Saturday, February 21, 2009

12 vials!!!

Today was an interesting day. I never thought I would be able to say I gave 12 vials of blood. Most of you know how I am about blood and having to have blood drawn.
I saw my doctor Friday to discuss and go over any ?'s I had since the miscarriage. She decided since this was my second miscarriage she would write me a script to have blood drawn (you have to go to a lab because some of the tests have to be frozen & time sensitive) to rule out anything that could possibly be wrong. There is still a very good chance that nothing at all is wrong, but if there is we would like to do anything possible to prevent this from ever happening again.
Basically they are testing for everything possible except genetic disorders that can cause chromosome abnormalities. The insurance companies, unfortunately, feel you need to have at least 3 miscarriages before they will pay for this test to be done on you and your partner. (chris would also need this test as this is the one problem that could be from either of us) And the test is over $2,000.00 for us both to have done.
But every other condition that can lead to multiple miscarriages I was tested for. Which I assume is why they needed 12 vials!! I knew they would need a few to have this many tests done. (the most i have ever had is 3) So Chris came with me just in case. ;o)
The guy called us back and I asked how many he would be taking. He told me 6 or 7 without giving me an exact straight answer. I thought he was jocking!!! If he would have said 12 I would have asked if I could do half now and half later! lol Seriously I'm not j/k, though! He said to just look away (which I always do anyways) and Chris tried talking to me so I wouldn't think about it. Well, that many obviously takes awhile! Chris was counting as the guy was drawing the blood. (he didn't tell me how many until we were done) Once the guy was on 12 Chris said it looked like he moved the needle a bit and asked Chris to grab another vial off his shelf with the blue cap. At this point I was really getting ready to tell him to get the f'ing needle out of my arm! He was gentle at first but the last few vials I could feel him switching as he was getting a little rough! So when he moved Chris said the needle must have slipped out and then he tried to jab it back in (which I felt & finally made a little yell) but couldn't get the vein so he never got number 13. Chris said he will probably just have them try to get the test from the other 3 blue top vials. I don't even care if I have to go back for one, I was over it!!!
Chris was very proud of me (that I didn't pass out) and I actually was too! I told him that once we get pregnant (& carry full term) this baby better appreciate all I went through for him/her before they were even in my belly!! ;o)
All in all it was definitely worth it no matter what the results are. It takes about 2 weeks to get everything back. So now we wait.


  1. I'm proud of passing out!!!

  2. I'm proud of you, that's a lot of blood for one sitting. And when the results are all normal it will help ease your mind for the next time. Maybe you will have a baby on your 30th birthday.

  3. Sorry about the 12 vials.. I would have fricked out., but u did awesome, thanks for keeping me posted ;O)

  4. jennifer marino-arambolesFebruary 22, 2009 at 9:53 PM

    wow, well i hope everything comes back ok and you will be able to carry a full term healthy baby!! u deserve it!!