @ 36 weeks

How Far Along? 36 weeks & 2 days

Total Weight Gained/Loss? 25 pounds

Maternity Clothes: Of course, I'm huge @ this point!

Sleep: I've added another pillow to the bed so this is actually helping a little. I am soooo exhausted just the past week or so now.

Best Moment of the Week: Seeing our "not so Lil Pea" one more time during an ultrasound before we get to meet her face to face. She weighed approx. 6lbs 3oz!! Was not prepared for that. I was thinking maybe 5lbs?! The lady did say this is just approximate. She said on thinner women it does tend to be a bit more accurate. I don't know who she was addressing the thinner comment to. lol Lately I am so bloated it's unreal. My thighs and feet are like sausages! But our little chunker looked great, the tech even said I still have a great amount of amniotic fluid. I put two new pics of Lil Pea in Our Lil Pea Album.

Movement: Oh yeah! It's quite a sight to watch now that she is so big & strong. Punches to the bladder are not so great, though.

Food Craving: The past few weeks I have been craving sweets. And I am not a big sweets person. No wonder she is getting so big. (& me!)

Food aversions: Not really

Morning sickness: Still gone, thank goodness!

Gender: Confirmed again on Friday, it is still def a GIRL!

Labor Signs: don't think so, maybe just some braxton hicks

Belly Button: ugh! Halfway out now.

Stretch Marks: still none (whispered with fingers crossed)

Wedding rings: still on, but my fingers have been getting a bit swollen @ times so we will see.

Exercise: still yoga but that's about it. And trying to get more nightly walks in. Now that I know how big she is I need to start some serious WALKING! ;-)

What I miss: I heard the horrible heartburn/indigestion goes away immediately. I can't wait for that!

What I'm looking forward to: At this point my weekly visit which will be Thursday. I was supposed to go Friday after our ultrasound for an appt., but my Dr. was out of town. And his partner who I was supposed to see instead got called out to an emergency surgery. So now I wait and go Thursday. And of course meeting her very soon!!!

Other NEW news this week: hmm..well already mentioned the ultrasound. Also got the results of my Group B and it was negative so that's good even though it's not a big deal either way. Also started the perinial massage with the help of my wonderful hubby. Was not prepared for it to hurt so much!! Feel the burn!! lol This kinda freaked me out even more about my natural vaginal child birth we are trying for. But I am going to do this every night so we will see in another week if it's getting less painful.

Weekly Wisdom: If you are pregnant get your rest while you can in the first and second trimester. By the 3rd there is no more "resting before baby get's here" as people like to tell you. At this point you are getting up to pee 3-6 times a night and NO position is comfortable even with your different many pillows. And baby is so big & strong a swift kick can wake you up in a heartbeat! Just like her little cries will soon enough.....♥

**Hope everyone had a HAPPY EASTER!!**


  1. I'm so excited. She's almost here!!
    Let's get to walking... :)

  2. Wow- 6lbs 3oz, that's great! Don't they gain like a 1/2 lb/week for the last month?! I might re-think that drug free birth! (Ha) Glad to hear she is growing strong, can't wait to see her sweet face!!♥

  3. Hi Nicole: Just read your email...Things seem to be good....It was nice to see you for Easter and thank you for your very nice Easter card. Hope the next few weeks will be good for you..take care, Love you, Grandma,Grandpa and your Dad. Say Hi to Chris

  4. 6lbs 3oz!! What a healthy little baby girl!! I think you are going to do an AWESOME job sticking with not using meds. You have educated yourself and have already proven how strong you are!