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7 months old...

And already a world traveler!  I have been trying to write a blog since we got back from our trip to Puerto Rico with no luck.  Just not enough time in the day!  So I am using this post to write about our trip and also the past month as Kailyn just turned 7 months today.
Height and Weight: Not sure because we don't have a Dr visit this month
Sleep:  With the arrival of four new top teeth, one after another, unfortunately her bedtime routine has been a little sporadic this month.  She still goes down around 7:30-8pm but there were more than a few times that she would wake several time's through the night.  If you looked in her mouth you would understand why. :-(
Teeth:  Both bottom central incisors and now also both top central and also lateral incisors!
Food: Breast milk and many fruit and veggie purees.  We are now going to start trying some finger foods too!

This past month started with our trip to PR. Mommy was nervous (to say the least) about taking Kailyn to PR.  Mainly the flying part, but also because we had never been and had no idea what to expect! Well Kailyn did AMAZING! Mommy and Daddy were SO proud!  She was so good the whole trip!  The flight there I nursed her (as many of you recommended I do, thanks!) when we took off.  She fell asleep for a few minutes but then woke up when the pilot came over the speaker. After that we just entertained her with toys and stuff.  The flight is just over 2 hours so it's not so bad.  I couldn't imagine flying somewhere that is much longer than that.  It was also a 2 1/2 hour drive to the hotel from the airport.  She slept part of the way and didn't get fussy until the last 15 minutes.  The rest of the trip she was great also!  My arms were ready to fall off by the end of the trip, though! lol  Everything is going up/down stairs since you are in the mountains.  The hotel they had the wedding at where we stayed was also all stairs, no elevators in PR.  Of course Kailyn was happy about this.  Little booger LOVES to be held.
The weather was beautiful while we were there.  We went to the beach Friday, which was the wedding day.  This was Kailyn's first time at a beach.  She wasn't so sure at first but ended up having a good time.  And of course she LOVED the pool @ the hotel even though it was pretty dang cold.  She just loves the water! (as you can see from this video from PR)
The wedding was also beautiful and they couldn't have asked for more perfect weather.  Unfortunately I didn't really get too many pics because Chris was the Best Man and it's a little difficult to hold a 6 month old and take pictures with an SLR camera.  They did have an amazing photographer who of course I'm sure got more than enough pics of everything.  The flight home also went smoothly.  Because it was a night flight right at her bed time she slept the whole way home.  She did get a bit cranky on the car ride to the airport, but who can blame her.  At that point I was sick of driving too!  Click here to see Puerto Rico pictures
As I mentioned above, this month also brought many new teeth for Kailyn! Dr M was right at her 6 month visit. She was definitely getting all four top teeth in at once.
Look @ those teefers!
As you can see from this pic taken about 2 weeks ago, the top two right teeth had already broken through.  The next central tooth came through last week and we are pretty sure the lateral top is just broken or about to break through.  It looks like it has but I still can't feel it so I think it hasn't all the way yet. I have felt so bad for her this past month.  I can't imagine it has been fun getting all four of her top teeth in in one month.  But considering how uncomfortable it must be she really has been a trooper!
This month was also Kailyn's first Thanksgiving.  Daddy had off and we went to Nana's for some Turkey dinner.  Everyone ate way too much and we all had a great time.  Kailyn had fun spending time with her cousins Cody and Hayden and at the end of the night she got to share a bath with her cousins.
Rub a dub dub, three cousins in a tub!

Kailyn started trying to crawl as soon as she turned 6 months.  We thought for sure by 7 months she would be.  Not so much.  She has been able to get on all fours in the crawling position for weeks now, but then goes to move and falls flat into her "fish out of water" position, as we like to call it.  Here is a quick video Daddy got of Kailyn a week ago.  It's pretty funny to watch.  And of course after she fall's she gets very pissy and wants you to sit her back up....were she then proceeds to do it all over again.  Now I don't want to rush the crawling milestone, as I know when this happens Mommy and Daddy will really be on there feet.  But this repetitive up down , up down has me wanting to pull out my hair! lol  She now hates being on her stomach but yet ends up that way every time she sits down as she wants to crawl SO bad!
We also went to the Broward County Fair this month with a few friends.  I attempted to take Kailyn on the Merry Go Round again and this time she loved it!
She kept smiling and making these faces.  It was so funny.  You can see a few more pics in her 6 month album.

We are still having the issue with Kailyn only wanting me at night.  She screams at the top of her lungs if I am not there.  This makes going out a bit difficult.  We had Chris's Christmas party a week ago and my Mom came to watch her.  She was able to finally get her to fall asleep after crying for 45 minutes.  But then Kailyn woke up at 11pm and would not go back to sleep.  So when we got home at 12:30am Mommy put her to bed.  She has been waking up a few times after you put her down the past month from her teeth bothering her.  Chris will go in and try to comfort her but she just screams and punches until I come in.  She then buries her head into my shoulder and falls back to sleep.  She doesn't even try to nurse, so it doesn't have anything to do with BFing.  Hopefully this is just another phase and she will soon grow out of it.

Kailyn just got over her first real cold. We went for our first "sick" Dr visit this past Monday.  She had had a green runny nose since Thanksgiving morning so we decided it was time to see the Dr..  He checked her out and noticed what looked like a possible infection starting in her left ear.  He said there was a 25% chance it would go away on it's own, and because of her age he felt we should go ahead and treat her with an antibiotic.  And since we didn't even realize her ear was infected as she was not pulling at it, ect., we thought it would be best to give her the medicine so it did not get worse.  Our Vicks humidifier we got for our shower has been the best during the past week.  I would definitely recommend for sick babies!  Also saline spray is great and these boogie wipes my Mom had given me before she was born.  They are just moist with saline water but also have a grape fragrance smell to them and help keep her nose from getting too raw from regular tissues.

We have been trying different foods still.  We sometimes have difficulty getting her to eat for us. She just doesn't seem to want it sometimes. The weird thing is her sitter always says how good she eats for her.  We just started giving her food when taking her to Miss Pam.  And she eats more than half of what she would eat for Chris or I.  Some days are better than others.  It's all trial and error still.  I still give her some home made puree, but also some organic store bought stuff too.  Gerber, Happy Baby and Earth's Best are a few we have tried.  We also just brought some Sprout food to try.  And we are going to try some Yo Baby yogurt tomorrow morning!

As usual I am sure there are plenty of new things we have discovered this month with this most amazing little girl that I have left out.  She may be a hand full at time's but not a day goes by that she doesn't bring a smile to our face and laughter in our home.♥

I would also like to say a quick Congrats to Kailyn's Uncle and Aunt on the arrival of their new baby girl, Kaydence Taylor Abramczyk.  She was born Thursday, December 2nd.  Kailyn is so happy to have another cousin to play and grow up with!

**You can click Kailyn's 6 month album on top left of blog too see pictures from this past month.  You can also click here to see more pics from Thanksgiving in Holidays 2010 album

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