Sunday, May 23, 2010

Labor and Delivery of our Lil Pea.....FINALLY! ;-)

When friends said that a newborn will keep you busy they weren't kidding! And unfortunately they weren't kidding about the sleepless nights too! BUT the perfect beautiful little girl we created that I am looking at right now is all worth it! So let me get started before she wakes up again and of course wants to eat again. My new name is Mommy milk machine!
I will start with Monday, May 3rd. We went to have our post due date testing done @ the hospital. If you remember we were scheduled to go in Tuesday night to start induction and possibly have her sometime Wednesday May 5th. Little did we know Kailyn had other plans in mind for her delivery. We checked in to L & D triage area and I was hooked up to start the NST (nonstress test). Here is a pic from that day.

Next we went upstairs to Radiology to have the ultrasound done to make sure our Lil Pea was still ok in there. Everything looked fine, placenta was still good and I also still had a good amount of amniotic fluid. The tech told us her EFW (estimated fetal weight) was 8 pounds 9 ounces!! Of course that freaked me out! That's a pretty big baby. But of course we all know now that the tech was COMPLETELY wrong. They say they can be off by up to a pound. Well this one was off by even more! I should have known since the tech happened to be a man! lol
After that we went home and talked about what we would do last minute around the house on Tuesday during the day before we went to the hospital. Well Monday night I was on the phone with my BF until about 11:30pm. After we hung up I went to lay on the couch (at that point it was more comfortable than my bed). I was just drifting off to sleep finally when I heard a weird little "pop" noise. Then I felt a weird crampy feeling. I had no idea what that was all about! I even thought maybe it was my pelvic bone because she was getting so big! All of a sudden I felt like I really had to pee so @ 12:20am on Tuesday morning I got up to use the bathroom. Now for some TMI (I'm sure you knew this was coming! lol). As I was peeing it didn't stop! But I still felt like I was peeing and at the same time I knew there was no way I could be peeing that much. Finally I put my hand down there to see where this fluid was coming from. Maybe I was still half asleep, I don't know. That's when I realized this was NOT pee. That pop noise was my water breaking!!! And then I started to freak. I screamed Chris's name and can't believe he heard me as he was all the way on the other side of our house. He finally stood in the doorway half asleep still and saw me still sitting on the toilet pouring water out. Now there was water also on the floor too. I told him my water broke. And then his eyes popped wide open! Then he was gone and running around getting things ready. I had also text mailed my BF Dana who lives up north. She has had two babies recently and is one of my go to girlfriends for advice. She is also a nurse. She called me back and asked for my stats. I told her my water broke but my contractions were very mild. This happened to her with her 2nd child. She told me I should call my doctor but I might as well try to stay at home for awhile since she knew our plan was to try and labor at home as long as we could and then head to the hospital. She also told me our bodies continue to replenish the amniotic fluid so I would be leaking for quite a while. And boy did I! Before we left, Chris had to mop up the bathroom floor (he was a little grossed out!), I soaked up two bath towels AND 6 pads! Not too mention how much came out while I was taking a shower. Which I decided I needed to do before we go to the hospital. I had planned on washing my hair the next day before we went in for induction, which was obviously not happening now! So after washing my hair I started to blow dry it when I realized I wasn't feeling her move anymore. She went a little crazy after my water first broke but now she wasn't moving. Of course I freaked out. I had Chris get my Doppler which I hadn't used since I was probably 20 weeks pregnant. I didn't even know where to put it to find her. I finally found a real faint heartbeat and calmed down a little. This is when I realized we needed to go to the hospital. I was just too worried since my water broke and my contractions were still very mild that things weren't progressing as they should be after your water breaks. Also when I called my Doctors office the service said to go to Labor & delivery and then they will call the on call physician. So I still wasn't even sure what my doctor had to say about my water breaking. I finished getting dressed and we got all our bags together and headed out the door to the hospital.
Once we got there we went in through the ER (because it was 2am). They then sent us up to L & D triage where we had been just been the morning before. After they confirmed my water had broken they found us a room and sent us over to the Labor and Delivery floor. Once there the nurse's came in and took some blood. Then one of them checked me. Barely 2 cm dilated!! And it had already been almost 3 hours since my water had broken. She then said she would have to call my Doctor to find out the next step. She said they would probably want to start Pitocin. And this is when I had my first cry. Pitocin was the last word I wanted to hear since our teacher had told us to try and avoid this induction at all costs because Pitocin & Epidural often go hand in hand. This drug brings on contractions that tend to be very irregular and more intense and painful than natural labor. But because my water had already broken and I was still only 2cm dilated the doctor told the nurse to start me on Pitocin. And this is when the real labor began.

*More to come, time to feed and bath Kailyn*


  1. Congrats :)
    Can not wait to see pics :)

  2. So anxious to hear the rest!! Glad you are all doing well!!

  3. OMG the suspense is killing me :) I can't wait to hear the rest!

  4. Oh Nicole! She's beautiful! I'm so happy for you! Congrats on your beautiful bundle of joy!!!

  5. Ahhh u left us hanging! Jk feeding Kailyn is much more important! Lol can't wait to hear the rest! I had no idea that much water/fluid comes out!!