Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tests, Tests and more Tests!!

As you all pretty much know already, we did not get PG last month after our 1st visit w/Dr. Gelman. So after I got my period (which the first day of red blood is considered cycle day 1) we started our month of testing. This may be un-interesting for some of you so feel free to skim through. I just like keeping a journal for myself so when we finally do have our lil one in our arms I can look back on all this & smile realizing it was all so worth it!

On CD-3 (cycle day) I went for my first of a few visits for this month. They took some blood, 5 vials for those wondering. It was actually very painless and easy. I didn't even have a chance to break a sweat. I'm getting good at this! lol Well, it also helped that the nurse was really good and has been doing this since she was 18 (she told me) and is now in her 50's. They also use butterfly needle's since they are pricking you so much throughout the month. They mainly test different things with your hormone's such as Progesterone, Estrogen, Beta, Thyroid ect.. We also elected to do this test called AMH (not covered by insurance) that is fairly new. It tests your egg quantity/quality. Progesterone,Estrogen,FSH,LH and HCG all came back in the normal range for that time in my cycle. AMH came back 2.4 which I was told is fine. So I have plenty of eggs left, just have to make sure they are good one's!
Next they did the vaginal ultrasound. That was a little uncomfortable since I was still bleeding pretty bad! But I'm sure they see this so often it doesn't even phase them. The tech performed the procedure but the doctor was in the room looking at the screen (pretty cool, they have the image on a huge flat screen. hope when i get PG they will let me see the baby on there) and writing things in my chart as she measured the endometrial lining, ovaries, ect.. I know the tech said my lining looked great! Which I figured as much as I bleed every month! :o}~
Chris went in for some blood work and to drop of his "lil sample" the following day. He was nervous which I thought he was being silly! I really did not think there would be anything wrong with his lil guys. Sure enough a week later he scored an A+ on quantity, motility and morphology. Yayyyy!! A definite plus that we aren't both challenged in the Fertility department.

The next week I went again (CD-10) for the dreaded Saline Sonogram. That test scared me but ended up not being quite as bad as I thought it would be. Here is a description I found online to explain what it is and what it can show you for those interested.
Saline Infusion Sonogram (SIS)
A saline infusion sonogram (saline sonography) is routinely performed to make sure that the endometrial cavity (inside of the uterus) appears normal. Benign uterine growths, such as endometrial polyps or uterine fibroids, may develop in the cavity and create an environment that is hostile for implantation. Scar tissue may also be identified with the saline infusion sonogram. This procedure may be done as part of an evaluation for recurrent pregnancy loss or done prior to an IVF cycle. It may also be done to evaluate causes of irregular or very heavy menstrual cycles and some types of chronic pelvic pain. The saline infusion sonogram is scheduled early in a menstrual cycle, just after your period stops but before ovulation – usually between days 5-12 of the cycle. The procedure is simple and usually takes 10 to 15 minutes to complete. *A speculum is inserted into the vagina and the cervix is cleansed with an antiseptic solution. *A special catheter approximately 1mm in diameter (about the size of a single strand of spaghetti) is inserted and slides through the cervical canal. *The ultrasound probe is placed in the vagina. *Sterile salt-water solution (saline) flows through the catheter into the uterine cavity. This distends the endometrial cavity and allows the physician to see the entire cavity on the ultrasound monitor. You may experience mild cramping at this point. *Several images of your uterus will be taken during the procedure, pictures of your ovaries may also be taken. *You will need to schedule an appointment with your physician to discuss any abnormalities that are seen during the procedure.
After the procedure you may continue to have mild cramping for a few hours. You may also experience light spotting or watery discharge for as long as 24 hours after the procedure. You should refrain from intercourse for approximately 48 hours. If any symptoms other than those listed above are noticed, please call the office at which you are seen.

