Sunday, November 15, 2009

Exciting news!!!!

We just got back from brunch with both our families so I wanted to post the video I made of our exciting announcement!! We wanted to wait until after we told our families today.
Click here to watch our announcement! (once you click the link it's the second video).
I will update with more info later!!! :-)))

So let me update on the past week. First off the week started out kinda crappy. Chris was on shift last Sunday and ran a call on a 17 month old that was seizing. Turns out later that night the hospital called them and the child tested positive for H1N1!! So Monday I ended up staying @ my Mom's house just to be on the safe side. Tuesday after work I decided to stay @ home but we still slept in separate bedrooms. Wednesday Chris was on shift again and by Thursday he had no symptoms so that was a relief.
Friday I made the decision to get my H1N1 vaccine. It was available to immediate family members of the Firefighters. I had been struggling with this decision for weeks. I did A LOT of research, though. Checking up on trials done on pregnant women and also reading about many other women that have received the shot over the past few months. It is very new which is what mainly scared me. BUT it is very similar to the regular flu vaccine which has been given to pregnant women since the 1960's and has NEVER been proven to harm the unborn child. Also if you think about it the flu vaccine is new each year. As the flu changes slightly each year the vaccines are made up of the new strand of the virus each year.
Also working in the health care field I just couldn't take my chances. And having so many people I know have family or friends who have contracted the virus lately really scared me. My SIL's mom was in ICU for weeks. And another friend's 6 year old cousin was just put in ICU with it. No underlying conditions. And then if I did catch the virus I would have to be treated with Tamiflu which isn't an approved pregnancy drug! BUT because of everything we have been through putting anything in my body gives me doubt. I'm already anxious enough about our lil Pea. I mean I was even afraid to get my hair done and when I finally did (i waited until i was 12 weeks) my hair lady made sure everything was foiled and NOTHING touched my scalp!
Not to mention my first decision to decide what is best not only for me but for my growing child was a really hard choice. It's so different when you are more worried about someone else. But I decided this was the best decision to help keep us both healthy. And hopefully from what they are saying now our little girl will be protected after birth until she is old enough to get her own shots.
So......about our scan we just had to find out the sex. My next scan at the dr's isn't scheduled until next month when I will be 20 weeks. The anatomy scan. A few friends told me there are some place's that will tell you the sex of the baby once you are at least 15 weeks. Of course you have to pay. I called around and Ideal baby was $50 to find out the gender. And of course I would get to see our lil Pea again! So this was a total deal to me!! So on Monday I scheduled the appointment. This was around when I decided I would like to tell our families in person once we found out. So I called everyone and told them since Chris is working Thanksgiving I wanted to get everyone together for brunch. And it worked! Unfortunately my Dad could not come as he does not live here. Also Chris's Dad was out of town with his grandmother who recently had a heart attack so he was not able to make it. But the rest of the family would be there.
My Mom had said from the beginning that she wanted to go to the gender ultrasound with us but it ended up being the same day she had to pick my niece up from the sitter to watch her. So I asked my friend Olivia who had wanted to go to one of my ultrasounds while I was pregnant. She was definitely excited to be able to go to this one!!
So Friday after work we went to see our lil Pea and find out. A little girl or boy. Well lil Pea was NOT having it! lol She was crossing her legs at first. Then the cord was in the way. Finally the lady said we could come back another day. Then I told her about wanting to surprise our family Sunday. So then she gave me a soda, said to drink it and come back in 20-30 mins. So we did this and came back. The cord was still there but she was finally able to get a few good shots this time. She said she was 200% sure. Daddy your having a little GIRL!!
WOW!! A little girl. I think we were both in shock the rest of the night. At first all I could think of was all the scary things. Like talks of dating and birth control. Shaving her legs and mini skirts. But over the past few days I have been thinking about how I will be having a little girl. To braid her hair or ribbons and bows. Maybe she will want to dance like I did?! We are of course both still really excited! And now that the shock is wearing off we are getting eager to meet this beautiful little girl of ours.
Here is the video from today when we told the family. (you can also go to our album and then look under videos to see either video)
The onesies said Daddy's little Angel and the other said Mommy's Precious Girl.
After a long exciting day I am ready to lay down so thanks again to everyone and we are so happy to share our wonderful news about our soon to be BABY GIRL!!!
Let the shopping begin!! ;-)~


  1. Woohoooo!!! A baby girl!! What a great video. Thank you for sharing the exciting news!

  2. AWESOME!!! I am so happy for you.

  3. yay! how did it go??!! i bet it was great!! jen

  4. WOW!! Congrats!!! I am amazed by your technology in documenting all of this. I also want to tell you Nicole, that I also thought my first child, Alexis was going to be a boy. It was all planned in my mind, how he would look, etc. I was a tiny bit disappointed when we learned "he" was actually a "she". When I told my dad, he said I would have a "little helper" for the rest of the children...and he was so right!! I would not have had it any other way...having a girl first is WONDERFUL!! Girls are so much fun!! Fun to dress up, put hats on, bows, etc. They love to play kitchen and house, and baby dolls, then on to barbies, then make-up , etc. You will have a wedding you can plan, etc. I am so thankful to have a girl first...and I think you will be too!!!! She will be a little mommy to the rest of your kids. And for Chris...she will always be daddy's little princess. So congrats!! We are so happy for you both!!! Oh yea... It would be too cool if she is a little late in May 1st (my b-day!)LOL!

    Enjoy this special time!




    Mary Pipitone

  6. Looooooooooooooove the song, love that your having a girl..Love it all!! xoxo

  7. I seriously just love your videos!! I cried like a baby watching the u/s one! Can't wait until I can do these things!!