Sunday, February 15, 2009


When I came inside for lunch today Chris was laughing @ me telling me I better flip because my front was red and my back was white. So an hour later this is what I look like! UV rays are definitely back to summer time. Now he is rubbing aloe on my lobster front AND back! ;o)
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  1. OMG!! your going to have to sleep standing up!! and holy boobies!! ;)

  2. That has to hurt!!! I have been there before, apply lots of aloe & sit naked!!!

  3. Crazy !!!!!!!!!! That's why you never listen to men when it comes to tanning .. ; )
    I figured out why it felt like I wasn't getting any damn color !!!!! My shit had SPF 12 in it !!!!!
    I was like WTF !!! ; )

  4. jennifer marino-arambolesFebruary 22, 2009 at 9:51 PM

    oh shit!!! ouch..damn girl!!

    this reminds me of a time when we were "suppose" to be skating or watching a movie but we walked over a drug store and u saw this lady that was burnt and you said something she is red...and the lady went off ..then later the store was robbed and we were sitting outside publix when the cops came by asking if anyone had seen the guy that did it..and he had been in the store when we were...i can't believe i remember shit like just came to me. lol