When the doctor was explaining what they will do I was probably turning white! lol I asked if it hurt and he said it is not too painful, but then again how would he really know?! Obviously he's never had it done! Well I survived the Saline Sonogram! Good news no uterine abnormalities. They definitely flushed me out, though, as I was leaking pretty bad all day. Kind of makes you feel a little violated. It was definitely survivable, but sooooooooo uncomfortable. And the cramps were not so bad, nothing compared to my miscarriage's, but still not fun. And I was trying to be all tuff since *someone* said it was no biggy. Liar!! That's ok, still luv ya! & I am glad you lied. I already get nervous enough before procedure's!
As far as the lower left abdominal discomfort I have off and on, he is not sure. There is only one real way to find out and that would be sx. which he doesn't feel is necessary at this time. It could be endometrioses but the only sure way to find out again would be a procedure in the hospital. Endometrioses is very hard to diagnose. And it really might not even be that. He did squirt a little saline near my left ovary and everything looked fine that he could see. Also my prolactin level came back a little high. This could possibly be why I am not getting PG as high levels can cause Infertility along with some other things. It is treatable with meds and he said we would talk more about it once I have my last test done at the end of the month.

Which brings me to the last test I just had done today. Endometrial Biopsy. The dr. mainly wanted to do this because of the miscarriages to rule a few more things out that could have caused it. As of now he feels they were probably caused by chromosomal issue or blood clotting factor that could be related to my MTHFR. Which is why I am on such a high does of Folic Acid. He also talked about putting me on Lovenox once we get PG again. Of course this test also was not as bad as I thought it would be but was again not something I would like to do again! I am sitting on the couch with my heating pad as I write. First, I did not realize from all that I read about this test that it would have to be done with a full bladder!! Eeeeek!! As if the whole thing didn't suck already! The tech said wow your bladder is definitely full! I was like, uh yeah, i know!!! First they place a speculum in and then the dr. guides the catheter inside and pushes through your cervix hole into your uterus where he sprays some Lidocaine to numb you uterus. This is why your bladder needs to be full because as he is doing this the ultrasound tech has the wand over your abdominal area so he can see as he guides the catheter through your tiny cervix hole & into your uterus. Don't wanna rupture anything! I need whats good to stay good dammit! lol So then if it's not already uncomfortable enough being spread eagle (& this ain't like the OBG, this is like your having a baby spread em!) and having to pee like a mother, he then takes the catheter out but leaves the speculum in & waits a few minutes for the Lidocaine to do it's job. And then the tech, dr. and medical asst. all start talking about what they are doing this weekend while I lay on the table! I even joined in!! Crazy I think I am getting used to the "you are seeing a Fertility dr so your privates are NO longer private" idea! lol So after a few minutes he takes this thing similar to the catheter, guides it through my cervix into my uterus where he suctions a piece of my endo lining off with it. And because of my lovely tilted uterus which I get from my mom, i have a little more bend so it took him 4 try's. Which I could feel. Don't think the Lidocaine was in full effect. But the cramping stopped quickly after until this afternoon when it started up again. Guess the Lidocaine wore off!

So now we have an appt. July 7th. By then the results of the Biopsy will be back and we will discuss everything from this month and what we will be the next step. Depending on this result we should be able to start trying again next month so I am excited about that! So we will see. We are both very hopeful for what the future holds! I sure hope this baby realizes how much we wanted & loved it before it was even here! A friend sent me this awhile back after I had the miscarriage & oh how true it is!

"Before you were conceived I wanted you. Before you were born I loved you. Before you were here an hour I would die for you. This is the miracle of love.” - Maureen Hawkins


  1. WOW! Im so sorry that you have to go through this! But like you said, in the long IS all worth it! We wish you both the best of luck on the results and can't wait to hear the news that you are pregnant:) Our thoughts are with you both!

  2. of course good luck with all of the results and glad it wasnt too bad a test, all though your description is quite funny, the part where everyone was discussing the weekend, it is so true, i actually laughed when i was reading it, since i went through some of the same! i cant wait for what the hopefully very near future holds for you two!! xoxox

  3. I am so glad we are both are the right track towards being Mommy's♥ They tested my AMH Level too, I was at 4.3, but my test was covered by insurance?! (I don't think it was as in-depth as your testing, though)...PS- Love the quote♥♥♥ (hehe)