Friday, September 3, 2010

Kailyn's new addition"s"!!

Yep that's right, two new teeth! One after another. And it looks like she may already be working on a third one!!! It does run in the Magrone family, though. Cousins Cody and Hayden had their first tooth BEFORE they were even 3 months!! She may look more like Daddy but has Magrone in her after all! lol
First one started coming in we think last Friday or Saturday. And now the second one just came through.
She did NOT want Mommy taking a picture of her new teeth! Took four hands but we finally snapped a pic this morning. First one is of us still trying to pry her mouth open and the 2nd pic is her teeth! Poor baby has been so fussy and uncomfortable. Sara (our friend who watches Kailyn) even made a comment yesterday that Kailyn was "testing her skills"! lol  She can usually get Kailyn to take her naps better than anyone.  But poor baby was so miserable again yesterday.  She seems to be a little better today but there is definitely something else going on....maybe another very soon! Mommy is getting a bit nervous! lol She has nipped me a little but nothing bad so far, thank goodness!! Maybe we will have to re think starting foods along with the breast milk! lol  We were going to wait until 5 or 6 months even though many Moms start @ 4 months. We will be talking to Dr M at her 4 month check up next week to see about skipping the carbs (cereal) and going straight to more healthy veggies and fruits. (Mommy plans to try making her own @ home) One of our friends did that so we will see! We will keep everyone posted as our little girl grows up "too quickly" before our eyes!


  1. Aaaaaah baby teeth. I could barely focus on them in the pic, all I kept looking at were those pudgy Every books says 4-6 months are when teeth come in, but everyone I talk tells me their babies are getting them much earlier than that. Hopefully she will not be as miserable now and BFing stays painless.

  2. I have made several different little veggies and things for the kids in the blender. You can do pasta and stuff too! I even made "magic soup" puree once...LOL. The cereal is not so bad for her if you do the oatmeal. I prefer the oatmeal over the rice anyway...seems easier on the belly and a healthier option than the rice.

  3. Good idea!! I never though to take pictures of the teeth!

    I'm hoping you can keep breastfeeding without any bites... I'm curiuos to see how it goes! Best of luck!